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Roof Styles

The images below depict some of the roof styles we offer:

Hip Roof Garage


Gable Roof Garage


Danley’s offers several roof styles to meet your needs. What you choose will likely depend on your style, budget, and the look of your home.

The two most popular roof styles in Chicagoland are Hips & Gables.

  • A hip roof resembles a pyramid, with four triangular sides that slope up to a peak. Hip roof garages are very common in the Chicagoland Area. Since they have multiple slopes without a flat face, they hold up very well in windy conditions. Since the roof slopes equally towards each of the four walls, snow, ice, and rain are diverted across all four sides almost equally. Also, the walls of a hip garage are each the same height, lending to simpler construction.
  • A gable roof is shaped like an “A,” with two rectangular sides that intersect along a peak, or “ridge” at the top. Gable roof garages offer more volume in the attic area than hip roof garages. Gable roofs are typically chosen by consumers who are opting to match style elements that exist on their home. Two of the walls on a gable garage are taller, requiring additional materials and a series of diagonal cuts to the siding. A reverse gable is a variation of this roof where the ridgeline goes in the opposite direction.

During your in-home consultation, our Danley’s Representative can guide you through options.

Danley’s has built garages in the Chicagoland area since 1959. Our experts will make sure your garage meets your needs. Start your garage project by obtaining a free in-home quote now.

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