All About the Different Styles of Garages

Years ago, the garage was just a place where people threw old items or put their car. Nowadays, homeowners are paying more and more attention to how they set up the garage. Those who are looking to buy a home are spending more time looking to see how a garage is set up and whether or not it will be functional.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to figuring out the perfect garage for you. You’ll want to think about the function of a garage. You also want to think about the size of it and the type of door you would like for your garage.

Read on to find out more about garages so that you can make the best choice for your home.

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Functions of a Garage

The choice of what to use your garage for can be a hard one. Instead of just throwing in garbage and things that nobody uses, you can make it a veritable organized space. One of the more popular trends is to get metal shelving that lines the sides of the garage for you to put everything from sporting goods to knick-knacks in a neat space.

A good idea is to make a place for each category of items such as having a part where you store camping gear, another for sports equipment, etc. If you’re not so much into the wire rack look, you can also opt for lining your garage with bookshelves.

Wooden bookshelves that go along the walls make a great place to store books, and it gives a classy feel to a garage.

Some people turn the garage into an office space. By installing some bright lights and adding in windows, your garage will be brighter and less dreary.

Getting some used furniture such as a desk and a chair can be a great way to accessorize without spending a fortune.

Some people don’t use the garage for storage; they use it to play. By adding some rugs or even carpet, painting the walls or adding some windows or paint, you can make the garage a more livable space.

Consider adding a pool table, foosball table, or if the garage is large enough, you can set up a yoga studio by putting down mats, blocks, and getting some calming music. Don’t forget to set up appropriate lighting. For a play space with games, go for brighter lights; for a yoga area, you will want dimmer lights for a more zen feel.

Garage Size

When it comes to the size of your garage, you don’t want a garage that is too narrow as that will pose problems for you to get in your car. You also don’t want to have a garage that takes up too much space and looks awkward in relation to the rest.

A one-car garage will often run about eight feet, and a two-car garage will run about 15 to 16 feet.

Types of Garage Doors

The garage door is truly an important part of the garage since it frames the space. Many people think the garage door is not as important as the front door, but think about how much bigger the garage is.

When someone is standing at the curb, they see the garage door much sooner than the front door. To maximize the visual appeal of your home, go for a beautiful garage door that will match your home and make you proud of your home each time you pull up into your driveway.

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Carriage-House Style Doors

The carriage-house style has become very popular in recent years due to its classy feel. People of all ages go for this look because it’s timeless and gives a traditional but rich feel to the home. At the same time, the carriage-house style can give off a country feel for more rural areas where the home is less modern.

Carriage-house style garage doors are often painted white or an earth tone and they’re usually made of steel, aluminum or wood, which explains why they’re so durable. There are a ton of accessories that you can get for this style, from straps to special knockers.

Price wise, the carriage-house style tends to be more expensive than other types of garage doors, but they do attract home buyers.

For the Tech Savvy: The New “Smart” Doors

A ton of household gadgets nowadays come as smart devices that allow you to personalize or add special features so that you have complete control over the device, even from afar. Garage doors can now be “smart” as well.

Several products on the market allow you to control the garage door from afar by using your phone. You can monitor when the door is opened and shut, and you can also program the doors.

Sensors can also be used to detect when your car is coming close or when it’s leaving so that the doors automatically open and shut.

One booming garage door business is the tech industry’s new Smart garage doors. Sensors are out on the market that works to detect when your car is pulling into the driveway so that they can automatically open; similarly, the doors will close when your car pulls out.

There are also garage door apps that allow you to monitor your door from afar. These apps can tell you if your door is open and allow you to open and close it. They also can provide a log so that you’re able to see each time the door was opened or closed. This provides a smart safety feature.

For the Cold: Insulated Doors

Weather-resistant doors are a must in certain parts of the country. If you live in an area with a ton of snow, rain, cold weather or temperature fluctuations, then you may want to consider getting insulated garage doors. They come with special weather stripping and provide extra protection against the cold weather.

A garage is a special place that can add to the visual appeal of your home and be a functional area. Changing up the garage door is one way to add to the garage; you can also rethink its function by adding racks, bookshelves, games, and other great ideas.

No matter what changes you make, sprucing up the garage will add value to your home and make it a more fun place in your home to be.

garage styles for your home

Custom Garage Styles and Sizes

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