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Standard Garage Doors

Our line of traditional-style steel garage doors are made with heavy gauge steel and are designed for superior strength and energy efficiency.  This sectional garage door is available in many different garage door designs for your customization.

Benefits of Steel Garage Doors

Homeowners have different priorities when it comes to finding the perfect garage door for their home. Steel garage doors offer the most benefits as compared to other materials out there. Steel is the best choice for Midwest homeowners.

1. Cost
The cost for purchasing and installing a new steel garage door is less than one made of wood. The steel option will also give you more value for your money because it’ll last longer and will require less maintenance over time.

2. Energy Efficient
Steel garage doors are well insulated which help lower your energy bills. Low quality garage doors won’t give you that benefit. We all know Midwest summers and winters can bring unpredictable weather, and having a well-insulated garage door can help with weather changes and energy efficiency.

3. Safe and Secure
Steel garage doors are very strong and prevent potential break ins from intruders. Steel doors also protect against any weather-related damage. If you do experience a fire in your home, a steel garage door will provide a safe escape route if other exterior doors are unpassable.

Steel doors will protect cars and other valuables in the garage during inclement weather. Cold weather can affect your car’s battery life, fluids, tire pressure, wiring systems and more. An insulated steel door will keep cars running properly. Paint, cleaning supplies and other chemicals will stay fresh longer when they’re not exposed to the elements and in the garage.

4. Looks
Steel garage doors can come in many different designs with windows or without. With many color options as well, the door will give your home curb appeal. Your steel garage door can match the look and style of your home. The beauty of the garage door will last for years to come. Steel garage doors won’t rust, crack or warp either so you’ll never have to worry about replacing it again.

5. Less Maintenance
With steel doors, you will get stronger material that is built to last. When you choose a steel garage door, you’re getting a product that is energy efficient, safe, secure, cost effective and stays looking great over time. At Danley’s, we have that perfect product for your home.

Features of Steel Garage Doors

Wind Resistant and Quiet

An interior wind load reinforcement system can also be added to this garage door to withstand high wind pressure and reduce the amount of noise caused by high winds for a quiet garage.

An Energy Efficient Insulated Garage Door

The thermal garage door insulation in this door is CFC-free foam insulated (chlorofluorocarbon-free) to provide an added layer of protection from drafts and cold weather. This insulation also helps to maintain the temperature in your garage year round.

Insulation Guidelines

Danley’s offers two options to fit your budget and insulation priorities. In general, insulated doors are recommended for garages attached to the home to help with temperature control and insulation efforts for the home overall.

Non-insulated doors are often used with free standing garages as they are more cost efficient when a homeowner is not attempting to maintain a certain temperature in their garage.

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Danley’s insulated, steel garage doors are made to last against the most extreme weather conditions and will save you money on energy costs. And steel garage doors will never rot, warp, swell or crack. Speak with a product specialist and get a free quote now!

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