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What Size Do I Need?

The images below depict several common garage sizes along with a few popular vehicle types:

Danley’s offers a variety of garage sizes to meet your needs.

A variety of factors should be considered when shopping for a new garage:

  • What sizes are the vehicles you will be parking, now, and potentially down the road?

  • What other items do you plan on storing in the garage? Bicycles? Sporting goods? Storage bins? A motorcycle, perhaps?

  • Do you plan on using the space for any activities?  A workout space? A workshop?

When thinking about the footprint of your new garage, you’ll be considering two primary measurements, the width and depth.

  • The width of the garage (Think of this as the width of the side that you’ll be driving your car into):

  • Common garage widths are 20, 22, and 24 feet. If you plan on parking two cars in the garage, we recommend a width of 20 feet or larger. This will give you enough room to maneuver in and out with two standard vehicles. If you have a large vehicle, such as a Full-Size SUV (Chevrolet Tahoe or similar), you may want to consider sizing up to a 22-foot wide garage or larger. This will provide you with additional room to maneuver as well as to enter/exit the vehicle.

  • The depth of the garage (Think of this as how far into the garage you can drive. You will need enough depth to accommodate the full length of your vehicle):

Common garage depths are 20 and 22 feet. A depth of 20 feet will accommodate standard cars and small SUVs (Honda Accord, Ford Escape, or similar).  If you are seeking to store items along the wall of the garage, we recommend the added space of a 22- or 24-foot deep garage. Deeper sizes will also give you greater flexibility for future vehicle purchases down the road.

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