Why Insulate a Detached Garage?

If you’re building a detached garage or just looking into home renovations, this question has likely crossed your mind.  Is there any benefit to insulating a detached garage or would you be signing yourself up for unnecessary work?

In reality, there are other questions you should be asking yourself that will ultimately guide you to the answer: what kind of climate do you live in and what do you plan on using your detached garage for?

An Inexpensive Addition

The expensive part of the project is already complete: the detached garage.  All that remains is the insulation, if you so choose to include it, and why not?  When it’s all said and done, you won’t be spending big bucks in doing so.  Insulation is one of the best investments you can make in your main house, so it makes sense to seriously consider it for your detached garage.

detached garage insulation

There are a few different types of insulation you might look into for your detached garage. Whether you opt for spray foam, blown-in, or fiberglass batts for your insulation, it’s likely you won’t need a whole lot to fully insulate your entire detached garage.

You won’t be working in a huge space, unlike your main house, an empty, cold attic, or a wide, unfinished basement. Besides, you might only be considering insulating the upstairs loft portion of your detached garage.

Keep in mind that you can keep the costs down when installing insulation yourself versus hiring a professional to do the job.  Save a couple hundred dollars in your budget by not paying labor and simply purchasing the products needed to get the job done in a do-it-yourself fashion.

Allows for Use in All Seasons

Where do you live?  If you have settled down in a place subject to all four seasons and their temperamental weather that follows, insulation should not only be a thought to cross your mind, but an absolute project on your to-do list.  For homes that experience the nasty winters of the Midwest to the blazing hot summers of the American South, insulation is key to keeping the cool and heat indoors.

Your detached garage can be more than additional storage with use during the bearable spring or fall months for other projects.  This separate stash of space can be used year-round with a little help from insulation to keep the energy indoors, making use of its presence throughout even the harshest of temperatures.

A Livable Space

Have you ever thought about utilizing your detached garage as a livable space?  Many homeowners make this transformation to either their entire detached garage, or if there is a loft portion, create a livable apartment for kids, relatives, and visitors.  Insulation plays an important part of this makeover, allowing for the space to retain heat and function as your main house would.

Turning your detached garage into a livable, functioning space is not only beneficial to you in an immediate sense, but when it becomes time to sell, you’ll notice that this added project will boost the resale value of your home.

Potential homeowners will now be able to see the possibilities of not just additional storage space, but additional living space, too.  Thanks to the insulation, this is an inexpensive and easy way to contribute to the value of your property.

detached garage increases the value of your property

Easy Installation

Installing insulation isn’t a terribly difficult project and you definitely don’t have to be an expert carpenter to do the job right.  All it takes is to purchase the best type of insulation for your detached garage. Next, equip the proper safety gear as insulation can harm the skin and give off particles that are hazardous to work with. Then you’ll measure and cut to appropriate lengths, and staple and install the insulation to the areas in your garage that require it.

As apart of the insulating process, you’ll want to look into weather-stripping doors and windows of your garage to truly keep the energy kept indoors and be sure to finish your project by caulking.  Sealing off gaps around the exterior and interior of your detached garage will truly insulate it to the best of your abilities.

Besides, with such an easy process to install insulation that amounts to numerous benefits for your garage, why not just go ahead with the project?  You’ll be thanking yourself later, especially when you realize how much energy the insulation is saving you on monthly utility bills!

Why Not Insulate Your Detached Garage?

The better question is: why not insulate your detached garage?  Save money on your energy bills, make the space a part of your property where you, your family, and friends can live, work, and play. Ultimately, this will boost the value of the house, and prevent the detached garage from being ice cold or sweltering hot during the more extreme seasons.

A couple of rolls of insulation are easy to install and cheap to purchase—what have you got to lose?

New Garage will Improve Your Insulation

A new detached garage can drastically improve your insulation. To keep your garage insulation up to standards, you’ll want to go with Danley’s. At Danley’s, we build custom size garages and styles that will drastically increase storage space, curb appeal and insulation. Speak to a specialist and get a free quote online today.

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