How Do I Set Up a Workshop in My Garage?

Garages can be used for much more than simply parking your cars.  Modern garages have become a mainstay for projects and tinkering, but what if you don’t have a workshop already in-place?  Are you doomed to use this space solely for storage and parking forever? Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to transform your garage. It’s really just a matter of organizing your current space and understanding what you need to add for the types of projects that you’ll be undertaking.

Step One: Reorganize & Clean

You’re probably dreading to the thought of cleaning your garage.  It’s certainly a chore, especially if you have a large pile of things to donate or trash. Once you do so however, the real planning can actually begin. preparing for a garage workshop

Step Two: The Ultimate Design

Your dream workshop is within reach, and you’re now ready to design it.  No, you’re not required to actually construct your workbench (although if you’re handy and have the time, certainly go for it!) as there are plenty of options available for outright purchase. Here’s what to seek out in an ideal workbench:
  • Durability: garage projects tend to abuse work surfaces—lots of hammering, pounding, using chemicals and heavy tools—so make sure the workbench you pick out has a durable and hardy surface that can withstand abuse.
  • Sturdiness: alongside durability, a workbench must be sturdy and stable.  This means you shouldn’t go cheap.  Get something well-made that won’t wobble or collapse under stress.
  • Quality Material:  Be mindful of what material your workbench is constructed from— something too flimsy will not be stable enough.  Get a workbench made of high quality material that boasts both stability and durability.  Otherwise, you’ll need to replace it sooner than anticipated.

Step Three: Surround with Storage

Your garage is cleared out and your workbench has been selected and installed—what’s next for your ultimate garage workshop?  It’s storage! Here are a few guidelines in planning for storage cabinets since this part of the process can quickly become overwhelming:
  • Inventory the amount of tools you have on hand and consider allocating room for ones that you may be purchasing down the road.
  • Decide what style of storage will be most practical for the space available. For example, there are many styles to choose from when it comes to garage storage: tool chests, shelving, upper or lower cabinets, pegboards, and ceiling hooks.  For small spaces, utilize vertical and ceiling space as much as possible, such as storing your bikes or kayaks from wall or ceiling mounted hooks.
  • Make the tools you use the most the most readily accessible.  You don’t want to have to move a bunch of stuff around to access basic tools like a hammer or power drill.
creating a garage workshop

Step Four: Outlets and Lights

A good garage workspace has plenty of lighting and outlets.  Some people will create their ultimate workbench and space, only to later realize that there are not enough outlets and lighting to perform their work.  Don’t make this mistake!  Instead, plan ahead.

Step Five: Ventilation

You know that damp smell you associate with garages and basements? That’s a sign of poor ventilation and results from a lack of air flow. Here are a few ways to ensure that your garage has proper ventilation:
  • Open windows; preferably more than one to promote cross-ventilation.
  • Add a window fan.
  • Install an exhaust fan.
  • In the winter, make sure you brush off snow from your car while outside.  Otherwise, it melts and the puddles make your garage damp.

Building the Best Workshop

It doesn’t take much to transform your garage into an excellent workspace, just a few steps that focus on organizing and planning.  The hardest part is asking yourself what kind of projects you want to tackle in this new workshop.  Once you’ve nailed that down, the rest is easy. If you are interested in building a new garage, look no further. Danley’s offers custom garage packages to suit your needs, regardless of size or style. You’ll get a new quality-built garage. Danley’s has been around since 1959. We’ve built over 100,000 garages and have been the #1 choice for Chicagoland homeowners. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today!

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