8 Garage Improvements You’ll Love

Do you dread the idea of having to enter your garage? The clutter and the chaos of this dimly lit space can be intimidating, but you can tackle it with a few simple weekend projects. Making a few minor garage improvements can yield huge dividends for your satisfaction with this space.

garage improvements

Transform your garage from a catch-all area to a functional room that organizes your tools and overflow while still leaving room for your car.

Find out what you could do to boost the value of your home and your satisfaction in a few simple steps with these top 8 garage improvements.

Roll Out Some Epoxy Flooring

Nothing can change a room more dramatically than the addition of new flooring. Epoxy flooring is the ideal addition to the garage because of its durability, strength, and resistance to staining.

Instead of the traditional concrete that continuously kicks up dust, epoxy will allow you to sweep the area clean in just a few minutes. You’ll have a much cleaner space with less dust and grime coating those boxes of Christmas ornaments come wintertime.

Of course, epoxy flooring also comes in a wide variety of colors to suit any palette. Along with a fresh coat of paint, you can roll out this flooring in just a few hours for a room that looks and feels completely new.

You can even opt for a substrate to be added to the mixture for a unique and interesting texture.

Hang Up Some Pegboard

garage pegboard

Pegboard has become a must-have item for an organized garage. Try to cover a decent area with this versatile surface to give you space to hang all of your gardening tools, drills, and other supplies.

This one simple step can help to cut down the clutter on shelves and give you better access to the items you use most frequently. Don’t forget to purchase hooks and metal racks that fit into the pegboard to organize your items efficiently (check out the article on tool storage options).

Put Up New Wall Shelving

Get away from your old habit of stacking boxes one on top of the other directly on the floor. An entire set of wall shelving can help you to see what you have and sort through it more effectively when you need something.

The space between the ground and your belongings also allows air to circulate better and protects them from damage in the event that water floods underneath the garage door.

You can purchase some inexpensive wire shelving from the home improvement store for a pre-packaged option that makes installation easy.

Go For Clear Containers

Most people purchase opaque containers to store their holiday decorations and sentimental items. In their mind, it helps to make their space feel less cluttered when they can hide the messy colors away in these large containers.

Unfortunately, you can lose track of what’s in each container when you can’t clearly identify it. Replace all of your old cardboard boxes and colored containers with see-through versions for a more helpful organization system.

Make sure that your clear containers are stackable to prevent them from taking up too much floor space. Create small labels to affix to the front of each container that gives you a general idea of what items each one holds.

This saves you tons of time when you’re searching for one specific item among the twenty containers that may line your walls.

Install Lockable Cabinets

Have you ever worried about your kids getting into strong chemicals or your sharp saws? Now, you can let them go into the garage without hesitation when you have a lockable cabinet.

You can install upper cabinets over a workbench or purchase a tall version that sits directly on the floor. Either way, a container with a door and a lock can give you peace of mind about the safety of your dangerous items.

You can purchase a premade upper cabinet or a plastic floor version from the home improvement store. Alternatively, you could design a cabinet that works perfectly for your needs and paint it to make your garage feel more custom.

Hang Bikes From the Ceiling

garage bike storage

Bicycles are bulky objects that take up a lot of space in your garage and can be easily knocked over while you’re shuffling through things. The best thing you can do with these highly mobile objects is to hang them up out of the way.

Most home improvement stores sell durable hooks that allow you to hang the bicycles from the ceiling of your garage. Alternatively, you may also find versions that allow you to mount the bicycles on the wall. This version is great for shorter adults or to give children better access to their own bikes.

Mount Magnetic Strips

Do you hate rifling through an entire drawer of tools in search of a flathead screwdriver? By installing a long magnetic strip on the garage wall, you can easily see all of your tools at the same time.

Simply pluck off the one you need and then replace it when you’re finished. A magnetic strip can easily be screwed into the wall and can help you to quickly organize a chaotic garage space.

You could use this strip for other metal objects that need more organization as well. Consider using a strong magnet for small handheld gardening tools or metal craft supplies that have a tendency to run amok in the garage.

You could also purchase metal cups or buckets to place these smaller items into if you need to organize items that aren’t made of metal themselves.

Make Better Use of Your Overhead Space

The ceiling in your garage could be an untapped treasure chest of much-needed storage space. You can make better use of it by installing some overhead storage systems or mounting hooks that allow you to slide in less frequently used items.

You might be able to store your beach chairs, a surfboard or your Christmas tree in these new racks. Even ladders can be neatly tucked away in these overhead compartments.

The only catch to this garage improvement is that you need to ensure it doesn’t prevent the door from opening. You’ll have to survey your garage space to ensure that it can handle this addition before you start making major renovation plans.

Garage Improvement Will Improve your Life

You can make some simple garage improvements to help you love your home even more. With better organization and a few of these modern updates, your garage will feel much sleeker and less cluttered. The garage can transform from a place where you dread to tread into a well-loved and useful area of the house.

Consider some of the extremely easy ways you can update your home’s garage this weekend. You may be surprised at how easy it can be to make a huge impact on the overall design and feel of your garage.

Of course, the biggest garage improvement you can make is to have a whole new garage built. In some cases, your garage may be passed its prime and it’s time for an upgrade.

When Chicagoland homeowners need a new garage built, they look to Danley’s. Why? We’ve built over 100,000 garages since 1959. We’ll work with you to create your ideal garage from the ground up. Get a free quote online to begin your garage building project with us.

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