How You Can Get the Ultimate Garage Workbench

Building the ultimate garage workbench is a journey. Take your time, do your research and reach out to the experts. When you’re done building the engineering marvel you’ll call your workbench you’ll be glad you invested the time and effort to do it right.

garage workbench

Here are some ideas to help you get started toward your ultimate garage workbench.

Build a Garage Workbench to Fit Your Niche

Getting the ultimate garage workbench is a different journey for every person. Most of us will fall into one of the following categories.


The mechanic requires many specialized and often small, long tools. Their storage systems tend to be long flat drawers to keep all the similar tools together.


The carpenter requires many specialized tools that are often bulky and wide open for assembling projects.


The life of the handyman is seldom glorious. Being a jack of all trades and a master of few will ensure that you require all of the tools all of the time.

You’ll almost always be fighting the clutter battle on your workbench so shelving that allows you to quickly track all of your “spare parts” and various tools in easy view for easy finding is a must.


If you’re a gardener, you can find an indoor workbench to be a boon for your pre-season planting. Having the ability to hang your growing lights, keep the plants warm and having your gardening tools nearby can help kick off the spring planting season with a bang!

The Car Enthusiast

Maybe you’re a car guy that likes the ride to shine, or perhaps you compete and your wheels need to be show ready. You’ll find value in a well-organized station to keep your cleaning solutions and supplies readily available and quickly at hand.

Types of Garage Workbenches

As many options that exist for the style of the workbench, so too are there options in builds. From cement blocks and 2×4’s to the super sleek and custom all-steel cabinets with built-in tool boxes and every step in between. The satisfaction you’ll derive from that perfect tool bench is directly correlated to the forethought you put into it.

Think about all that you want your ultimate tool bench to do. Are you looking for a metal fab table that occasionally needs to work for constructing stain glass? Does your mechanics bench need to double as a pre-planting space once or twice a year to germinate the garden?

Just like any journey, thinking about where you want to end up at the beginning can help you get where you want to be in the end.

If you lack in inspiration, hit the interwebs and see what others have done. YouTube is awash with ultimate workbench videos, and Pinterest is never short on ideas to get the project started. Take some notes, doodle a bit, get creative.

Building Your Workbench

garage workbench

Once you have some ideas, where you go next is up to you. If you’re the handy type and want to give it a go yourself, there are some great tools to help you out. Google SketchUp is a free craftsman favorite that allows you to draft quality work on a penny budget.

The ability to lay a room out in 3D and virtually build inside of it can let you anticipate many problems far before the build stage, and that can save you big bucks. SketchUp even offers a rather robust collection of items you can paste into the image like windows and floor finishes.

One of the cool things about SketchUp is that even if you decided this is a bit past your skill level, you could hand over the plans with the measurements and your contractor will have a good starting point to give you a quote.

It has been said you never know what you want in a workbench until you work on a workbench. So find a friend or two, maybe join the local hobby club and do some workbench research.

If you’re going to build the ultimate workbench, it’s worth getting some ideas together and knowing what you want. For example, we like our anvil and vise on the left and the most frequently used tools out in the open on a peg board or just laying ready at hand on the workbench surface.

Most of us just don’t have the time for the research to find the ultimate workbench design. That’s where a professional can help you in getting along with building your ultimate workbench.

Reach out to a well-reviewed local contractor with expertise in developing quality workspaces. They’ll take into account things you never dreamed of such as process flow and the human factor in designing the perfect workbench for your needs.

Workbench Accessories

Beyond the workbench, you should think about the cabinetry which can play an integral role in the workbench scheme. As a handyman and carpenter, you’re going to have a few odd shaped tools that just don’t fit nicely anywhere.

Case and point, a circular saw. Great tool, everyone needs one, but we have yet to find a “nice” way to store a circular saw conveniently. Alright, you get the point. Having the right storage for your tools can be vital to the usefulness of your garage workbench.

While cruising around the web getting inspiration for your workbench, you’ll inevitably come across some ingeniously designed and elegantly crafted workbenches. Some can even swap out hard mounted tools like a table saw or a drill press.

Others will allow the tools to pivot away inside the workbench creating a flat working surface. Those are often used by the home carpenter working to build furniture projects in their garage or basement.

A Garage Workbench Is a Great Addition

The value of an intentionally designed garage workbench can’t be understated – just like the first time you found the “right tool” for that right job. Having what you need, where you need it and a clear solid work surface can save you hours and frustration.

Take the leap and turn your ok garage into something you’ve always wanted. Build the ultimate workbench, the altar upon which you’ll create your most celebrated works!

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