Single Car vs. Double Car Garage

The most exciting phase of a home improvement project is planning the new space. After all, there is some reason you want to change or improve your home for the better. Therefore, the planning phase is your opportunity to dream big and envision the car garage you’ve always wanted.

For many homeowners, adding a garage to a home is one of their top priorities. Homes that don’t have a garage miss out on a lot of luxuries. In addition to having a new home for your automobiles, garages also work great for storage and craft projects.

Single car vs. double car garage? The first question you are going to ask yourself when you start designing a new garage is the amount of space. Both single car and double car garages have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine a side-by-side comparison:

Garage door size

Single Car Garage

A single car garage, as the name implies, provides enough door width to fit one average size vehicle. You can always expand the blueprints enough to allow for more storage space or to accommodate larger vehicles. However, for the most part, single car garages provide enough space for one vehicle (usually at least 22 feet) and a little storage space on the sides.

The most significant advantage to a single car garage vs. double car garage is cost. Single car garages are much cheaper to build from scratch because you substantially reduce the cost of materials in half. It’s also going to take about half the time to hire a contractor to build the unit.

The average cost of a single car garage is reasonable so you won’t have to worry about expanding your budget. The exact price depends on several factors like the specific square footage, material, and contractor. Regardless, it is the cheapest way to build a new garage.

On the other hand, you need to consider whether you are getting the full potential out of the home remodel. What we mean is that since you are already going to the trouble of transforming your home into a construction site for the next couple of months, are you entirely sure a one-car garage is the most appropriate option?

While the costs to build a one-car garage is attractive, it’s not the most appropriate option for families with more than one vehicle.

Additionally, garages are lifesavers when it comes to additional storage, yet you aren’t going to get much space with a single car unit. As a result, since you’re already spending thousands on a new garage, you may want to consider an upgrade.

Double door garage

Double Car Garage

A double car garage, as the name implies, provides enough space to park more than one vehicle. Double car garages have more variety compared to a single car garage.

For example, you have the choice between building one with a single door (that features access to two parking spots) or with two separate entrances. Depending on which design you like the best usually comes down to personal preference as there is no wrong answer.

The primary benefit of a double car garage vs. single car garage is double the space. You now have shelter for not one but two vehicles.

Additionally, if you decide only to park one car in the garage, you have a large space on the side for whatever you prefer. As a result, some homeowners may transform the space into a work area or craft area.

Notwithstanding, the luxury of having more space does come with a cost. A double car garage will cost you more but the extra features and space will boost the value of your garage and home.

The final price once again depends on the size, material, installation, and features of the garage. The type of garage doors you select also impacts the final price.

All in all, you can expect costs between $19,000 and $28,000 for a new double car garage. While these prices are not fathomable for every household, it’s worth considering for families. Garages are lifesavers when it comes to storage and securing your vehicles from the elements.

Single Car vs. Double Car Garage: Settling the Debate

It’s always a good idea to consult the experts when it comes to architecture and home design. The truth is some homes look better with a double car garage as opposed to a single-car unit. However, you also must factor in home remodel costs and time spent having your home turn into a construction site.

Fortunately, there are several things to take into consideration to make your final decision easier:

pay for a garage with credit

Check the Dimensions

After you decide whether you want an attached or detached garage, you likely have a space on your property in mind. Smaller lots have less room to play around with which might force you to build a single car garage.

Garages that fit two cars need at least 18 feet wide by 22 feet deep. Keep in mind these are bare minimums, and oversized sedans or trucks may need more space.

Also, if you choose to build two separate doors as opposed to one single door for a two-car garage, you need to add at least six feet to its width (minimum 24 feet for garages with two separate entrances. Then there is the amount of extra space you want to be reserved for storage.

After you consider the space limitations, you may discover that you are limited to one or two options. Space considerations immediately reduce your list of practical options, which is helpful when narrowing down your choices.

Garage Appearance

Though it is your home and you can do whatever you want with it (unless you live in an HOA neighborhood), you should consider some aesthetics. Architects follow a few basics when it comes to designing a garage for a home.

You may be surprised to learn that architects do not always consider bigger, better. Sometimes single car garages complement the overall design of the home better than a two-car unit. Here are a few architectural basics:

  • The general rule is that double car garages (with two doors) look better than a unit with one door when the garage is on the front of the house, facing the street. Architects consider one double door overbearing and distracting from the rest of the façade.
  • Carriage-house styles and other small designs accommodate single car garages better. The smaller garage doors (usually 8-9 feet) compliment the vintage style of a home where bigger is not always better.
  • There are several home decorating tips to address the overbearing nature of a double door design if you decide that is your best option. For example, adding some plants and trees on the front or near each side of the door take away some of the focus.

One car garage

Construction Costs

A single car garage is reasonable to build from the ground up. Meanwhile, you’ll need a bigger budget for a double car garage but the luxury of having more space outweighs the cost. For this reason, expect the cost to double if you want to double the space.

Even though the upfront costs of adding a double car garage are intimidating, you should keep in mind its longevity. If you plan to stay at home for years (or even decades), adding a double car garage makes sense because the added luxuries will eventually override the upfront costs. It’s especially true for families with more than one vehicle or excess storage.

Additionally, you may be able to shave some of the installation costs by doing some of the building on your own. However, you’ll still probably need to hire a contractor for certain parts of the project, like installing the new door(s).

Detached Garage Options

Realtors agree that adding a garage helps a home sell faster. Consequently, whether you’re looking to sell or expand the living space of a home or you have no plans to leave, it’s essential to consider your options.

Single car vs. double car garage? At the end of the day, a double car garage is the better choice for families or couples with more than one vehicle. Even if you don’t park multiple cars under the shelter, you’ll appreciate the extra storage space.

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