8 Garage Remodel Ideas

Is your garage not being used the way you like? Are you in desperate need of a garage remodel? It’s easier to get it in order than you may think.

There are a few things you need to consider when remodeling your garage: the walls, floor, its use and whether or not you need a new garage. That’s all fine and dandy, but you’re probably still not sure where to start.

garage remodel

Fear not because Danley’s Garage World is here to help. We have 8 garage remodel ideas that will transform it into exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s get started.

1. New Garage Flooring

Your garage’s flooring makes a huge difference in its overall look and how it’s used. There are many different options available so we’ll go over a few.

Most garages have concrete flooring and if you want, you can keep it that way. But if it’s cracked or damaged you’ll want to get it resurfaced. Also, concrete can be rather plain and boring, but you can spice it up by painting it the color of your choice.

One of the major flaws of concrete is that it stains. If you choose to epoxy your garage floor, stains are a thing of the past. Oil and grease won’t stick or seep into the epoxied floor which is perfect for homeowners who work on their own cars. Did we mention it looks great as well?

There are also foam floor mats that you can park your car on. These prevent concrete floors from becoming damaged and are an in expensive way to change up your garage flooring.

These aren’t your only available options. Depending on how you use your garage, you can get tile, hardwood or carpet like you would in any other room of your home. You can read more about different garage flooring in one of our previous articles.

2. Paint the Walls a New Color

Once you’ve decided on the flooring for your garage remodel, you can pick a wall color. You want it to match the floor so it isn’t clashing.

If your walls are concrete, you may want to consider installing new walls. This allows you to add insulation and completely customize your garage. Speaking of insulation…

3. Add Insulation

Whether you have an attached or detached garage, insulation is important. If your garage is attached, several rooms share a wall or floor/ceiling with your garage. You won’t be able to regular the temperature in those rooms if your garages allows heated or cooled air to escape.

wall insulation

Plus, having garage walls that aren’t insulated will effect the cost of your energy bills. When heated or cooled air escape, your furnace or air conditioner have to work much hard to reach the temperature you want. They’ll use more power combating the elements, jacking up your electric and heating bills.

But what if you have a detached garage? Having insulated walls won’t effect your home’s temperature or your energy bills. That doesn’t mean insulation isn’t important. You’re still parking your car in the garage and you don’t want it to face temperature extremes. Keeping out the weather is very important.

Also, if you convert your garage into a living space, insulated walls are essential. If you don’t insulate the walls, the occupants of your garage might as well sleep outside.

Another thing to consider about insulating your garage is the condition of the roof. Adding insulation when the roof itself is in bad shape will only be a temporary band-aid. If your roof looks old and worn out, you should strongly consider getting a new one from a local roofing company.

Get an Insulated Garage Door

When people talk about insulating walls, they forget about their garage door. Since a garage door can take up an entire wall, it can be a huge weak spot in your garage if it isn’t insulated.

Thankfully, many steel garage doors come with foam insulation which helps keep the outside weather out of your garage. Other materials such as wood and aluminum aren’t as energy efficient as steel.

4.Loft Your Garage

Another cool garage remodel idea is lofting your garage. By doing this, you can still park your cars in the garage while having plenty of storage. Think of it like a large, easy to access attic.

If you need the extra space, a lofted garage can be used for so much more. You can treat the lofted space like an extra bedroom, office or living space and furnish the area. The sky’s the limit when you loft your garage.

5. Install Windows on Your Garage

Your garage can be dark and void of natural light. That’s not safe if you work on your car in your garage or it’s your makeshift workshop. We recommend you install windows in your garage.

garage windows

Not only will you enjoy more light in your garage with windows, but they’ll allow you to circulate the air. By opening the window, you’ll allow fresh air in. You’ll no longer have to worry about your garage becoming stuffy.

6. Improve the Lighting

Speaking of light, having bright lights in your garage is a must if you’re going to be spending time in there. When you have dim lights, it prevents you from enjoying your garage after sun down.

There’s also the option for motion sensor lights. They turn on whenever someone enters the garage. It’s a unique and convenient touch to enhance your garage.

7. Convert Your Garage into an All New Room

We’ve already mentioned a few times that you can use your garage as more than just a place to store items or park your cars. It can be a workshop, bedroom, office or living space. That being said, there are a few additional projects you’ll need to consider for a garage conversion.

For instance, if you plan on creating another bedroom or office, your garage remodel isn’t complete without running electricity through your garage. How else would you be able to use your TV or computer?

Other elaborate ideas such as a bar or gym may require you to run a water line to your garage. Manipulating water and electric lines will require permits and can be very unsafe for someone who isn’t properly trained. We recommend you hire a professional for these projects.

If you want to work on your car in your garage, larger investments such as a car lift are essential. While it may seem expensive up-front, think of all the money you’ll save by being able to do your own oil changes and car repairs.

8. If Your Garage is Falling Apart, It’s Time for a New One

If you have an old, outdated garage, then it’s time for a new one altogether. This will not only improve your home’s curb appeal, but it will allow you to customize and create the perfect garage for your home.

For instance, if you have a large family with many cars, plan on using your garage as a living space or hosting large parties, a large garage is a great investment. In fact, smaller garages are out of date and will make it harder to sell your home. You’ll have a better return on investment with a larger garage.

When you customize a new garage, you also have the choice of the style and shape. This opens up many possibilities. If you need extra space inside for a car lift or a loft, a hip roof garage is a great option. You can also build a deck on a flat roof garage which is great for entertaining guests.

A new garage is only a click away with Danley’s.

Get Your Garage Remodel Started Off on the Right Foot

A garage remodel is much easier than you think. From changing the flooring to completely customizing a new garage, you have many options available.

If you need a new garage, Danley’s is here to help you. We’ve been proudly serving the Chicagoland area since 1959 and have built over 100,000 garages. It’s no wonder we’re considered Chicago’s garage experts.

By getting a free quote, you rest assured knowing your new garage is being built by trained and certified professionals who will make the perfect garage for you, hassle free.

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