Turning Your Garage Into a Wine Cellar

If you are a wine lover and you don’t have the right storage space in your home to store your expensive wines you can turn your garage into the perfect wine storage room. Adding a seating area, a bar, and other amenities will turn your garage into the perfect entertaining space where you can have friends and family gather to enjoy delicious wines.

You may even want to start a wine club when you have your own wine tasting room in the garage. Turning a garage into a wine cellar means that you have to take into account the needs of the wine and you have to make sure that your garage has the best possible conditions to store wine.

garage wine cellar

Expensive wines can turn quickly if it’s not kept in the ideal conditions so taking the time to make sure that your home wine cellar in the garage is designed with the needs of the wine in mind will pay off in the end when it keeps your precious wine cold and comfortable. In order to turn your garage into a wine cellar, you will need to follow the steps below.

Seal and Paint the Walls

Seal all the cracks in the walls and around the windows tightly to ensure that warm air doesn’t leak into the garage. Warm air can cause the wine to spoil. After you have sealed everything tightly then you can paint the walls with an insulating paint that will help keep the temperature in the garage wine cellar chilly. You may need to replace the windows also if they are leaking air.

Pick the Right Flooring

When you’re choosing new flooring, make sure that you choose flooring that will last and that will hold up the temperature swings that will occur in the garage. Pick flooring like linoleum or ceramic tiles that will stay cool for the longest amount of time and help keep the entire garage cool.

Get a Dehumidifier

Humidity is a threat to wine just like heat is. If you live in a particularly humid area or if your garage tends to be on the humid side, you should have a professional contractor install a dehumidifier inside the garage to keep the area cool and dry. If you keep the garage cool and dry there shouldn’t be any problem storing wine in your garage, even if you have a nice collection of expensive wines they should be fine.

Install a Cooling Unit

If your garage has a tendency to get warm and if there is poor air circulation it’s a good idea to put in a cooling unit or air conditioner. Even if you plan on using a wine fridge or several wine chillers it’s important to control the temperature in the garage because bottles of wine that are stored in the garage but not wine coolers or chillers will need to be protected from high temperatures, especially during the summer (read about how to keep your garage cool right here).

A cooling unit will also make the garage more comfortable for you and your friends. Make sure that you install door sweeps on all of the garage doors to stop cool air leaking outside the garage and driving up your energy costs.

Have Custom Storage Built

There are a lot of fun and creative options when it comes to wine storage. But it’s smart to have custom wine storage built specifically for your garage to maximize the use of the space.

Since you probably want to fit a bar, some stools, and maybe a seating area and TV in the wine cellar, as well as storage for your wines custom cabinets and storage for the wine, will give you the most usable space and take advantage of the space that you already have. Custom storage is also a great way to make sure that the garage wine cellar has the look and the feel that you want so that the wine cellar can be your place to go and relax.

garage wine storage

Upgrade the Electrical

If you’re planning on having a fridge or several wine chillers or wine fridges in the space then you should have an electrician check out the electrical wiring in the garage and overhaul the electrical system. That way you won’t have to worry about any old wiring overheating and starting a fire or worry that there won’t be enough electricity out there to run a TV, wine fridges, and other items that will need to be built.

Upgrade the Security

If you are a serious collector and have a lot of expensive wine, or if you just want to be sure that the teenagers in the neighborhood aren’t sneaking into your garage to steal wine you should upgrade the security features on the garage too. Get new locks and think about installing a digital security camera or two and using a video doorbell to see how is going into the wine cellar garage when you’re not looking.

The process to convert a garage into a stunning wine cellar isn’t that difficult. Once you get started you will be surprised at how soon the perfect wine room can be created in your garage.

Want to Build a Wine Cellar in a Garage?

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