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Palatine Garage Builders

Palatine is a northwest suburb of Chicago that was founded in 1866. Many of the garages belonging to older homes in the area are in desperate need of replacement. If you’re looking for Palatine garage builders, give Danley’s a call.

Palatine Garage Builders

We’ve been proudly serving Palatine since 1959 and build garages that can withstand the weather. Our combination of durable garages, expert builders and unbeatable customer service can’t be found with other garage building companies.

Danley’s Garage Building Process

At Danley’s, you’re not getting a prefabricated garage. Everything is built from the ground up to ensure you’re getting a custom garage. We make sure the garage builders are experienced and bonded professionals. Also, we make sure to follow all local building codes and laws.

Before a new garage can be built, the old one needs to be removed. Don’t hire another company to do that for you – we can take care of it. We’ll wreck and haul away your old garage so we have a fresh start to build your new one.

It’s important that your garage be built from only the best materials and that’s what we do at Danley’s. Your garage needs to be able to withstand Palatine’s weather and without using high quality materials, it won’t.

Garage Styles and Sizes

It’s important to have a selection of styles and sizes when choosing a new garage because you know there’s going to be something that fits your needs. From gables to hip roofs, we have a vast selection of garages at Danley’s.

Here are a few choices that are available:

  • Gable garage: the roof slopes to the sides creating a gable in the front and back of your garage. Not only does it look beautiful, but rain and snow will slide off of your roof preventing any damage from occuring
  • Reverse gable garage: rather than sloping to the sides, the reverse gable’s roof slopes to the front and back of your garage. The gables are on the sides of your garage
  • Hip roof garage: a hip roof garage slopes on all four sides and comes to a point on the top of your garage. This gives you more room inside for extra storage or other uses such as a loft or extra living space

All of these garage styles can be made into any size – we offer one, two and three car garages. The size you get is usually determined by how the garage will be used and the size of your family. The more drivers you have, the more garage door openings you’ll need.

Have a Custom Garage Built

Maybe none of those styles or sizes are what you want. Don’t worry, we can also completely customize your garage rather than going from a design. This way you know you’re getting exactly what you need and you’ll have the garage of your dreams.

The Best Palatine Garage Builders: Danley’s

It’s a no brainer that Danley’s is better than the other Palatine garage builders. We offer many styles and sizes, use only the best materials and send only the industry’s best builders to your home. It’s no wonder we’ve proudly built over 100,000 garages.

Do you need a new garage? Get your free quote now and see why so many people trust Danley’s. We’ve been a staple in the Chicagoland area since 1959 for a reason!

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