The Ultimate Garage Add-Ons for Every Homeowner

A big, clean garage, empty except for a few signs of life like a helmet and a basketball. Everything with a place and everything in its place. It sounds nice, but you know the reality of being a homeowner is a bit different.

ultimate garage add-ons

Whatever your needs, your dream garage is within reach with a few quick changes. Make the most of your space with these must-have garage add-ons.

Smart Remote

It seems like everything’s smart these days. You can sync your whole family’s calendar and serve up dinner at the tap of a button, so why should you have to lock up your garage manually?

Get a smart remote you can program to control your garage door, even from work, vacation or the carpool lane. It’s an easy way to soup up your space and streamline your hectic mornings.

Vertical Storage

The key to any good organization system is that it’s easy to maintain. If you have to think too much, you won’t keep up with it – and we all know what happens then. Life takes over and soon your garage is like one big junk drawer. Keep everything off the floor and where you can see it with vertical storage.

You’re probably used to seeing pegboard or shelves as a vertical storage option. Another great way to get this look is with slat walls that are interchangeable and have the charming appeal of wainscotting. Imagine grabbing your garden rake for a day of work and not tripping over it, or finally winning the battle of tangles with the garden hose.

Mini Fridge

You might have a store of water and canned drinks taking up space in your pantry. It’s great having them on hand, but when guests come around or you feel like reaching for one, it’s lukewarm.

Keep them chill and out of the way in a garage mini fridge. You could even roll in a serving cart and transform your garage into a bar for catching up and cooling off after dinner.

Don’t Forget About Your Garage Door

Your garage door is the biggest door in your home, so you want one that’s beautiful and well-made. Go for an insulated garage door so you can make use of your garage year round. Your neighbors will appreciate the soundproofing if you’re gonna be practicing with your garage band or going hard on the punching bag.

garage door getting installed by an installer

Upgrade to a door with windows to let in maximum light – you don’t want to feel like you’re fumbling around in the attic when you go in there to grab something. Moreover, the default windows your garage came with might not suit the other windows on your home. Tie together the whole look of your house with stylish and functional garage doors.

Parking Mats

You’ve made it all the way home through traffic, potholes, and crazy drivers. You’ve narrowly avoided cracking the eggs you just bought and spilling coffee all over the seat. Just as you’re pulling into the garage, you hear a thunk.

How do you make sure you don’t hit the wall with your bumper? It’s as easy as grabbing some parking mats for your garage floor. Parking mat guides are a simple solution that tells you when you’ve pulled in just enough, so no more worrying about nicks and dings.

Mudroom Lockers

Maybe your home has little athletes who need to store their muddy things before entering the house. Put mudroom lockers by the entryway and they’ll feel like an MVP as they hang up their equipment, rain jacket, or that baseball hat they’re always losing.

You can purchase mudroom lockers or build them yourself. You can even combine organizers from the store to create the appearance of a cohesive unit. Get the look of custom-built cubbies by putting tall bookshelves side by side or flanking a bench with two shelf towers.


Picture yourself throwing a bag of mulch over your shoulder or picking the perfect set of weights off the shelf. Everything’s bright, airy, and orderly, with sunbeams streaming across the floor. But this isn’t a store – it’s your garage. Save on your energy bill and bring in natural light with garage windows.

We mentioned how windowed garage doors are an option for lighting your garage, but think even bigger. You can get a garage fit for a magazine just by adding windows. Strong vinyl windows will stand up to the seasons, and with so many styles available, you can get as creative as with the rest of your house. You can even choose a frosted finish to deter any nosy neighbors.

Car Vacuum

Sometimes our cars can feel like a moving closet. It becomes the place for unopened mail, crumbled receipts and lost animal crackers. But you don’t have to wait for the car wash to get your car sparkling new. Organize your life’s command center with a convenient car vacuum for quick touch-ups. By keeping one in the garage you’ll find it easy to make a dent in your to-do list.

Rolling Tool Box

If you’re using your garage as a workshop, you’ll need a place for your tools. You might have some built-in storage already in the form of shelves or hooks. You’re also gonna want something on wheels so you can break down workspace to make room for big projects.

What’s great about the rolling toolbox is it also provides added horizontal space for sketching, tinkering or setting aside small parts as you work.

Get the Most Out of Your Garage

Maybe you just updated your house’s facade and need a garage to match, or you just redid your garage and are seeing the space in a whole new light. You know that when it comes to your home, it’s all in the details.

Turn to garage professionals for help with your window and door installation. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing everything’s done right.

No matter what type of garage add-ons you’ll get, the only way to keep your garage roomy is by upgrading to a bigger size garage. Consider Danley’s for your garage makeover and add extra space so you can fit your mini fridge, rolling toolbox and workbench. Speak to a specialist and get a free quote online today.

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