8 Reasons Why You Want a TV in Your Garage

To many Americans, their garage is their castle. It’s where they park and build their cars, maintain their home, workout, store their food and entertain guests. For those Americans who are yet to understand how and why installing a TV in your garage isn’t only a good idea, but essential for anyone looking to elevate the capabilities of the most underutilized part of their home.

tv in your garage

Here are 8 reasons why you want a TV in your garage.

There Are Many Uses For a TV in Your Garage

The versatility of the TV screens and computer monitors today is unmatched. Screens, monitors and projectors become more compatible with our devices everyday. For the electronically minded garage goers among us installing a large, versatile screen in their garage can provide a plethora of uses and open the space to uses far greater than that of merely parking their car.

1. Automotive Repair and Rebuild Shows

Everybody knows the person who’s obsessed with cars. They collect buy, sell, rebuild and race everything they can get their hands on, and when they aren’t doing that, they’re watching a show on how to better conduct one of the aforementioned hobbies.

The number of automotive shows, channels and digital resources that are flooding the market right now is immense. Nowadays, there’s a show, website or channel for every gear head imaginable.

Gearheads tend to build, find, buy or fabricate just about any tool they need, and the automotive shows out there are more than happy to show them how. Installing a TV in the garage where all the automotive action happens is a great way to bring the automotive instruction from the living room to the garage.

You can watch step by step, instructional “how to” shows while actually working on the project, and the TV monitor can be used to rewind, slow down and rewatch steps to be sure you never miss a step.

2. Engine Computer Readout & Diagnostic Monitor

garage tv

From running the climate control to ensuring perfect timing of the gearbox, the computer in your car can do a lot of impressive things, except display any of that information to the mechanic in any other way than an annoying flashing “check engine” light on the dash.

Engine diagnostic and tuning software and equipment, once they’re plugged in and have conducted their tests, still need a screen in order to display their results to the mechanic.

Installing a TV or computer monitor in the garage allows mechanics to analyze the diagnostic data an a full color, detailed screen rather than the small digital readout of less advanced diagnostics equipment.

3. Drafting Station

In the world of architecture and engineering, it’s important to be able to visualize projects in three dimensions. Drafting tables allow architects and engineers to draw up three dimensional plans, as they would a two dimensional blueprint, and see their creation rendered digitally in front of them.

Any architect or engineer without a drafting table, complete with large screen in their garage, is truly missing out on an opportunity to turn their garage into a digital 3d workshop where projects can evolve from an idea, to a two dimensional drawing, to a three dimensional render, to a physical completed project in one space.

4. Garage Gym

garage gym

A garage makes a wonderful exercise room. The average garage space lends itself nicely to a variety of gym configurations, all of which would be remiss to not include a TV.

Besides watching TV shows while running on the treadmill or any other machine, A TV in a garage gym can be used to watch exercise videos, run exercise tracking software (if connect to a computer) or even be used to entertain the kids while you get your exercise on.

5. Weather Station

Weather watchers are an interesting group, and many of them watch out for new meteorological technology to get their hands on as diligently as they watch the weather. Since the invention of the digital weatherman, weather watchers have been installing TV’s in their garage to use as amateur weather monitoring stations.

The plethora of amateur and professional weather watching technology available today is staggering. What better way to showcase the hobby and and utilize all that fancy new equipment than to install a TV screen and computer to monitor the weather from your very own in-garage weather station?

6. Man Cave

The man cave is a tried and true do-it-yourself tradition, and the envy of those who have yet to undertake the absolute joy of crafting the perfect man cave out of their garage is abundant. Whether mounted on the wall, recessed in a shelf, on a stand or remotely descending from the ceiling, TV screens have always been an essential part of any man cave worth its salt.

Install a projector in the ceiling and theatre seating to create a garage theatre to rival the multiplex down the road. Install a large LCD screen and computer to turn that garage into the ultimate gaming center. The man cave possibilities are endless and so are the ways a TV can turn that man cave into the talk of the town.

7. Garage Bar

garage bar

Admit it – you thought of turning your garage into a bar. It’s okay, we’ve all had that thought. For those who are already drinking in the garage bar life, wouldn’t a TV mounted in that bar elevate that experience to something close to drinking in an actual bar with none of the cons of drinking in an actual bar?

Others thinks so too, which is why a TV should be installed in the garage bar immediately. Besides, what use is drinking in your garage if you can’t at least watch the game?

8. Tailgating Sport Theater

Speaking of which, installing a TV in the garage is the best way to watch the game and tailgate without actually being there. Grilling is great. So are sports. The only thing better than either one is both of them together.

Except you couldn’t get tickets. The remedy to this situation is installing a TV in the garage so you can tailgate and watch the game at the same time. Everyone knows football is better on TV anyway so why not watch the game in the comfort of your own garage while kicking back with a hot dog cooked on your very own grill? (check out our article on garage home theaters)

TV’s Go Great in Garages

Installing a TV in ones garage is not only a clever way to entertain friends during the game, it’s also a innovative and intuitive way to bring a level of technology to your hobbies, elevate your skills as a craftsman and increase the capabilities of your workshop.

Do you love any of these ideas but now realize that your garage just isn’t up to par? Luckily for you, Danley’s is here to build you a new garage from the ground up to meet your specific wants and needs. We’ve built over 100,000 garages across the Chicagoland area and would love to help you with your next project – get a free quote now.

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