6 Garage Painting Tips

The color of your garage makes a huge difference – both inside and out. Garage painting is essential if you’re going to keep those colors bright and bold.

Or maybe you don’t like the current color of your garage. It could be so bad that you never want to be in there. Learning to paint your garage will be the end of avoiding your garage.

garage painting

For whatever reason you want to paint your garage, we’re here to help. These 6 garage painting tips will transform your garage. Let’s get started.

1. All Cracks and Seams Must be Sealed

It’s very important to seal cracks and seams before you start painting. Otherwise, the coating will be uneven and the cracks will still show after the job is done.

To fill the gaps, use painter’s caulk and apply it using a caulk gun. Avoid using silicone because the paint will not stick to it.

While this step seems insignificant, it can completely change the overall look of your finished walls. Once all of the cracks are filled, you’re ready to start painting. Once you’re finished, your wall will look as good as new.

2. Make Sure the Walls Are a Color You Like

Since this is your garage, it’s important that you like the look of your walls – especially if you aren’t moving anytime soon. Painting the walls a color you like will help give it a personalized feel.

3. Neutrals Are Always a Safe bet

If you don’t have a preference in wall colors, the safest bet is a neutral color. All this means is that they’re colors “without color“. Beige, ivory, white, gray, tan and brown all fall into this category.

Neutral colors go with everything so you can buy any color furniture or benches. This is especially important if you plan on converting your garage into a living space or workshop.

Since neutral colors are universally accepted, it’ll help make selling your home quicker. Even if it’s in the garage, the color of the walls and floor can discourage potential home buyers from making an offer. The additional work of painting it might steer them away.

4. Darker Colors Make the Garage Feel Smaller

Painting the walls a darker color is a bad idea. Dark colors such as dark gray, black, deep blues or purple make the room feel claustrophobic.

What does that mean? It means your garage feels smaller when you have dark walls. This is because darker colors absorb more light and trick the eye into thinking the room is smaller than it actually is.

5. You Should Also Paint Your Floor

Garage painting doesn’t end with just the walls. If you don’t paint your garage floors, then it’s nothing more than a gray concrete slab. You may want to considering giving your garage floor a coat of paint as well.

painting the garage floor

Like the walls, make sure the floor isn’t cracked or broken. If so, you may want to have your garage foundation repaved. This will help give your garage foundation a better look.

Once you’ve done that, you need to get concrete paint. Like the name implies, this is paint that’s used over concrete. There are many different colors available so you can find the one that best suits your needs. Just make sure that it matches your walls.

Once you have your paint, you can apply it using a roller. Complete one full coat and then wait until it dries to apply another. This will give you the best looking garage floor.

Epoxy Is a Great Flooring Option

There’s one other option available and that’s epoxy. While it’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about garage painting, it’s a fantastic option for just about any homeowner with a garage.

Epoxy is a latex acrylic product that you can use to paint your garage floor. It prevents oil stains and makes cleaning your garage much easier. Plus, it has a shiny, clean look that you won’t get with concrete paint.

Applying epoxy is also very easy. It goes on just like normal paint – you apply one coat with a roller and wait for it to dry before applying the next coat. You can learn how to apply an epoxy coating to your garage in the video below:

6. Don’t Forget About the Outside

Some garage exteriors require you to paint them as well. For instances, if you have wood siding, you’ll need to paint and stain it regularly because wood doesn’t handle harsh elements or excessive sunlight very well. The colors will fade and the wood will warp if the siding isn’t cared for properly.

If you have vinyl siding for your garage’s exterior, you’re in luck – you won’t have to paint it ever. The color of vinyl is baked into the panel when it’s manufactured and will never fade when exposed to the elements.

If you plan on painting your garage’s exterior, we recommend you keep it the same color as the rest of your home. Otherwise you’re going to have a large mismatched garage that will lower your home’s curb appeal.

Garage Painting Can Be Easy and Fun!

Garage painting is a great way to customize your garage and making it look like new. Whether it’s the walls, floor or exterior, there are many ways to transform your garage through painting.

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