Common Problems With Glass Garage Doors

A glass garage door seems like it would be the epitome of luxury but these high-end installations are not without their own set of problems. There are numerous different styles of materials a homeowner can choose from when their garage door is concerned.

glass garage doors

While glass offers this sleek, modern look, is it really worth the common problems that seem to always accompany it?


Security is an important concern for any homeowner and it should be something to consider in relation to a garage door’s material.  Most burglars look for easy access points in a home to get in and out quickly and undetected.  A glass garage door offers this opportunity, allowing the bad guys to peer inside to see if any activity is going on before they enter.

Glass, as any wise homeowner is aware, breaks easily, and for those out to rob a home, use this to their advantage for a quick entry and escape before you realize that sound you might have heard was shattering glass.  This is why robbers tend to go for windows, but with a glass garage door, the point of entry is larger and they don’t have to crawl through a small window for a getaway.

A glass garage door is also a relatively expensive purchase in comparison to those composed of vinyl or aluminum.  The style itself is reflective of modernity and wealth, and this could attract and entice those looking to steal quick cash from homes.  If you live in a busy area or a populated city with lots of passersby, a glass garage door may not be the best plan to prevent break-ins.


Glass, while a beautiful material, is not the most durable.  Many homeowners are already aware of this common issue, especially if they live on a busy street and have front-facing windows exposed to the occasional stone tossed from a car’s tires.  Still, glass is used for cars, windows, and even garage doors, and their appeal is what keeps glass repair stores in business.

A glass garage door, even if it doesn’t face a busy street, is still plenty vulnerable to cracks.  Between neighborhood kids wildly tossing footballs, a stray tree branch falling from a storm, adverse weather like hail or high winds, a glass garage door simply doesn’t have the strength to withstand all of these competing elements.

The garage door’s glass surface may look beautiful once it’s installed, but with its potential to accumulate even minor scratches to noticeable cracks, this material doesn’t seem to hold its aesthetics for very long.

Costly Repairs

With its high potential to crack and scratch, homeowners with glass garage doors are faced with the constant need to repair them.  Garage doors were originally designed to be durable and tough, able to withstand harsh weather and protect this vulnerable entry of homes against potential break-ins.

While glass offers a change of pace as opposed to the commonly used aluminum and steel, homeowners are sacrificing longevity for style.

Cracks and scratches will need to be repaired to maintain the glass garage door’s looks.  This can be expensive and a reoccurring cost, especially for garage doors that face busy streets with a steady flow of cars, construction, bikers, and foot traffic.  Even a small stone flung in its direction can cause a panel to break.

Most of the time for repairing glass garage doors, individual panels will have to be replaced.  A crack may worsen a neighboring panel, and this will end up costing you for the repairers to have to cut sized glass panels and reinstall them onto the garage door’s framing.

Energy Efficiency

Glass garage doors do offer the additional views of the surrounding environment, and this scenic feature is not a bad choice for homeowners in warmer climates who can walk out into the garage with a cup of coffee during winter months and not feel the chill of the season.  For those who experience heavy snow, however, a stroll out to the garage with a glass door will require a heavy coat.

Garage doors that utilize other materials like steel, wood, or vinyl are more insulated than those that are comprised of glass.  While glass can have insulated paneling, this does not compare to the insulation and energy efficiency of traditional garage doors.

garage glass doors

For glass garage doors, homeowners will be choosing aesthetics over energy conservation, especially for residents with cold winters and changing seasons.

Expense of Materials and Installation

When cost is concerned, glass garage doors and their installation rank fairly high.  For many installers and garage door businesses, door implementation is a standard process.

Glass garage doors, however, list on the specialty side of things.  Many local garage door services don’t carry the proper materials for glass garage door installation, not to mention that a glass garage door is a unique request that could require some design input.


As a homeowner, you don’t have to explain why you want privacy because it’s an inherently needed concept that homes should have.  Glass garage doors are exactly that—glass—and if you are okay with your neighbors being able to watch every move you make inside of your garage, then this isn’t a problem.  But for those unaware, a glass garage door will allow everyone to peer inside.

Homeowners after this unique style of garage door can have the glass tinted for privacy.  However, the problem many run into is the limited number of nearby installers, stores, and garage door businesses that don’t carry specific glass for garage doors.


What are you using your garage space for?  Is it for at-home projects?  Or are you utilizing your garage as an open space to gather friends and family?  These are things to consider before committing to any garage door, not just glass.

A glass garage door lets in light, just like any large bay window would inside of a home.  While this is a perk for some, having an all-glass garage door won’t shelter you from curious passersby or neighbors.

A glass garage door may not be the best idea if you are aiming to use your garage for projects that require you to gear up in safety accessories.  One impact of stray debris from a project can shatter a glass panel with ease.

Other materials for garage doors allow for more versatile use of this space and are one additional aspect for homeowners to consider before purchasing.

Glass Garage Doors: Right for Some but Not for Everyone

Glass garage doors are a right choice for some, but for the majority of homeowners looking to have a durable wall of protection, whether for security or dent resistance, glass isn’t the ideal option.  Energy efficiency is another major factor that glass doors seem to lack, especially in colder climates.

As a stylistic option, glass garage doors are unique, modern, and contemporary.  Their clean look is nearly impossible to beat with other competing materials, but style gets in the way of practicality.  For a lower cost, homeowners can enjoy a garage door that provides energy conservation, privacy, security, and functional space for projects.

The right choice for homeowners to make is to go with a garage door that will offer long-lasting durability, security and protection, and energy efficiency. In any case, customers choose Danley’s for garage construction since 1959 because they offer unbeatable value for a garage that will be durable, secure and energy efficient. Get a free quote now and speak to a professional about custom styles and sizes.

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