What You Need to Know About Garage Insulation

If you were asked what the most important room in a home is, what would it be? Would it be the kitchen? The bedroom? The bathroom? Of course, those would be great options, but in the end, you should be thinking about the garage.

“The garage,” you say? Yes, the garage not only stores your cars, but other valuable items as well. Poor garage insulation can cause issues through the rest of your home, too. Think of your garage door as the very front entrance to your home.

garage insulation

However, a lot of times, this attachment to your home isn’t treated like a real home, but it should be. Don’t neglect this living space! Poor insulation and ignored safety hazards could be dangerous for you and the people around you.

The Importance of Garage Insulation

Blocking out air that seeps into your garage is essential to keeping temperatures at a comfortable level, no matter the season.

It shouldn’t matter if your garage is large or small; in the end, you just need insulation to save on energy costs. Also, you may want to use this space more often if it’s more livable.

What to Install

Insulation in a detached garage is a necessity. Without insulation, this space becomes unusable when temperatures change.

One thing you may not know is that insulation in a needs to be “fire-rated.” Being “fire-rated” means that insulation needs to be made of appropriate material that combats against liquids that are combustible, which could be stored in your garages.

This adds more safety to your garage and your entire home. Don’t just think about your garage walls – the ceilings are important as well. Attics need to be insulated, and can be done on your own or through the use of a professional to close out any gaps.

Best Insulation Types

No matter what your budget is for insulation, there are options for everyone. Consider looking into some of these insulation materials.


These sheets of insulation do a great job of bridging the gaps between each 2 x 4 stud in your garage. Essentially, this type of insulation fits snug and tight to keep air out.

You should focus on your garage insulation’s r-value, which is the way that heat streams through material. You should aim for a range of 3.5 to 7.14 for your r-value.

Polyurethane that Expands

Also, polyurethane is a commonly used solution as insulation. This solution is sprayed into gaps around your garage to keep the elements out, while insulating the temperature inside.

This foam has a great R-value, which starts at 11 and only goes up from there.


Batt is a fiberglass solution that is also made from cotton. It’s very easy to install for your garage.

Batts ease in nicely between each stud. After the studs have insulation between them, you’ll need to get a vapor covering that looks like a plastic sheet.

This barrier keep excess moisture away from the insulation. Make sure that you put up drywall next around the garage (check out the article on how to drywall a garage). The sizing of drywall can range from 1/2 inch, around the garage, and 5/8 inch up on the ceiling of your garage.

You may need this work contracted out, if you don’t feel like you’re handy enough to complete this job right.


Foam insulation is another common option. A board of foam can be installed instead of drywall to help in the insulation process.

By using batt insulation that was mentioned previously, you can be assured that your garage will be properly insulated.

However, you’ll need to see if the foam board is allowed in your city’s building codes or not. Usually, these codes want to make sure that the material is tested against fire, and is a barrier against a variety of stipulations.


Insulation that’s blown-in is quickly becoming one of the most used materials to insulate a garage.

You can’t blow-in insulation on your own, unless you rent a machine, while expecting to get extremely dirty. The process works by opening up a hole in your garage and pumping it with cellulose.

This insulation will only take a couple of hours to complete. While it doesn’t seem like much work, we recommend using a contractor or company o ensure that your insulation is blown-in properly.

Early Times has been serving Chicago since 1985 and has help many homeowners with their blown-in insulation needs. We’ll make sure your insulation is installed properly so your home can remain a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

How Do You Know If Your Garage is Sealed?

Anyone can try to seal a garage, but that doesn’t always mean they do it right. That’s why it’s key that you make sure your garage is sealed outright after you have completed the installation of insulation.

fiberglass insulation

Start by inspecting your garage. Do you notice any gaps or spaces that you didn’t fill? Be sure to caulk your drywall to the floor or to other pieces of drywall.

Also, try weather-stripping material between the garage door and any other doors that allow entry into your unit.

Determine what kind of door you have as an access point to your garage. Understand that metal doors are best in the case of a fire happening in or around your garage, as to protect other parts of your home or property.

Furthermore, examining for leaks, old electrical outlets and cracked windows will greatly help you update your garage to the best of its ability.

The Positives of Garage Insulation

As you make your decision to buy insulation that matches your needs and wants, remember the reasons as to why you are insulating your garage. The benefits will greatly outweigh the costs.

Uses Year Around

If you insulate your garage appropriately, then you can do a lot more than just protect your vehicle. You can use the space to put your cardio elliptical inside, use it as a fun area for the kids or get to work on a variety of projects.

In the summer or winter months, the insulation will keep the temperature similar to what you have inside your home.

Noise Reduction

Do you want to keep your home quiet? Then, move the noisy stuff to the garage. Doing a woodworking project? If you insulate your garage well-enough, it doesn’t matter what time of day you can begin a project.

Your neighbors won’t care because they won’t even hear you. Also, your family inside won’t notice the racket either because you have taken the necessary steps to insulate.

Plus, sounds outside the home won’t be as noticeable from cars and snow-blowers because the insulation soaks in the sound better than ever before.

Have a New Garage Built

If you need a new custom garage built in Chicago, get a free quote from Danley’s. We make sure every garage is built with ample garage insulation to everything inside is protected from the outside weather.

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