How to Properly Store All of Your Holiday Decorations in your Garage

The first of December brings chilly, snowy nights. The calmness of winter arriving combined with the excitement of the holiday season is very overwhelming. To begin putting up your Christmas decorations, you get ready to unpack your decorations. However, what you find is ornaments, lights and all the things stuffed together rather than a Christmas tree that has been thoughtfully decorated with lights. Storing your holiday decorations securely can be a daunting task.

Even if you haven’t had as much trouble unpacking your holiday decorations in the weeks before the season, you have probably experienced the annoyance of having to search through boxes for the necessary decorations. The fact that decorations are notoriously difficult to store and transport securely is one of the main causes to store them in a secure location like the garage. They are extremely delicate and typically come in a variety of strange shapes. When the time comes to pack them up, it can be challenging to find a place for all the holiday decorations because they can occasionally be large and bulky.

christmas tree decorations

The act of hanging Christmas decorations is like bringing the holiday spirit to life. A happy holiday season requires decorations like tinsel, handcrafted ornaments, Christmas trees, lights, snowmen, and pine-scented candles.

A great way to start the holiday season is to ask yourself why you put up your decorations. If you keep in mind the purpose of decorating and employ these organizational techniques, the holidays will always be a time of joy and magic. By implementing our best organizational advice for storing holiday décor in your garage, you can start the Christmas season off on the right foot.

Tips for Seamless Organization

Annual Decluttering

Every year, take a step back and make sure your Christmas decorations are clutter-free before properly putting them away in the garage. The first step to making an inventory of your current possessions is to arrange the storage of your holiday decorations. Before storing your decorations, you should pause and consider whether you need each piece.

Look into the possibility of donating the gently used items you no longer require. Then, before you begin putting your holiday decorations away for the year, organize them and clean up your house in the afternoon.

Classify Things

How you categorize things is entirely up to you. However, to ensure that you can relax when it’s time to put your holiday decorations away, you must arrange them in a way that makes sense for you. The two main approaches to storing decorations for the holidays are described below. The first is to combine items of the same kind (such as candles, Santas, snowmen, etc.).

Second, you can organize things by room if you consistently decorate your home similarly. It is a huge help not to try to recall how you decorated last year. Spending a few more minutes storing your holiday decorations by type is the simplest way to finish the Christmas season in order.

Invest in Adequate Storage

Spending once on high-quality holiday storage is a good idea because the holidays come around every year. Your garage may have the space you require to store organizing boxes and put the holiday décor in it. Invest in storage with enough compartments for ornaments, lights, and memorabilia. Purchase some sturdy red or green bins so you can identify Christmas-themed items quickly. Because this investment won’t need to be made again for a very long time, you’ll have to do less planning, spend less money, and experience less stress.

Keep your Holiday Wrapping Separate

Set aside a spot in your system to organize and store your wrapping supplies for the season. You won’t have to dig through the holiday paper if you keep birthday supplies in a separate bin when you need them. To save money, you could buy a wrapping station or make your own. It’s a smart idea to purchase a wrapping station because it has spaces for bows, scissors, tape, gift bags, and rolls of wrapping paper.

To create your own, buy a sizable container and put smaller containers for individual items inside. For example, place a single, larger bag at the bottom of your holiday wrapping storage bin and stack your gift bags inside. A tiny container for your bows, a second for your ribbon, and a third for your tape, scissors, and other supplies should then be placed on top.

Thanks to a single large container divided into a number of smaller compartments, you can now keep your belongings organized and neat. For example, put your special occasion paper in a large box or bucket and your holiday paper in a separate container.

Keep Holiday Blankets and Pillows Fresh

To avoid mildew and mold growth, pillows and blankets used during Christmas should be stored in sealed containers. Your holiday decorations are kept in storage for an entire year, usually in an area with significant temperature variations, like an unheated attic or a cellar. They won’t mold or muster if you store them in an airtight container, which also keeps them fresh.

For Garlands and Wreaths, Use Hooks

Wreaths and garlands can be easily stored on hooks during the winter holidays. If you have a protected space where you can store wreaths and garlands that will be shielded from the elements, hooks are a great alternative to containers. Also, to display your holiday gift bags, use hooks.

Any garage renovation should include garage storage wall hooks because they offer a neat and practical way to lift items off the floor and have them accessible from the garage wall.

Label Your Holiday Containers

If the bin is not already a festive color, label it with a red or green index card, an image of the contents, and a sticker to make it simple to find your seasonal decoration bins. You can use this label to group your storage containers by color and visually represent what’s inside each one. For example, you could put a green index card with a picture of a Christmas tree in each container holding holiday decorations. If you do this, your goods will continue to be organized, recognizable, and consistent.

Frame Holiday Souvenirs

Christmas souvenirs decorate your home with the memories you value most and add a special touch to your holiday décor. In addition, holiday correspondence from loved ones can be beautifully displayed and preserved over time by framing the cards and letters.

It is simple to keep your mementos safe for the future by framing them, whether they are colored pictures from your child or letters to Santa. You should pack everything in a box and use bubble wrap to prevent the glass from shattering to ensure that your most priceless holiday decorations arrive at your house without incident.

These Seasonal Decorations Shouldn’t Be Kept in the Garage

The garage is a good place to keep many different holiday decorations, but it’s not the best location for things that need to be protected from external elements.

Because of the intense heat and humidity, the garage is not the ideal location to store holiday decorations.

  • Celebration-themed textile decorations (examples: tablecloths, Christmas stockings, hats, tree skirts).
  • Candles (keep them in a cool place).
  • Fragile crystal, glass, and antique ornaments.
  • Edible decorations.

Garage storage can be a great place to keep many things, but if you need to store some fabric-based decorative items, make sure they are tightly packed in a plastic container. Use acid-free paper to wrap the items in the storage bin or silica packets to absorb moisture to preserve them.

Fabric and food-based decorations shouldn’t be kept in the garage because they might attract pests.

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