What Makes the Best Residential Garage?

It’s important to have a great residential garage. You want something that has enough space, is safe and can be used anyway you see fit. However, how do you determine if you’re getting the best garage for you?

There are many things you need to consider when building a new garage. From style to size and everything in between, the choices may seem hard. What’s right for you now might not be right for you in a few years.

residential garages

We’ll help you plan for the future and customize the best residential garage for your home. Let’s get started.

What Type of Garage Works Best for You?

The first thing you need to determine is the style of garage you want for your home. There are several different styles that are based around their roof. Each style has their own look and benefits that you need to consider before making a decision.

The most popular style is the gable garage. Gable garages slope to the sides and have a triangular design created by the point of the roof in the front and back – this design is called a gable.

A gable garage’s sloping roof is perfect for handling Chicago’s rain and snow because it’ll slide right off the roof, preventing water damage. There’s also the option to get a reverse gable where it slopes front to back and the gables are found on the sides.

A roof that slopes on all four sides and comes to a point on the top is called a hip roof garage. Hip roof garages are able to handle wind much better than other garage styles. That’s perfect for Chicago since we are “The Windy City”.

Another great benefit of a hip roof garage is the ceiling is taller thanks to all sides coming to a point on the top. This allows you to loft your garage easily. You can even try and create a garage apartment which is perfect for older children who move back home.

A flat roof garage is exactly what it sounds like –  a garage with a flat roof. Not only are flat roof garages very easy to clean and maintain, but they have the most functionality. You’re able to build a deck on them and create an extra living space.

Get the Right Sized Garage

There are also many sizes of garages you can get. The most common are one car, two car and three car garages. Depending on how much space you need will determine what garage size you get.

One car garages are perfect for homes with one car. A typical one car garage is about 12 feet by 22 feet but you can customize it to be a little larger. 14 and 16 feet by 22 feet garages are also considered one car garages but they’ll allow you to store your lawn equipment and tools in there comfortably.

You have many of the same options with a two car garage. The average size of a 2 car garage is 20 feet by 22 feet but you can also get 22 feet and 24 feet long. Three car garages are usually 36 feet wide but also have 38 feet and 40 feet options.

If you have a longer car, you can also start playing with the depth. While 22 feet is the standard, you can also get 24 feet, 26 feet, 28 feet and 30 feet. This will give you more room in the front and back of your car which will allow you to work on your car in the garage.

Unique Garage Sizes

There are also specific garages for RV garages. These have a larger variety of sizes but they tend to be 16 feet tall, 30 feet wide and 50 feet deep. This should be large enough to fit your RV comfortably.

One of the great things about having a garage built is that you can customize the size anyway you want. You’re not stuck with one, two or three car garages. If you want a four car garage, you can have a four car garage built. If you want a one car garage that’s the size of a three car garage, you can do that too.

Attached vs Detached Garages

You also must be wondering if an attached or detached is better. While an attached garage is conveniently attached to your home, there are some major problems that can’t be ignored. For starters, it can hurt your home’s energy efficiency, especially rooms that share walls with it. Also, you’ll be able to hear any noises coming from your garage.

beautiful detached garage

Detached garages allow for greater customization. You can build a new one and have it designed anyway you’d want. Also, you can treat it like a separate living quarters for older children who move home or guests. Garage apartments are becoming more and more common these days and will increase the value of your home.

Use Your Garage However You Want

To have a great residential garage, you need to be able to use it anyway you want. That includes creating a gym, bar or having an extra living space. Being able to use your garage however you want gives you freedom and can open up more possibilities for your home.

A garage is also a great place to throw a party. You get the security of being inside without your home getting messy or damaged by the party guests. With a garage screen, you can have the best of both world and even allow the party to spill out into your driveway.

Don’t Forget Proper Garage Storage

You need to make sure that you organize your residential garage otherwise it will become a cluttered mess. Having proper storage will allow you to organize your garage so it’s easy to find what you need. Plus, you’ll be able to easily park your car inside your garage if nothing is laying on the floor.

Another great storage idea is to having ceiling storage. These are usually bins that hang from the ceiling of your garage and allow you to store things up there. This effectively doubles the amount of storage space you have in your garage.

Garage Safety Is Important

Garages can be very unsafe and you need to make sure you take the proper precautions to avoid disasters. One must for your garage is to have sensors on your garage door. If the infrared beam that runs along the base of your garage is broken, the door stops closing and begins to rise.

You also need to know what’s safe to keep in your garage. Propane and fire extinguishers are both dangerous to store in your garage due to explosions. Also, excessively plugging electronics into the outlets can cause an electrical fire.

Speaking of garage fires, you need to know what to do in case of an emergency. We wrote an entire article about garage fires that you can read here.

Make Sure You Have a Great Garage Door Opener

Your residential garage isn’t complete without a great garage door opener. Believe it or not, you have several garage door opener options, including:

  • Chain drive: most common opener.  Affordable and reliable but a pretty noisy
  • Belt drive: uses a belt instead of a chain to raise your door. Moderately price but less noisy
  • Screw drive: rotates a steel rode to move a trolley which opens your door. By far the least noisy garage door opener but also the most expensive

There are also smart garage door openers which are becoming more and more common. When you download the app and sync it to the opener, you’ll be able to open and close it from anywhere in the world. You’ll also be able to monitor when the garage was opened and closed which will alert you to potential break-ins.

You Know What to Look for in a Residential Garage

You can build the residential garage of your dreams. All you need to do is keep a few things in mind such as the size, how you’re going to use your garage and the style. Make sure that you think of the future as well. You never know how much space you’re going to need 5 years down the line.

If you need a new residential garage built, get a free quote from Danley’s. We’ve been building garages in Chicago since 1959 and guarantee you’ll love your custom built garage. It’s no wonder over 100,000 homeowners have trusted us to build their new garage.

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