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What Height Do I Need?

The images below depict a couple of common garage wall heights along with two different vehicles:

Roof Height Example
Roof Height Example

Danley’s offers several garage wall heights to meet your needs. The overall height of your garage will depend on the height of your walls as well as the style of roof that you choose.

The height of your garage walls has the most impact on the type of vehicles that your garage can accommodate.

  • Most commonly, garage walls are 8 feet high. This height will accommodate the components for a standard 7-foot high overhead garage door (the door through which your vehicle enters/exits). A wide range of vehicles will fit through a 7-foot high overhead door.

  • If you have a large or specialty vehicle, such as a cargo van, it’s a good idea to check the overall height of your vehicle to ensure that it will fit. If your vehicle happens to be more than 7 feet high, we recommend that you opt for a taller configuration. One such option would be 9-foot high garage walls with an 8-foot overhead garage door.

During your in-home consultation, our Danley’s Representative can guide you through options.

What height of detached garage will my municipality allow?

Your municipality will have certain restrictions for the height of a detached garage. In the majority of cases, a garage with standard 8-foot walls will fall within your local village guidelines. Each village has its own unique regulations, and your Danley’s Representative can guide you through them during your in-home consultation.

Danley’s has built garages in the Chicagoland area since 1959. Our experts will make sure your garage meets your needs. Start your garage project by obtaining a free in-home quote now. All you need to do is fill out our online form or call 877-DANLEYS!

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