Garage Roof Storage Ideas

You only have so much space in your garage and sometimes that just isn’t enough. It seems like you only have two options: park your cars outside or get rid of priceless possessions. What if we told you that you have a third option? Well, you do – garage roof storage.

You can add extra storage to your garage to get a little extra life out of it. This will allow you to comfortably park your cars inside without getting rid of anything you want to keep.

garage roof storage

There are many different options of garage roof storage available to you and we’re going to go over all of it. That way, you’ll know your options and you can move forward with which sounds best for your situation. Let’s get started.

Lofting Your Garage

One of the more time extensive but efficient options is to loft your garage – think of it like adding a second level. It’ll allow you to use the entire surface area of your garage to park your cars and store items. You’re effectively doubling the space of your garage.

That being said, you’ll need to build that. It’s not incredibly hard but it is very time consuming. You’ll need to build the floor and a set of stairs. From there, you need to make sure it’s stable enough before you start walking on it. Otherwise you might fall through and get hurt.

Not all garages are large enough for lofting – you’ll need one with a tall ceiling. Hip roof garages are often you best option for lofting because the four sides of the roof meet at a point giving you extra space above (check out this article on garage space trends).

Floating Shelves

A much easier building option is to build floating shelves. Floating shelves hang on the wall without having a case around it. It’s a great, easy to set up option for storing items in your garage.

The downfall of floating shelves is the amount they can hold on them. You can’t store things like bikes or heavy machines – they’re used for smaller items. This can pose a problem in really opening up space in your garage if you have lots of items to store.

Build an Attic

Building an attic is another great option for storage because you’ll be able to store a lot more up there. It’s like a loft only everything is out of site.

Plus, you can insulate an attic. By adding foam insulation to the flooring of your attic, the outside air won’t be able to getting into your garage from the roof. You want to have control of the temperature in your garage because you don’t want your cars or lawn equipment exposed to extreme weather.

Much like a loft, building an attic is very labor intensive, maybe even more so. You’ll also need a garage with a tall roof to make this happen. That being said, it’s a great option for storing items and regulating the temperature of your garage.

Mount a Rack

You also have the option to mount racks for garage roof storage. They usually consist of multiple metal bars that attach to the ceiling and hang down slightly. You can use there in multiple different ways.

You could lay things across the bars such as bikes, sports nets and other long objects. However, you’re at risk of shorter or smaller items falling through.

The other option is using these racks to hold containers with your belongings stored in them. Many racks are specifically designed to hang the edges of containers and keep them safe and secure. The only problem is you won’t be able to store larger items up there.

Use Hooks

You can combine the ceiling mounted racks with hooks to have the ultimate garage roof storage. If the hooks are properly secured into the ceiling or wall of your garage, they can use your garage’s structure to hold a lot of weight.

This is great because it’s perfect for much heavier items. Bikes, lawn equipment and sports nets can hang from your ceiling without the fear of them falling. Whenever you want to use them, it’s extremely easy to get them down. Just push up and get around the hook, then pull down.

What if Garage Roof Storage Isn’t Enough?

Sometimes, these storage ideas aren’t enough to open up space in your garage. Like we said, your garage only has so much space. If that happens, what can you do?

Your best option might be to get a larger garage. Danley’s has been building garages in the Chicagoland area since 1959. Our detached garages are custom-made so they can be any size: one car, two car, three car or beyond.

We can also make taller garages including hip roof and gable garages. Even if you buy a bigger garage, you can still do some of these ideas and use the garage in other ways. For instances, if you loft your garage, you can use it as a workshop or spare bedroom. You can learn more about garage conversion in this article.

These Garage Roof Storage Ideas Will Help Keep Your Garage Organized

These garage roof storage ideas are bound to help you open up more space and stay organized. Whether it’s simple racks or completely lofting your garage, you have many options to choose from.

However, that might not be enough. If that’s the case, you may want to consider getting a larger garage. Danley’s is here to help you get started with your new garage project.

Get a free quote now from Danley’s and we’ll come build the garage of your dreams. From size to color, everything is completely customizable.

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