What’s Trending for Garage Spaces?

You might not think about it, but there is plenty going on in the world of garage space trends. In the past, these areas have been a practical space with little in the way of different styles. Holding things like tools, chemicals, vehicles and other miscellaneous storage, these rooms are often no more than an afterthought.

garage space trends

Many current trends revamp this area into something much more useful – these aren’t just passing fads either, as there are many practical applications that can maximize the use of your garage with unique organizational techniques.

In terms of aesthetics, there are a variety of ways to beautify your garage – ranging from the simple like applying a little bit of paint, to more over the top things like a complete remodel. You can turn your garage into a completely different space then it was originally intended – everything from a hang-out room, an office, or even a dining area.

What’s in Vogue for Organizing?

Garages have a tendency to be filled with all sorts of storage, chemicals, and tools that seem to only increase with time. Sometimes the best way to make a space look great is to just organize it better. One of the first things you should do in a garage reorganization or redesign is get rid of everything you don’t need – throwing away is always an option, but you can also donate or do a yard sale.

In the world of garage organizing, walls are considered prime real estate. Think not only things typical to garages, like pegboards and hooks – which are extremely useful – but also more creative things like FastTrack systems and magnetic strips.

Depending on your needs you can also use the walls for the transformation you might envision – bookshelves, areas to hold pictures or hangers for screens. There is a quick latch system that can be incorporated that need little in the way of installing.

Another area often overlooked is the ceiling – there are multiple ways to hang your stuff here. Everything from simple hooks for hanging or draping items, to a more complicated system that can slide totes in and out. Cabinetry typically found inside kitchens can also be placed here, along with an armoire, or other stand-up shelving.

Keep everything grouped together by labeling all of your drawers and cabinets. This helps you find what you need and fast while also avoiding everything becoming mixed up into a series of junk drawers. Go out of your way to incorporate more unusual things into your garage – remember, these spaces don’t have to be used for just one thing.

In fact, in a world where people have so many hobbies dividing this area into a series of zones is a great way to maximize its use. For instance, you can have one spot for working out, another for art, and yet another spot for reading.

garage trends

Often times people bring in unconventional furniture like desks, couches, and tables into this area to turn it into a bit of a recreation room. Mudrooms can also be incorporated here for families with kids – this can create a dedicated space for everyone in the house. This allows you to keep dirty clothes and jackets out of your clean home.

Beautifying the Garage

It’s often fashionable to convert your garage space based on a certain theme – and there are so many that you can choose from!

Following a specific theme can give your garage a unique, yet collected look that gives your home the idiosyncrasy that personifies your personality.  There are the ultra-modern looks that have large open spaces, stark juxtapositions of color, and plenty of straight lines.

More rustic designs can incorporate everything from real and fake wood, along with old furniture. While retro looks usually follow a 1950s theme that shows off a bit of the Americana of that era. All in all, there are plenty of decorative implements that can be worked into this space.

Create an antique look by putting up fake stone on the walls and replacing your garage door with a dark stained wooden one. Other contemporary looks will rely on negative space for beauty.  Many people have thought outside of the box when redesigning their garage – quite literally by creating a living space above this area.

This space can be living quarters for visitors or a hobby room that can be great for children to elderly alike. For more design choices take a look at things like driveways – often made from concrete, a plethora of other formations can really make it pop. Think along the lines of bricks and natural stones to really add uniqueness to a typically unconsidered area.

As mentioned before, garage doors can come in wood – but this isn’t the only type of material. Often constructed in metal or man-made materials, more recent in vogue garage doors have frosted glass incorporated into them.

In fact, garage doors are a premier spot that can increase the curb appeal of your home. Don’t be afraid to incorporate more wild colors to give a unique flair, but never lose sight of specific design elements like pattern and angles.

Over-the-top Designs

Some homeowners decide to invest a little bit more, creating an over the top installation that is unforgettable. An early 20th-century garage is outfitted with old hydraulic tools, relevant signage, and lift systems for their antique cars.

Open office setups are extra trendy and have plenty of practical things like bulletin boards, window separators for cubicles, and colorful cabinets to hold all their paperwork. More posh interiors can be outfitted in a type of game room that also shows off a car.

This combines the look of the gray theme typically found in garages – gray walls and concrete floors – with the modern looks of flat-screen TVs, and leather armrests situated throughout. While this design relied on typical garage floors, it doesn’t necessarily have to be – many people have applied things like epoxy, terrazzo, tile, and laminate to their floors.

With everything from posh hangout game rooms to 50s diners, the sky’s the limit on what can be done.

Final Thoughts

As you can see garage spaces don’t have to be drab areas that are nothing more than a dumping ground for everything you’ve collected. Recent trends have created more unique ways to organize this area and get the most out of it.

Many people have incorporated new organizing systems that use all of the walls and even ceiling to hold everything. Others have turned their garages into multi-faceted rooms that fulfill a variety of needs. To make it look even better specific design choices have been employed give a bunch of different looks.

If you are looking to update your garage don’t be afraid to get unconventional. If you are willing to put in the time and energy, the only limits are your own creativity.

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