How to Stop My Garage Door From Opening Halfway?

Unless a garage door stops functioning correctly, it offers many benefits. If your garage door is stuck there half-open, it will lose all aesthetic charm immediately.

A simple trip to the store might turn into a headache in this kind of situation, which also poses security issues. When a garage door gets stopped from opening halfway, there are easy repairs that could stop it from happening again.

This article will cover the common issues with garage doors and how to troubleshoot the garage door that opens halfway.

garage door opening halfway

Common Issues with Garage Doors

Jammed Door Rail

The garage door slides open and shut throughout the year, and something could blow inside. Although it is typically things like loose leaves or little bits of dirt, the tracks that the door travels along can accumulate this loose debris.

An obstruction on the tracks is caused by the accumulation of trash over time. Cleaning the region where the door is caught on the rails will help. It might sometimes be as easy as a little bouncing ball that just so happens to drop in the right or wrong position if kids utilize the garage to exit the house.

Broken Garage Door Cables

A worn cable is usually blamed for the problem. Your door can then be tilted to the side in that situation or might only open halfway. Due to a broken wire on one side, the door leans and rubs against the floor. If this is the issue, contact a reputable garage door repair company to get the wires replaced to avoid further, more serious issues.

The Door Spring System

The garage door is supported and lifted by the spring system. Due to the tremendous pressure on these springs, the door can bounce back open without placing an undue demand on the garage door opener.

fixing a faulty garage door springs

However, the entire system is impacted if these springs become trapped or break. Start by applying a non-silicon-based lubricant to the springs. If this doesn’t work, you can manually open the door by unplugging the garage door opener.

The springs may need to be replaced, which is best left to a professional if you encounter a lot of resistance.

A Damaged Sensor

Your garage door may have sensors installed, and they should work properly. The appropriate position of the infrared beams. In other terms, the door’s sensors should be able to “see” one another. The garage door should open smoothly if the beams are traveling straight.

On the opposing end, if something is blocking the sensor, it will stop the infrared beams from communicating with one another. Due to the sensors’ role as an accident-prevention safety system, the door won’t close and open properly. Instead, they prevent the door from closing on someone, a pet, or something blocking the doorway.
fixing a damaged garage door sensor

The infrared beams may be blocked by something if the garage door is jammed halfway. Checking whether anything else is blocking the entryway will help you locate the problem. The next factor you should check is that your sensors are correctly positioned if you don’t observe any obstructions. Finally, call a Professional garage door company for service if your sensors are clear of all debris.

The Garage Door Needs Service

One of the causes of garage doors that reverse or become stopped in the middle of their movement is a serious maintenance issue. The garage door springs move with the opening and shutting of the garage door when you run your garage door. 

As a result, they must be maintained each year to prevent the door from getting heavier to the point where the motor can no longer lift it. We firmly advise that you schedule an appointment with a professional immediately if your door has been serviced for a while to avoid any problems.

Steps to Troubleshoot the Garage Door

It can be very aggravating if the garage door won’t open properly and you’re attempting to drive your car into it or out onto the open highway.

So don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the process and show you how to fix a garage door that only opens partially. We have rated the repairs from easiest to most complex to minimize the time and effort you need to do. Continue reading to find out how to restore a garage door that won’t open properly.

Inspect the Manual Release

Check whether the manual release engages if you click the remote control and observe the garage door opener’s motor working. The manual release is the brightly-coloured rope fastened within easy reach, typically positioned in the center of your garage.

Pulling the cable causes the garage door to become independent of the motor, making it possible to operate the door manually while the release is engaged. The best part is that disabling the release is just as simple as activating it; you have to pull the cord once more, activate the garage door controller, and the garage door will spring back into place.

Keypad Problem Fix

It’s frequently as easy as changing the battery if the garage door opens halfway when you try to use the keypad. If that doesn’t work, go to the user guide or the reprogramming instructions on the keypad’s door. These easy, short procedures usually solve the most fundamental keypad problems.

working on a garage door keypad

Remote Dysfunction Fix

You may take a few methods to identify and resolve the problem if your remote isn’t functioning and you are unquestionably within reach of the garage door.

  • Examine the remote’s battery. Check to see if the LED light on the remote is on. If not, try using a different remote or just changing the battery. The batteries are most likely to fail all the components in a remote.
  • Check the green LED light on the wall-mounted button for the garage door opener to see if it is locked. Holding the lock button for a couple of seconds will instantly enable the door opener if the green light flickers.
  • By following the directions in the manual, attempt to reprogram the remote control using the keypad. Pressing down the “learn” button on the system for a few seconds until the light goes out can reset all the remote controls simultaneously if you cannot reprogram the remote using the keypad. To test whether the remote works, reprogram each one.

Change the Garage Door Capacitors

Look for the capacitor, which is a white cylinder, then unscrew the back of the garage door motor unit. The capacitor should be replaced if it is swollen or draining in any manner, just like a battery, as this could be why your garage door only opens halfway.

You may buy capacitors online, but you must ensure you get the proper kind and size for your door. The capacitor might not indicate that it is off, making this difficult. The capacitor may be to blame for a damaged garage door opener, even if it is not immediately obvious.

Lubricate the Torsion Springs

Strong torsion springs are typically employed in garage doors for assistance in the opening. However, the coil of a spring may eventually lock, impeding smooth operation and emitting a popping sound. While the door is open, liberally lubricate the spring with lubricating oil and a dry, clean cloth. Get a specialist to unwind, and lubricate the springs if the problem persists. Torsion spring replacement or removal can be dangerous, so homeowners shouldn’t attempt it alone.

The Takeaway

The garage door that only opens halfway can be very frustrating for people. Also, A security vulnerability is created on your property if your garage door is left partially open. You would want to avoid returning home to find that your things had all been taken.

This article listed the possible reasons why the garage door opens halfway and simple steps to fix the problem. Try these to troubleshoot the problem, but it is better to contact professional garage door services to prevent harmful situations if it persists.

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