Garage Kits vs. Custom Garages

Your garage serves as an addition to your house. You can develop hobbies, finish passion projects, create memories, and save priceless objects here. When you design a custom garage, you can produce something special that perfectly embodies your vision for your property.

A garage kit has all the pre-cut components you’ll need to assemble your garage, including the walls, trusses, doors, windows, roofs, etc. Of course, your kit’s contents could differ depending on the manufacturer.

a garage kit

On the other hand, a custom-built garage is created specifically for you and according to your specifications. After that, it will be brought to and installed for you at the location of your choice.

Many people are now buying garage kits delivered by mail for tiny structures. Currently, you can get a kit to construct anything from a modest shed to a full small house. So which is preferable when developing a garage to accommodate more vehicles?

What is a Garage Kit?

Garage kits are separate parts offered as a single package and can be put together by the buyer to create a full-size garage. The raw materials for such garage kits are frequently included, and the individual pieces are often cut to length and ready for installation.

installing a custom garage kit

The tools required to build the garage are not frequently included with garage kits. Thus, someone building a garage from a kit will still need a basic understanding of carpentry. However, kits are frequently far less expensive than custom-built garages and are frequently simpler to assemble.

Various materials may be provided depending on the garage kit chosen, the size of the house or building, and the intended use of the area. Additionally, the price of the garage kits will vary depending on their size and the materials they contain; wood structures are frequently rather expensive, whereas light metal structures made of aluminum or steel are frequently less expensive.

Naturally, larger buildings will cost more than smaller ones, as well as garage kits with unique footprints or extra features like a second floor, workbenches, windows, etc.

What Does Custom Garage Mean?

A customized garage means making all your garage design decisions, including the flooring, doors, windows, and ceiling.

Everything else, from style to utility, is based on the size and shape of your garage. Which do you prefer: a conventionally sized, rectangular garage or a garage with a more compact squared layout? Would you prefer additional storage space or even a finished office?

Consider the required bays when choosing your ideal size and shape. Do you want a single or multiple-car garage? Don’t limit yourself to what you need right now; consider what your family may require in the future.

You have complete control over door and window design, including the choice of materials and positioning. You may also choose insulated doors and windows for a more comfortable environment all year long, helping your garage to retain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

Your new bespoke garage can be designed to match your house or have a unique flair. Think about the colors for window frames, siding, roof tiles, and other structural elements. Everything is adaptable.

When Choosing What Kind of Garage to Buy, Keep the Following Factors in Mind:

Here are some important considerations to assist you in making your decision if you need a new garage and need help deciding whether to buy a garage kit or have a bespoke garage built for you.


The number of available kits, including styles, layouts, sizes, and colors, constrains your options for a garage kit. However, if you buy a custom-built garage, your options are limitless! You may select a style and color that will be the perfect fit for your house, and you can have any additional features you desire, such as electricity or shelving, added for you.

With a custom-built garage, you may pick a style and color that complements your house.


The cost is the primary benefit of buying a garage kit. But it would help if you accounted for any additional expenses not covered by the cost of your kit, such as building a foundation, buying tools, painting, etc.

Include the cost of your time spent building the garage as well. Again, the cost savings might be smaller once you total up all of these charges, plus you might have to replace it before replacing a high-quality custom-built garage.

A garage kit will likely be less expensive than a custom-built one.


The time it takes to assemble your garage kit should be considered if, like most people, you are busy. You probably need to block off a few days or weekends to finish your assignment.

The size of the garage you ordered, the difficulty of the design, and whether or not you have helpers will affect how long it will take you. You won’t need to worry about scheduling time if you buy a custom-built garage. Instead, you may unwind while watching the delivery and installation of your new garage.


For the construction of your garage kit, specialized tools are required. If those tools still need to be in your possession, you’ll need to add the cost of buying or renting them to your overall budget.


To assemble a garage kit, you must possess a specific level of expertise. Before constructing a whole garage, beginners who have never worked on a construction project should start with something a little easier.

If you’re not an expert craftsman or builder, you won’t be able to produce the same quality work as a custom garage builder with years of experience.


A garage built from scratch would often endure longer than one assembled from a garage kit. The materials used in a garage kit are frequently of lower quality than those used in a custom-built garage.

Although you can initially save money using cheaper materials, the building will likely be less durable and must be replaced more frequently.

Compared to a garage kit, a well-built custom garage will last longer.

Space Options


It is how it sounds. There is adequate room for one average-sized car, with room for the driver and passengers to open the doors and enter or exit the vehicle.


Normally, we refer to this as a two-car garage. Identical to a single garage, except that there is room inside for two cars to park comfortably.

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