How to Properly Hang a Dartboard in Your Garage

A dartboard may add hours of excitement to a garage, especially for a super fun game night. It is adaptable and can be played as a multiplayer or single-player game to unwind after a hectic workday.

There is, however, a significant issue with darts for an unknown cause. Anyone who has ever purchased a dartboard has dealt with this issue. Specifically, there must be a place to hang the dartboard.

If the wall you want to hang the dartboard from is tough to screw into, it could be difficult to hang the dartboard. Depending on your situation, you might think, “How to hang a dartboard on a garage wall?”

You’ll need a few hand tools, foresight, and the best method to mount a dartboard in your garage. So let’s see how you can do it.

Proper Dartboard Measurements

Before you begin, you must accurately measure your garage’s area where you will be hanging the dart board. You can usually find the dartboard’s dimensions in its package.

Steel Tip Dartboard Measurements

Steel tip darts are commonly used on dartboards. The required setup height for these dartboards is 5 ft. 8 inches from the start line to the bullseye and dartboard center. The space between the dartboard to the end of the throw line should be 7 ft. 9 1/4 inches.

Soft Tip Dartboard Measurements

The dimensions and height of electronic dartboards are frequently the same as those of steel-tip dartboards. Even if they have a soft-tip dartboard, many players still prefer to stick to the specifications set forth for steel-tip dartboards. You can measure however you wish because these measurements aren’t necessarily set in stone.

If you’re used to throwing darts on an electric board, transitioning to a bristle board can take some time to get used to. Also, the first few throws will be influenced because soft-tip darts are lighter than steel tips.

garage dartboard

Steps for Hanging a Dartboard

Mounting a dartboard is relatively easy, especially when mounting a magnetic board. Dartboards frequently include a parts list and user instructions. These instructions will help you set up your dartboard in your home step-by-step.

However, you can do it independently by reading this step-by-step tutorial for mounting the dartboard below. We have thoroughly reviewed every item for beginners to reduce potential problems.

Find a Suitable Location

The most important step is this one. Check your garage to find a space with a minimum of 5 ft. by 11 ft.

There shouldn’t be any obstructions in this area that could prevent you from making a shot. Ensure there is room for everyone if you plan to play with others.

There should also be room for onlookers. Ensure the scoreboard has enough room so everyone can see it whenever the game begins.

Get a Darts Floor or Dart Mat

Modifying the dart floor is crucial since it guards against harm to the walls and the darts. Your budget will, however, affect the material you use. While some materials are fairly pricey, others are affordable.

Choose a sturdy dart mat to reduce stress. The rubber pad protects the wall from damage and maintains the darts’ quality. In this manner, you can play the game indefinitely without worrying about buying new components.

Floor Evaluation

How smooth is your floor? Even though it may seem pretty evident, certain floors are sloped.

If the floor could be smoother, look for another location or alter the floor to comply with the rules.

Choose the Place to Mount the Dartboard

The dartboard needs to be placed carefully. It begins by ensuring the safety of the competitors and spectators.

Darts are sharp and can harm someone if struck by one. In addition, the board must be placed away from doors, windows, and breakable items. Hence, always use caution while picking a spot on the wall.

Measure the Bullseye from the Floor

Outline the wall following the bullseye measurement. Following the regulations, the bullseye must measure 5 ft. 8 inches from the ground. The dartboard will hang at this height.

It will be apparent that certain boards are hanging from the top while others are from the middle. But, again, the brand and quality will determine this.

In terms of quality and ease of mounting, the best dartboards are those that are hung from the center.

Hang the Backing Board Disc

Point the countersink in your direction and inspect it. Then, place the backing board disc at the back center of the dartboard.

To secure the board, insert a screw into the hole in the middle. Most dartboards in the market include three holes to guarantee a secure attachment to the wall.

Now that you are prepared, install the wall bracket. The bullseye must be 5 ft. 8 inches off the ground when installed.

Ensure the U-shaped recess faces you and the wall bracket aperture is at the top.

Once you’re certain that the center mark lines and the middle hole of the bracket are parallel, fasten the wall bracket.

Evaluate the Stability

Maintain vertical alignment for the scoring area as you mount the dartboard to the wall bracket. The disc should be properly attached. Your dartboard will be securely mounted, preventing it from falling.

Establish a Throwline in Your Garage

How simple was this? If any of the methods mentioned above-presented difficulties for you, mount a dashboard as frequently as possible until you become accustomed to it.

Thus, you must establish the throw line once the dartboard is mounted on the wall. The throw line is where you will launch your darts in your garage.

Remember that the throwline is often called the oche, hockey, or toe-line. This border should be three feet wide to make it simple to find.

The throwline must be 7 ft. 9.25 inches from the dartboard for a normal steel-tipped setup. Estimate a range of 8 ft. if you’re using soft-tipped darts.

You don’t have to buy a throwline sticker. Instead, personalize it and make the setup more enticing.

Use some tape or wood. You can paint them in your favorite shade. The throwline should be in the middle and parallel to the board’s face.

Why is a Garage the Best Place to Hang a Dartboard?

A home has a lot of spaces where you can place your dartboard. One of them could be the garage. Typically, garages have adequate room for a dartboard and free play. Also, you rarely risk damaging anything with your darts, including pricey carpets, ceilings, sidings, panels, etc.

Considering the garage is an undisputed setting, a dartboard might not look out of style there.

It’s incredibly simple to set up a dartboard game in your garage. However, the measurements are where the difficulty lies.

Those who have never put up a dartboard can frequently become confused by the mounting and installation processes. So when you start pounding nails into your wall, remember the fundamental mounting and spacing specifications for a dartboard configuration, as mentioned above.

A dartboard should never be placed next to glass, windows, or delicate furniture. Unfortunately, accidents happen whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, especially if you use steel-tip darts.

Ensure you follow these guidelines, whether playing for entertainment or vocation. Then, enjoy the game like it’s your final. Game time is always enjoyable.

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