How to Make the Ultimate Garage She Shed

She sheds are the on the trend equivalent to the man cave that gives the woman of the house the space she needs to get away from the chaos of family life. Turning the garage into she shed is a great way to get some extra livable space and get some distance from the main house.

woman opening she shed

The best part about using an existing garage for a she shed is that it’s not that difficult to transform. A preexisting garage can be turned into a fantastic place to read, watch movies, make arts and crafts, or have friends over.

If you want to turn your garage into the ultimate she shed here are some of the things that you can do to transform a cold and sterile garage into a fun and feminine space:


One of the things that every good she shed needs is great garage lighting. The lighting will help set the tone of the space and should be adapted to whatever the purpose of the space is. For crafting adding lots of light all through the garage is important.

If the she shed is going to be used for making online videos or tutorials it needs to have lighting that will look good on camera and make the videos clear and easy to see.

Readers who are using a she shed as a place to escape will need soft reading lights. You can’t wrong with a gorgeous chandelier as the main lighting feature. Smart lights are also great for an added touch of luxury.


Most garages have standard concrete garage flooring, but that is just not going to cut it if you are transforming the garage into a beautiful feminine space. A budget-friendly flooring option is laminate flooring. Laminate is durable and can be made to look like natural wood.

Engineered hardwoods are also a good choice if money isn’t a concern. They are low maintenance as well as durable making them great at withstanding a lot of foot traffic and potential dents or dings.

Since this she shed is all about personality consider using unusual materials like mosaic tile or other flooring that will make the space really unique and filled with personality. Painted wood, reclaimed wood, or unusual tiles are also fun choices for she shed floor. Don’t forget to pile the area rugs high so that space is lush and cozy.


If your garage isn’t currently insulated you may want to think about having garage insulation installed. This will ensure that the garage will maintain a more comfortable temperature during the summer and winter months. For added luxury, you can have central heating and air installed in the garage so that it’s enjoyable to be in all year long.

Don’t hold back when choosing a paint color. This is the one space where it’s okay to create a truly unique look. Go as girly or as wild as you want. If you want to avoid making she shed look like a teenage girl’s room look for sophisticated hues of your favorite colors.

garage she shed

Blush or Millennial pink are both very popular colors for she sheds because they’re feminine but soft and sophisticated. Another option would be to go bold since she shed is a space to really cut loose and show some personality. Vivid green, dark blue, or brilliant jewel tones like amethyst purple are all fun choices for she shed.

Custom cabinetry and bookcases are a must for the shed. If she shed is going to be used for crafts having built-in cabinets and custom storage for craft supplies is essential. Special countertops for sewing, a place for a sewing machine, a built-in ironing board, or a counter just for cutting fabric or ribbon are also great additions to crafting she shed.

If she shed is going to be used for reading custom bookshelves and built-in storage as well as cozy reading nooks and other custom touches will make space feel very luxurious.


Most garages have some electrical power, but if you are going to be using the she shed for watching movies, crafting, or doing other things that require a lot of electricity it’s a good idea to bring in an electrician to upgrade the electrical system.

This allows you to be sure that the garage will have the updated electrical necessary to safely accommodate TVs and media or crafting equipment or both at the same time.


One of the best ways to turn a dull dark garage into a welcoming and beautiful she shed is to add windows. Natural light will brighten the space and make it a lot more relaxing and appealing. Skylights are another great way to let in more natural light.

Big windows are a fantastic addition to a garage she shed, but if it’s not possible to install large windows several smaller windows grouped together will achieve the same results and let in plenty of natural light.

Consult with a window professional to assess your garage and get professional recommendations on what types of windows can be installed. Replacing the existing garage entry door with an all glass door is another way to open up the space and let more light in without adding a lot of windows.


Once the basics are taken care of and the she shed is ready to be upgraded to a truly luxurious getaway the first thing that you should think about adding is a fireplace. This will turn your space into a cozy getaway.

A fireplace will also provide the necessary heat for the chilly winter months. With modern electrical fireplace boxes you can install a fireplace in a garage she shed with minimal venting and without having to add a full chimney.


A small kitchenette with running water, a microwave, and other accessories can be a total game changer. It creates the perfect space to have friends and family over for games, movies, or a holiday get together.

A wine bar or space to make tea and coffee might also be a fun addition. This will make the she shed a true retreat where the woman of the house can relax with a glass of wine and a book or a cup of tea while crafting.


She shed are usually small spaces, so it’s perfectly fine to choose furniture that is high end and luxurious to fill the space. A gorgeous velvet vintage sofa or a huge soft settee perfect for curling up in with a book are what will finish off the space and make it a really luxurious get away.

Just like with wall color you can go for color and unique fabrics when you’re choosing the furniture for a she shed because you’re the only person that needs to like it. Luxury fabrics, beautiful colors, and comfort should be the criteria that you use when picking the furniture for a she shed.

You won’t have to worry about the kids spilling juice on it or the pets getting hair all over it so indulge yourself and splurge on those gorgeous fabrics and colors might not be practical for areas where the rest of the family gathers. This is your space so make it exactly the way that you want it.

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