Why Does My Garage Smell Like Gas?

People that have spent enough time in a variety of garages immediately recognize the stench. Overall, the garage has the right size and decent storage space. It would make a reliable garage for tinkering around on cars or hanging out with the guys. You keep up with your garage maintenance, but there is that garage smell again.

Why does my garage smell like gas?

It’s a frustrating question that many homeowners ask regarding the rotten smell in their man cave or favorite place to park vehicles and store tools. The good news is that not only can you narrow down the source of the bad odor, but also take steps to remove the smell of gasoline from your garage.

Garage Maintenance

Garages with Bad Odors

There is nothing that can kill the presentation of a room quicker than a bad odor. If you don’t believe us think about a home that you recently visited. Everything was well kept and in good condition. But you open a closet or go into the basement only to want to leave immediately.

Bad odors kill the vibe whether you are trying to put a home on the market, impress guests, or live under more comfortable circumstances. The same is true of a garage, yet many homeowners do not use the same precautions in that place compared to the rest of the home.

If your garage smells like gas it can make it very difficult to spend much time in the room. Not only are the fumes bad for your health, but it’s hard to enjoy yourself. You may find yourself wanting to leave the garage the moment you enter like you just entered a nuclear fallout site. You shouldn’t have to feel that way in your garage.

Fortunately, you can usually narrow down the source of the gas to a few potential options:


Most homeowners rely on a garage first and foremost for their vehicles. It’s a place of storage where you can house the automobile for the night. Garages keep your cars warm, dry, and safe. It’s the primary reason that architects began including them in new home designs.

However, most automobiles also get powered by gasoline. Therefore, the first place to check is your vehicle if you have a garage smell.

The gas tank is generally underneath the trunk of your car. You don’t need to hire a mechanic to crawl under the vehicle and inspect the undercarriage. You should examine the tank as well as the pipe that runs up to the gas cap. Do this by running a hand over the area and feeling for dampness. If anything is damp, there is a good chance you have a gas leak.

Additionally, while you inspect your vehicle, you can use another sense. Does the smell of gasoline get stronger the closer you get to the vehicle? If so, that is another clear sign that the automobile is leaking gasoline.

Once you suspect a gas leak, it’s a wise idea to take the vehicle in for an inspection. We suggest hiring a professional to fix the problem since you are dealing with a flammable substance. A qualified mechanic can fix the gas leak and help eliminate the nasty odor from your garage space.

Garage door size

Home Accessories

Another popular thing to use the garage space is for storage. Generally, it makes the most sense to store items in the garage that you would otherwise prefer not in the house. For example, tools and accessories like lawn mowers and trimmers make much more sense in your garage compared to an interior closet.

Lawn mowers, trimmers, and other machinery that you store in the garage that requires gasoline are other sources of the problem. After inspecting your vehicle, you should check your machinery next.

Trimmers that hang on a wall or lay on their side may leak gasoline. You should also inspect the carburetor and the gas lines, not just the tank, when you examine these types of work tools. We suggest wiping down the machinery and tools and letting them side outside overnight.

Do you notice a difference when you check the garage the next day? Any difference suggests that the source of the problem is one of your machines. If so, you can make repairs or replace the unit to remedy the problem.

Gas Containers

If the first two inspections check out, then it’s time to address the gas containers. The gas containers more than likely contain the fuel (unless they are empty), and sometimes it’s that simple.

Gas containers feature vents to facilitate easy pouring. The small nipples on the opposite side of the container from the spout leak the odor when they get left open. You can help eliminate a gassy odor from a garage by always shutting the vent after you use a container. It’s a simple measure that will go a long way.

organized garage

Removing Odors from a Garage

It is essential to point out that if you follow some of the recommendations (above), you may not notice an immediate difference. It is natural as removing the smell of gas from a garage is not an overnight fix.

Even if you remove the source of the gasoline smell, it will not remove it from the garage immediately. The walls and floor of a garage especially unsealed cement floors, usually absorb a fair amount of the stench. Therefore, it can take some time for the garage smell to evaporate from the storage space.

Here are a few garage maintenance tips to improve your garage:

  • Avoid running any machinery in or around the garage.
  • Ventilate your garage as much as possible on warm days when you are home.
  • Always shut the door between the garage and home when you are doing anything in a garage.
  • Store chemicals safely with seals and a storage container or plastic bin.
  • Finish your garage walls and ceilings to prevent additional gas leaks.
  • Seal gaps between the garage and interior of a home to prevent the fumes from getting into other rooms.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector to keep you and your loved ones safe.

 Garage smell

Time to Replace?

The best solution is to provide as much ventilation as possible after you find the source of the problem and remove it from the garage. You should keep the garage door open for a few days and whenever you are home.

Usually, with some garage maintenance and patience, the odor starts to fade away. However you can also consider a replacement garage.

At Danley’s, we have all the garage styles and sizes that will improve the value of your home. All the stuff that you wanted to move out of the garage can be stored inside a two-car or even a three-car garage. Speak to a specialist about garage sizes and get a free quote online today.

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