Garage Storage Ideas for Lawnmowers

Lawnmowers are as American as apple pie. The quintessential feature of a garage resembles the American Dream, where homeowners have their property to maintain and need a mower to keep their turf looking good.

Regardless of your circumstances, you are likely looking for a decent place to store your lawnmower when it’s not in use. Thankfully, there are a variety of creative garage storage ideas for lawnmowers.

Despite our natural dependence on lawnmowers, we often fail to find an excellent place to store them. Where do they end up?

Mowers are usually dumped in the corner of a garage, which makes it a hassle to pull in or back your car out of the garage. Or lawnmowers get in the way whenever you are trying to access storage in the garage.

Lawn mower storage

Making Space in Your Garage

Many kids remember mowing a lawn being one of their first important responsibilities around the household. Whether you got paid or not to mow a lawn, it brings back some fond memories.

Chances are you also remember where you stored the lawnmower when it was not in use. Was it a convenient and good place for storage, or pain the rear end to get?

If you remember the latter, you are not alone. Lawnmowers are bulky and not the easiest to store. Unfortunately, people usually leave them wherever there is space, which becomes a headache when you need to access other things in the room.

Are you tired of tripping over the mower? Do you get sick of having to be cautious and not bang a car door against it every time you enter or exit your vehicle?

You need a better way to store your lawnmower. Here are some creative ideas if you don’t have an outside shed or another appropriate place for storage beside the garage:

Garage Corners

Depending on the size of your garage, you may have space in a corner. Since most lawnmowers do not fold up or still take up a lot of space when folded, a corner is a practical solution.

But it only works for garages that are at least two or three cars wide. Single car garages don’t have enough space to provide a corner storage area without making it a hassle walking around it.

garage storage

Under Shelves

Several garages get built with storage on the sides of the unit. Or it’s something that you can always do as a fun garage DIY project. But what do you put under the shelving since there is still storage to be had in any garage?

Building your garage shelves high enough where you can tuck a mower and other machinery under it is a smart way to maximize your garage storage space.

In the long run, it’s more convenient to have to pull out a car every time to access a mower (usually once a week at the max) compared to having to move or avoid a mower every time you pull in and out of the garage.

On Top of Shelves

Some mowers are light enough that you can safely pick them up and set on an elevated shelf. However, it is only ideal for homeowners that are able bodied and capable of managing the weight.

It’s also a bit of a hassle, yet if you have a lightweight and collapsible model, it might just find a home somewhere on the shelving.

common garage storage mistakes

Wall Hangers

Garages are notorious for wall hangers and for a good reason. Garage storage is always tight, regardless of its size. It doesn’t take long for all your tools and accessories to collect in a garage, which is why maximizing garage storage space is so important.

Consider a wall hanger for your lawnmower. Mowers traditionally have some weight, but if you invest in high-quality hooks or straps you could consider mounting to a stud. If you don’t hang the hooks or straps on a stud, you risk the entire unit collapsing because it’s too much weight to hold.

However, before you consider this option double-check that the lawnmower model can get hung vertically. Not all mowers are intended for this purpose.

Ceiling Hangers

Using a ceiling hanger is pretty much the same concept as wall hangers, yet obviously from the top of the garage. Once again, it’s essential to make sure the mower can get hung vertically. You also need to verify that the ceiling is strong enough to support the weight of the lawnmower.

You need to have high-quality joists to support the weight to prevent the mower from pummeling down on anything below, including a car windshield. However, this garage storage option does work for some homeowners.

organized and clean two car garage

Garage Lifts

You may be surprised to learn that you can install a relatively affordable car lift inside your garage. While it’s still far from the cheapest option, it works for some households. You don’t need a full-blown lift, but some pedestal lifts get the job done.

Pedestal lifts like single column lifts generally run between $1,500 to $2,500. While expensive, it’s an excellent long-term investment for storing your mower and other machinery. The lift supports the mower high enough, so the nose of your car fits under it.

Final Word

Storing a lawnmower in a garage is a bit of a hassle. Mowers are bulky and not the easiest to store. Regardless, you still need a place to store this necessary yet annoying piece of machinery.

Getting the mower off the floor by using a wall or ceiling hanger is a good idea if the storage device gets installed correctly.

You’ve organized your garage and removed all the unwanted stuff but you still don’t have enough space. Let’s face it, the problem here is not your stuff but it’s your garage. There’s a solution to this problem and it starts with a brand new detached garage.

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