Why You Shouldn’t Get a Modular Garage

It’a tempting to try to reduce costs by purchasing a modular garage, but there are more disadvantages that outweigh the benefits of doing so.  Homeowners know and understand the value that a garage can offer.  A garage is not only a place for extra storage but can be transformed into an additional work space or it can be made into a livable area.

Garages are a crucial part of any home, protecting our valuables like our cars, and housing our necessities like expensive lawn equipment.  A good garage will be built to last and aesthetically compliment the rest of the home.  Although the looks of garages aren’t considered most of the time, they do play an important role in a home’s curbside appeal, and you can certainly tell right away if a garage just doesn’t blend with the rest of the house’s design.

modular garage

Modular garages, or are sometimes called prefabricated (“prefab”) garages, have risen in popularity recently. Homeowners wanted a way to have the luxury of a garage but without spending the costly fees that are associated with traditional contracting and construction.

One Mistake Can Be Devastating

An incorrectly measured beam, a missing part, a bad cut, or a misplaced bolt, all can lead to devastating results.  When you’re purchasing a modular garage, you’re relying on the fact that all the parts were assembled correctly and manufactured with precision and detail.  This puts all of your trust in the manufacturing company and if they have produced correct materials for a modular garage 100% of the time.  The probability of this is near impossible, and with one small mistake, the entire modular garage becomes faulty.

And what does this mean for your modular garage?  It means having to contact the manufacturer and have them straighten everything out, and most of the time, it means disassembling the modular garage, which can be a costly and time-consuming process.  If you’re willing to take this chance, and if a mistake does arise, then you’re going to be without a garage until the manufacturer is able to correct it, and that’s depending on if they admit fault.

Changes Are Extraordinarily Costly

If you choose to go the route of a modular garage, then expect any changes you want to make to the model to cost you—dearly.  While customization on some models is available, if you choose to make a change to your modular garage, the manufacturers will charge you immensely for it.  A modular garage is meant to be an easier means of production for the manufacturer and an easier purchase for the consumer, so changes to the design are not viewed favorably.

For a homeowner, this can be increasingly frustrating.  A garage that doesn’t fit your needs or wants is not a practical investment, and even the most minor changes are going to be costly.  At this point, considering a traditionally constructed garage would make your investment more worthwhile.

Not as High of a Quality

Anything that is built based on a standard model is going to strive to have the least costly materials to produce it as well as the most cost-effect means for the production process.  Modular garages are no exception, and manufacturers aim to churn these products out as quickly and efficiently as possible, with attention to detail dropped to meet production quantities.  Modular garage companies strive to put out as many products as possible, and by doing so, utilize cheap materials.

Custom-built items are on the opposite end of this spectrum, with constructors, builders, and woodworkers working intimately with your desired design, to produce hand-crafted results tailored to your blueprints.  Customization forces contractors to slow down and pay attention to the smallest of details because they are building a garage from the ground up.  There is more of a sense of responsibility when it comes to a custom-built, traditional garage.

The Question of Appearance

Some homeowners may think that a modular garage will get them by, but they don’t consider how it will look.  You can select colors and styles of a modular garage, but it will always look like a factory-constructed model.  To some buyers, they unknowingly purchase a modular garage thinking that it will match the rest of their home, but to their surprise, most of the time it’s one big stylistic clash.

Curb-appeal is something that is always on a homeowner’s mind, regardless or not if the house is being considered on the market or if a homeowner simply wants his or her home to look attractive to the neighbors, friends, and passersby.  A modular garage can throw off curb-appeal, making it look like the homeowner cheapened out on a real, traditionally built garage.  This could be a rude awakening when it’s time to sell and potential buyers argue that the modular garage needs to be replaced—and they aren’t wrong.

modular style garage

Durability is Lacking

A garage’s longevity and durability are one of its most important features.  You entrust this complementary structure beside your home to guard and protect precious items or serve as a functional and additional space. You expect your garage to serve its purpose a home to your nice cars, extra storage, or even as an added-on room for movies, an apartment, or play area for the kids.  And when a garage fails to be a long-lasting addition to your property, there is hardly a point to it at all.

This is the problem with modular garages, where durability and an extensive lifetime are sacrificed in the name of a speedy production, reduced cost, and availability.  A poor investment is something that you know won’t last you a long time, and that is exactly the issue a modular garage presents.  A traditional garage is built to last, just like your home, when it comes to a structure that is going to be frequently used, this is what you want.

Limited Customization

Modular garage companies love to tote the idea that their models and products are customizable, but the point of a modular garage is that they are produced in a cookie-cutter style to speed up production and to slash costs.  In reality, modular garages end up looking the same, with a factory finish.

Modular garages have limited customization.  Yes, you can add shelves here and there, make room for an extra vehicle or two, but to uniquely tailor a garage to fit your needs requires traditional construction.  Your style and individualized tastes and preferences are not only taken into consideration but become part of the building blueprints.

Don’t Settle For Less with a Modular Garage

Consider your options before you think about a modular garage because in the end, you might regret making this move.  A traditional garage is going to last you a long time, provide more durability against damages and outside elements, and you can be apart of the building process to achieve your desired results every step of the way.

The costs are going to be higher, but with a traditionally constructed garage, you will be purchasing a good investment that will provide value to your home in long-term consideration. You will be paying for a higher quality structure, with equally well-made materials, to your stylistic desires.

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