Types of Garage Doors

More and more people are beginning to realize how garage doors can affect their home’s curb appeal. However, many homeowners still don’t take the time to pick the perfect garage door because they assume that it’s too expensive to even look into, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You can purchase a new garage door with the expectation that it’s an investment. This has a lot to do with the fact that the garage is a big chunk of what people see when they look at your home.

No one wants to buy a home with a rundown garage door attached to a beautiful home. Everything has to fit together perfectly. Furthermore, most people use the garage to enter into the home rather than the front door. So, it’s important to have a garage door that fits the look of your home.

The Basic Types

When it comes to garage doors, there are five different choices. There are section garage doors, side sliding doors, doors that swing upward, doors that roll and doors that swing away and out from the garage.

The most popular of the all the doors is definitely sectional garage doors. If you choose this option, you’ll need to have proper framing and 14” headroom for the garage tracks that run the door up and down.

Without proper headroom for the garage door, expect the price of a new garage door to jump.

On the other hand, you may have very tall ceilings. There are also special tracks that work when installing garage doors.

Working with Style

As you begin to uncover the many options you have to choose from, pick a garage door that fits you and your home. For instance, a swing door might not fit everyone’s style or home type. If your home is more modern, go with a sectional garage door.

More often than not, most homes, no matter if they’re older or newer, have trim, paneling and detailing to make the garage door unique. Some of this detailing includes different glass panels that are either frosted or shatterproof. Also, some windows are meant to bring in natural sunlight to the garage.

Different Materials

Garage doors can be made of many different materials. Below is a list of the most commonly seen garage doors today.


Steel is the best choice when picking the right garage door because you won’t have to worry about the maintenance. Since steel is one of the least expensive materials, it’s a great cost-saving option.

Steel garage doors are thick and have a foam insulation installed inside for better energy efficiency. This will help you regulate the temperature in your garage and help keep outside temperatures and noises out.

You may want to choose steel because a lot steel garage doors have warranties that last a lifetime on overlays, the structure of the door and the painting job. If you get a cheaper steel garage door, don’t expect to have a long-lasting warranty, but more of a short-term one.


Are you a fan of the natural finish? Then, wood might be the choice for you. With its organic or mimic-like style, wood can fit into whatever garage door size you need.

Wood holds up really well if anything hits the door, from sports equipment to cars. Of course, there’s a lot more upkeep, especially if you live in humid, rainy areas like in Chicago.

The pricing for wood is extermely expensive, and remember that the lighter the wood, the more expensive the price tag will be. Plywood will definitely be cheaper than framed wood panel doors made of mahogany, cedar, etc. If you’re looking for a warranty, expect one year or less.

You’ll also need to paint and stain your wood garage door every few years. Plus, moisture causes warping and rotting which will detract from its visual appeal. Good looks don’t come cheap and you’ll need to spend a ton of time and money maintaining your wood garage to keep it looking good. it’s no wonder why steel is the more popular option.

warped and rotted wood garage door


Aluminum is a more sturdy option than wood but can’t hold a candle to steel. It can be strengthened with framing and paneling which is laminated for added protection but that will cost you more money.

Of course, remind yourself that more resistant coverings will take money out of your pocket book. If you do choose less expensive aluminum, then understand that your garage door will probably damage a lot more easily than the standard grade aluminum.

The more inexpensive aluminum doors are usually made of polyethylene that’s high-grade and quality similar to the normal aluminum variety. Aluminum is as light-weight as garage doors come and makes double doors doable with their light structure.

Saving Energy for You and the World

Depending on the size of your garage door, you may want to insulate it for best results. Not only will you save money with your heating and cooling bill, but you’ll also help save the environment in the process.

The sandwich lining keeps any garage door insulated and helps the door last longer over time. Also, if you like a finished product, insulation helps the garage look more put together.

Keep in mind that your insulated garage door won’t help you save money, unless you actually cool or heat the space.

In the end, updating your garage door can help in many ways. Look for an increase in livability from a garage door that’s ultimately a long-term investment for you and your home.

Choose a door that fits your lifestyle for the present day and beyond. Don’t wait for this new addition to your home. Update now to help with peace of mind as you pull into the driveway each and every day.

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