Hip vs Gable Roof Garages: Which is Best for You?

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hip vs gable roof garages

If you’re stuck on whether you want a gable roof or hip roof garage, we’ll go over the characteristics of both garage styles to make your decision easier. When you’ve decided what style of roof to go with, don’t forget to get a free quote from Danley’s to begin your garage building project.

What is a Gable Roof?

gable roof garage

A gable style roof is very common in the US and has been a go to option for many homeowners. They’re easy to recognize because of the triangular shape they create on the two of the four sides of the garage, called a gable.

Gable roof garages feature a sloping roof on two sides with the garage door located on the gable side.

There are also reverse gable garages that have the same roof style but the garage door is installed under the eaves where the roof slopes down.

What is a Hip Roof?

hip roof

Hip roofs are also a popular style of garage roof. A hipped roof is one that slopes down all four sides and comes to a point or ridge at the top. The sides of the roof are all equal in height and length.

Hip roof garages are often built as standard one car garages without a lot of architectural features. However, you can still build a custom garage with a hip roof.

Danley’s will work with you to design and build the garage of your dreams, tailor-made to your exact needs.

Hip vs Gable Roof: Cost

Obviously, cost is going to be one of the biggest factors in determining how you’re going to continue on with your new garage construction project.

While cost is a fairly indeterminable factor because other things play into the price, such as the size and other features, there’s still a noticeable distinction between hip and gable roofs.

In terms of overall cost, a hip roof will be more expensive to build than a gable roof. Hip roof garages require more materials to build and are an overall more complex designed structure.

Gable roofs have the advantage of being less expensive to build, but if price is of no issue then we’ll take a deeper look into this comparison.

Gable vs Hip Roof Garages: Strength and Durability

Since hip roof garages require more materials and have a more complex construction than gable garages, they have the advantage of being stronger.

Hip roofs are more sturdy and offer better protection against high winds. Snow and rain can easily slide off hip roofs down all four slopes.

However, gable garages provide just as good protection against rain and snow. The only real advantage hip roof garages have is against high winds, but there won’t be any hurricane-like winds blowing through Chicago, even if it’s called “The Windy City.”

Overall, in a comparison of strength and durability, either a gable or hip roof will work just fine for your new garage.

Hip vs Gable Roof Garages: Aesthetics

hip vs gable roof

If you’re looking to build a new garage that’ll catch the eyes of your neighbors, friends and family, then a gable roof might be best for you. That’s not to say hip roofs don’t offer great looks. It’s just easier to create a unique look with a gable style roof.

For example, you can add windows and different siding trims on the gable sides to help your garage stand out. Hip roof garages often feature the garage door and the roof only.

Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so deciding which is more aesthetically pleasing can change from homeowner to homeowner.

Gable roof garages often offer more features but if you choose a garage building company such as Danley’s, you’ll have the luxury of working with dedicated professionals to craft the design that you’re looking for.

Hip vs Gable Roof: Evenly Matched

Having a new garage built is a big investment and it’s important that you enjoy your new garage in its entirety. When comparing a hip vs gable roof, the only real difference is the look each style offers.

Both garage roof styles are strong enough to withstand Chicagoland weather. Hip roof garages will be a bit more costly to build because of the amount of materials and complexity, but shouldn’t be too great of a difference.

Gable roof garages offer more room for customization on the gable sides, whereas hip roof garages don’t have as much room to work with.

However, when you choose Danley’s for your garage building project, we’ll work with you to create the garage you want. No job is too difficult for Danley’s. Start your custom garage project today with a free quote.

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