Garage Safety: Better Safe than Sorry

It’s important to practice garage safety at all times. Your garage is full of items that can potentially harm you and your family. You also keep a lot of valuables in your garage such as your vehicles, lawn care equipment and various tools.

garage safety

However, the most valuable thing is the safety of you and your family. Depending on how you use your garage, you may be spending a lot of time in there. We’ve come up with a few important factors to consider in order to maximize your garage safety.

Organization Is Key to Garage Safety

garage safety

The image above is what you don’t want your garage to look like. One of the leading causes of accidents in the garage is the lack of organization.

Think about it, have you ever found yourself shuffling through items in your garage and all of a sudden things just come crashing down or something seemingly comes out of nowhere?

Keeping your garage organized will allow you to know where everything is and keep you from accidentally stumbling on something or causing an avalanche of falling items.

Check out our article about garage organization to give you key pointers on how to keep your garage tidy.

Keep Your Garage Well-Lit

garage safety tips

Even if you have your garage totally organized, you still risk getting injured without proper lighting. Realistically, your garage should be the brightest room of your home with all the tight spaces and tripping hazards.

However, people’s garages are often not very well-lit at all. Effective lighting in your garage won’t only improve your garage safety, it’ll create a more pleasant environment inside.

If you spend a lot of time in your garage performing repairs and completing various improvement tasks, it only makes sense to have sufficient lighting.

Make sure to check your bulbs frequently and replace any broken ones as soon as possible.

Garage Door Safety

garage door safety

Having a properly functioning garage door is absolutely necessary to maintaining garage safety. Garage door openers nowadays are safer and more reliable, so if you have one make sure it’s always in good shape (read all about the types of garage doors).

If you have kids, make it known that the garage door is not a toy and keep them away from the remote. If they play around with the remote and start opening and closing the garage door, that’s just an accident waiting to happen.

It’s good practice to check the condition of your garage door every month. If anything seems out of whack, it’s important to have the problem fixed right away.

Garage Fire Prevention

garage fire prevention

House fires often begin in the garage. With so many flammable items stored in most garages, it’s easy to see why garage fires are common.

One way to prevent fires in the garage is to develop safe habits. Whenever you’re done cutting wood, be sure to clean up all the excess sawdust. Seal all containers and store them in a safe place.

Keep in mind when storing things to never put combustibles near a source of heat.

Always have a fire extinguisher available in the garage along with a working smoke alarm (read about preventing garage fires here).

Flooring Protection

garage floor epoxy

Concrete floors in garages can become pretty slippery. Coating your floor in an epoxy finish will not only improve the look of your garage, but help the floor be more slip resistant.

There are also interlocking garage tiles that are easily placed to provide excellent slip resistance.

Other Ways to Improve Garage Safety

You can never be too safe, especially in the garage. Some additional ways to practice garage safety include:

  • Lock up drawers and cabinets. Doing this will prevent anything from randomly falling out and will keep children from playing with items they shouldn’t be.
  • Store your ladders horizontally to prevent them from falling over and to prevent kids from climbing them.
  • Remember to disconnect any electrical devices you use such as power drills, saws etc.
  • Lock your car doors. Once again, this prevents children from accidentally hurting themselves by smashing their fingers in the door.

Garage safety doesn’t end there. Everyone’s garage is different and used for different purposes, so it’s important to stress safety where it’s needed.

Garage accidents are very preventable if you take the proper safety measures and routinely practice good habits.

Your Garage Is Only as Safe as You Make It

You can improve your garage safety by implementing the above tactics. However, if the garage itself is in poor condition, it’s only a matter of time before something falls apart and injures someone.

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