How to Replace Your Garage Door Lock or Handle

It should go without saying how important your garage is to your house because a garage is the most common target for intruders and robbers. Occasionally, a garage door lock has to be replaced for safety purposes. Regardless of the sort of lock you already have, you have several options, including big garage door locks, sliding locks, and garage door knobs with locks.

Replacing a garage door lock is simple, and everyone can do it. Knowing more about the tool you are using will help you replace your garage door lock in the best way possible. However, there is still the issue of why the garage door lock needs to be replaced even after you know what kind of lock you are replacing.

Learning to change the garage door lock to prevent potential break-ins is essential for safety. To properly replace a garage door lock, adhere to this guide.

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Ways to Keep Your Garage Safe

Your garage door can be locked securely in various ways, ranging in price from cheaper to more expensive. If you’re on a budget, you can use a C-clamp to stop your door from opening. The roller strikes the clamp each time, preventing it from doing so.

The matching screw, bolt pair, or padlock can be used for the same procedure. Just drill a hole above the roller in the garage door rail and insert the screw and bolt. Undo the lock using a wrench each time you reopen the door.

Yet, a sliding door lock is a terrific option to keep your garage safe if you want a competent lock specially made to keep the door secure.

Steps to Replace Your Garage Door Lock

It’s simple to replace a garage door lock. To get the job done, all you require is the technique, the lock’s components, and the necessary instruments.

The main focus of this post will be on how to replace the T-handle garage door lock.

Get the Instruments

To replace the broken parts on the garage door lock with a new T-handle lock kit, you will need the following:

  • Garage door barrel
  • Mounting plate for a key lock
  • Internal locking system
  • Screws
  • Flat-head or Phillips-head screwdriver

It is advisable to replace the garage door T-handle with two individuals present so that the lock set can be supported together from each side when fastened.

Step 1: Studying the Lock Diagram and A New Lock

Obtaining the essential tools and studying the lock’s mechanism diagram is necessary. And, of course, before you begin the actual procedure of upgrading your garage door lock.

For instance, a T-handle lock frequently features two bolts, a cable system, and a key with a cylinder shape. To open the door, the deadbolt must be retracted, which is accomplished by turning the handle, which applies pressure to the cable.

Step 2: Remove the Previous Door Lock

Of course, removing the old lock you wish to replace is necessary before installing a new garage door handle. First, enter the garage, where you must unlatch the door’s lock. The first goal is to remove the screw so the existing lock can be removed from the door.

The screws are typically simple to find. Some garage locks do, however, have a handle above the screw location. So, you must first unfasten that item if you cannot see or reach the screws.

Once the top piece has been removed, you can remove the screws holding the T-handle lock to the door.

You or your helper can then remove the handle on the outside.

Step 3: Install the Outer Part of the T-Handle Door Lock

To put a lock on a T-handle garage door:

  • Ask your helper to place the locking handle into holes on the outside while holding the component during the process.
  • Find the fixtures or the barrel screw places for the garage door locks. To those spigots, line up the screw holes.
  • By screwing through the surface bracket to the fixtures, fasten the mounting plate to the outer T-handle.

Step 4: Set Up the Interior Locking System

The interior handle must fit into the internal locking system for the garage door lock cylinders to upgrade to work. Once the accuracy has been verified, install the locking mechanism over the plate.

Follow the steps you used to remove the existing garage door lock. First, ensure that the inner lock is connected to the spring latch.

Remember that it is preferable to drill new holes than to utilize the old ones for protection and duty reasons if the screw sockets of the new lock do not line up with the pre-drilled slots on the garage door pan.

Check the inner lock to determine if the spring clasp responds once everything has been implemented. If it does, the garage door handle replacement was successful.

Why Do You Need to Replace Your Garage Door Lock?

The three main reasons the garage door lock needs to be updated are to change access, replace faulty locks, and increase security. You can choose a different strategy depending on why you must fix your garage door lock.

To Secure the Access

You might update your garage door locks on many occasions throughout your life since access needs will alter. However, this implies that anyone who had access to your garage’s keys has had it revoked. Rather than changing locks in these circumstances, you can also rekey the locks and save some bucks.

To Replace a Damaged Lock

A broken garage door lock may have some functionality left or stop working altogether. Garage doors are similar to other doors regarding typical door lock issues.

If the lock is the problem, the only way to fix unreliable unlocking and locking of the garage door is to replace the lock. The garage door, tracks, alignment, or another issue can be causing the trouble. In addition, the lock assembly may be broken, necessitating a replacement beyond the lock’s physical components.

It is vital to determine the issue to determine whether upgrading the garage door lock is an answer.

Security Purposes

The amount of protection you require relates to what you are storing in a garage. For example, are you guarding a vintage car? Is your motorbike kept in storage without a ground anchor? Do you possess a toolbox with valuable hardware?

By simply replacing your garage door lock, you can increase the protection of your motorcycle, safeguard your tools and stop vehicle thieves. Of course, using a range of security measures pays off, but it all begins with your locks. Use only high-quality locks; else, whatever you do could be undone.

Opt for the locks designed especially for security. They are made of hardened steel to fend against drilling and sawing attempts.

Understanding how to change a garage door lock might be useful. For example, you can use this information to change the garage door lock if you lost your keys or moved into a new home.

Always remember that the garage door should only be partially closed if you are working alone since once it is locked, a key will not be able to unlock it.

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