6 Ways on How to Keep Your Garage Cool

During the summer, your garage can become overwhelmingly hot – it’s can be unbearable to be in there. If you find yourself in this position, you’ll be wondering how to keep your garage cool.

how to keep your garage cool

There’s a way for it to be done – in fact, there are many ways. We’ve come up with 6 ways you can keep your garage cool during warm days. They’ll allow you to get work done or throw the greatest garage party.

1. Windows Will Help You Ventilate Your Garage Naturally

One of the reasons your garage gets so hot is because you’re not getting a breeze. Allowing fresh air into your garage should cool it down allowing you to spend more time in there.

That’s why you need windows in your garage – more specifically, operable windows. Operable windows are windows that open and allow natural air into your garage. Double hung windows are a great choice because they can open from the top and the bottom for greater control of air circulation.

Opening your windows also makes the garage less stuffy and, when rooms get stuffy, they may start to smell.

2. Having Electricity Can Make a Huge Difference

Having electricity in your garage opens up a world of possibilities – including keeping your garage cool. If you have an attached garage you probably already know this but detached garages can have electricity routed to them too.

If you’re going to have electricity routed to your detached garage, we recommend you hire a professional. Anytime you’re working with electricity, it’s very dangerous and if you’re not 100% sure about what you’re doing, you can get hurt.

Below, we’ll show you how to keep your garage cool using electricity.

Air Conditioner

Getting an electric air conditioner is a surefire way to cool down a hot garage. The only problem with an air conditioner is that it can use a lot of power. If you don’t mind that, it’s the most effective way to cool your garage.

You have a couple of different options for air conditioners. There are free standing options that look just like fans. You can put them in a corner so they’re out of sight but it’ll take longer to cool your garage than the other option.

The other option is a window air conditioner. This unit requires you to have a window because it’s installed into the opening of the window. While it’s bulky and doesn’t look great, it’ll cool your garage in no time!

Install a Ceiling Fan

As we mentioned, simply adding a breeze to your garage could completely change the temperature. A ceiling fan is a great way to circulate the air in your garage when opening a window isn’t an option.

ceiling fan in a garage

Not only will a ceiling fan cool your garage, but it doesn’t get in the way either. They’re attached to the ceiling and don’t take up much needed space. This automatically will make your garage look much better.

Any Fan Will Help

While a ceiling fan is the optimal solution, it might not work for you. It requires installation and can be pretty expensive. In reality, any floor or desk fan could do the trick.

3. Improve Insulation

Getting your garage cool is one thing, but maintaining the temperature is the key to making it comfortable. With better insulation, you’ll also end up using less power to get the garage cooler. This will save you money on your energy bills.

Where can you improve your garage’s insulation? We have a few suggestions you can check out below.

Wall Insulation

Cool air can escape through anywhere in your garage but one of the most common ways is through the walls. If you don’t have proper insulation, up to 35% of your garage’s air can escape through the walls making it very difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature.

We suggest adding foam insulation to the walls of your garage. Dense foam prevents air from getting through and keeps it inside your garage. If you have an air conditioner, it won’t have to work as hard or take as long to reach your desired temperature.

If you’re having a garage built, a reputable company will have this option available from the start. For example, Danley’s will make sure your garage is well insulated when it’s built for you. It’s no wonder we’re Chicago’s garage experts.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling/Attic

Much like your walls, you’ll also want to insulate your ceiling with foam insulation. This will prevent your cool air from escaping through the roof.

If you have an attic, we suggest something a little different – blown-in fiberglass insulation. This will help prevent cool air from even getting into your attic, let alone escaping the garage all together.

Your Garage Door Needs to be Insulated Too

Many homeowners don’t think about their garage door when it comes to insulation but that’s a big mistake. Your garage door is vital in keeping cool air in your garage.

Steel garage doors are more than just durable. They’re foam filled and prevent inside air from getting out. It’s the perfect option for Chicago homeowners.

Energy Efficient Windows Play a Role in Your Garage Insulation as Well

Remember when we mentioned that getting windows was a great way to cool down your garage? You need to make sure you get the right windows. There are a few things you need to consider.

The first is the type of glass you get. Double pane, argon gas-filled glass is your best option. The double panes makes it harder for air to pass through. Argon is a harmless, dense gas that’s put between the window panes. Since it’s much denser than normal air, it prevents outside air from moving through the glass.

The sun beating down on the inside of your garage can also play a major role in its heat. Low-e glass will make sure this problem is eliminated. It reflects infrared energy (also known as heat) away which will help keep your garage cool.

Don’t forget about the frames. Picking the right window material is one way on how to keep your garage cool. Wood and aluminum window frames don’t offer the same energy efficiency as vinyl. The frames are foam insulated. Combine this with double pane glass and you have an air tight seal.

4. Install a Roof Vent

Did you know that warm air rises? However, if it doesn’t have a place to escape, it’s just going to linger in your garage making it uncomfortable.

roof vent on a garage

Installing a roof vent on your garage will make it much easier for heat to escape which will help cool down your garage. It may seem small, but it can make a huge difference in the long run.

5. Park Your Recently Used Vehicles Outside

When you run your car, your engine gets extremely hot. If you ever stood by your car after a long drive, you can almost feel the heat radiating off of it. That’s why you should park your car outside for a little bit and let it cool down before parking it in your garage.

6. Have a Lighter Colored Garage

Have you ever worn a black shirt on a hot, sunny day? You were probably sweating and very uncomfortable – it was a bad idea and you’ll probably do everything in your power not to do it again.

Now think about your garage. Is it a darker color? Dark colors absorb sunlight which means they’re going to be hotter. If your garage is a lighter color, it will be significantly cooler.

You Now Know How to Keep Your Garage Cool

If you were wondering how to keep your garage cool before reading this article, you’re probably relieved to know that there are many ways to do so. Whether it’s installing windows, adding insulation or having a lighter colored garage, these solutions are easy and they work.

When your garage is old and worn out, it’s time for a new one. That’s where Danley’s comes in to help. Our garage builders are highly trained with years of experience and will make sure you get the perfect custom garage for your home. Get a free quote now and join the 100,000 homeowners who have trusted Danley’s with their new garage project.

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