How to Prevent a Garage Fire?

There are a lot of valuables in your garage that you’d like to keep safe. However, a garage fire can put it all in jeopardy in the blink of an eye. There must be a way you can prevent this from happening.

You can prevent your garage from going up in flames and it requires minimaleffort. All you would need to do is pay attention to a few things and you can rest assured knowing that your garage is safe.

garage fire

In this article, we’ll show you some tips to prevent garage fires from happening. You can put this fear behind you once and for all.

Be Careful With Garage Storage

What and how you store items in your garage is a big reason why fires start. You need to make sure everything is put away properly so there’s no chance anything can ignite. We’ll go over a couple of the more important things to keep in mind below.

Know What Should and Shouldn’t Be Stored in Your Garage

Knowing what should and shouldn’t be stored in your garage is one of the most important parts of preventing a garage fire. Certain items are highly flammable and have no purpose being in your garage where they can ignite.

For instance, propane tanks don’t belong in your garage. They’re highly flammable and can cause a chain reaction that can set your entire garage ablaze. Make sure all propane tanks are stored outside away from your home or in a shed.

Have Proper Storage Devices

Some items, like gas, are dangerous when not stored properly. Gasoline should be in a closed cabinet that’s not at risk of being hit by a car (check out the article on garage cabinets).

Speaking of being hit be a car, make sure items are stored properly so they aren’t in the path of your car. Your car has gas within it so you don’t want anything around that can be hit and spark. This can go from a garage fire to a garage explosion.

Don’t Have Too Many Things Plugged Into Outlets

Your garage may have a few outlets in there which you can use to charge tools when you need to. However, you shouldn’t have too many things plugged into these outlets, especially if you’re using your garage to park your cars or for storage.

Electrical fires are very common and occur most in outlets that have too many things plugged into them. This overloads the outlet which can cause sparks, leading to a fire. When you’re done using something, make sure you unplug it to prevent garage fires from the outlets.

Also, don’t have large appliances, like a spare refrigerator, in your garage. Not only is it guzzling power and raising your energy bills, but it’s a fire hazard. It’s best to keep your refrigerators in the house.

Have a Fire Extinguisher Nearby

What do you do if a spark catches fire in your garage? You need to have a plan in case of these emergencies. Having a fire extinguisher near by can help put fires out before they get crazy.

If the fire is out of control, don’t try to fight it. Get you and your family out of the house immediately. The fire extinguisher is for small, containable fires only. When in doubt, get out and call 911.

Also, remember how we said certain items shouldn’t be in the garage? A fire extinguisher is one of them because they can explode. Make sure it’s in the house, away from anything that can cause it to explode. You just need it close enough where you can grab it quickly to put out a small blaze.

Garage Construction Makes a Difference

The way your garage is built can have a great impact on garage fires and how quickly they catch. According to the US Fire Administration, there are a few things you need to consider when having a garage built from scratch, including:

  • a fire-rated garage door
  • ceiling that are made with 5/8in type x gypsum boards
  • an attic hatch cover
  • 1/2 inch gypsum board walls
  • a heat alarm (not to be confused with a smoke alarm)

in other words, if you’re having a garage built, you want it done by a company you can trust. Danley’s has been building garage in Chicago since 1959 so you know you’re getting knowledgeable builders for your new custom garage. Get a free quote now and see why 100,000 of homeowners have trusted us with their garage building project.

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Allow Tools to Cool Down Before Storing Them

Many fires are caused by heat (hence why you need a heat alarm in your garage) so it’s important to eliminate as much of that heat as possible. That includes allowing your power tools and lawn equipment to cool down after you use it.

After doing yard work all day, your tools are going to be hot. Rather than just throwing them in the garage or in a cabinet, let them sit outside for an hour and cool off. This will help prevent garage fires.

In fact, if your car is running hot, you shouldn’t put it in your garage until it cools down. Think about it, your car is the largest machine in your garage and it has gas in it. The last thing you want is to turn it into a fire hazard.

Never Use Your Grill in Your Garage

This should go without saying, but never use your grill in your garage. It’s obvious how this is a fire hazard and could set your entire garage a blaze.

If you’re going to use your grill, make sure you take it out of your garage and away from your home – especially if it’s a gas powered grill which can cause garage fires.

Learn How to Stop a Garage Fire Before it Starts

Preventing a garage fire doesn’t take a lot of life changes. You just need to pay attention to what’s in your garage and how it’s stored. You also don’t want to have too much plugged into your outlets and allow hot tools and equipment to cool down before storing in your garage.

Garage construction is a major part in preventing fires. So when you need a new garage, call a company you can trust. Danley’s has been Chicago’s most trusted garage building company since 1959 and has built over 100,000 garages. Get a free quote now and start your garage building project today.

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