7 Great Benefits of a Garage Home Office

You’re a homeowner looking to do a little more with your garage.  You know that garages these days are more than a structure designed to protect cars and serve merely as a home to the leaf blowers and lawn mowers.

garage home office

Maybe your neighbor just refinished their garage into a beautiful, livable space, or perhaps you were flipping through a magazine and became inspired by the possibilities of remodeling a dingy, musky garage to welcoming home office.

Yes, the home office—just the thing that every working adult needs.  There are a few perks to transforming a dusty old garage into a sleek and modern home office, some more obvious than others.

As a homeowner, you’re looking to get the most out of your investment, A.K.A. your house, and that includes the oil-stained garage.

Fewer Distractions

Before you even begin to get to work on remodeling your garage to include your dream office, you already know that the garage will offer much fewer distractions than having an office in the house would.

There are fewer temptations, like television that always seems to be on, spending time pursuing the kitchen, and even the comfy couch or your bed that looks so inviting for a quick nap.

The garage home office offers fewer distractions, too, like noisy kids running around the house, pets making a ruckus or wanting to play, and anyone else in the house needing your immediate attention.

You’ll be surprised as to how much having a secluded home office tucked away in the garage will allow you to get your work done, quickly and efficiently.

A Dedicated Space

Some people need to have a dedicated space to work, and having the home office as apart of the rest of the house is sometimes not enough.  A home office next to the laundry room, family room, or kitchen is still in the mix of everything else and doesn’t exactly feel like a separate space.

A garage, whether it is attached or detached, acts as its own structure and environment away from the noisy life of the main house.  As you walk out the garage door and enter your refinished garage office, you get the notion that this is a space for you to work efficiently.

It’s almost as if you aren’t at home, but at your office, but not without a comfortable, relaxed, and welcoming atmosphere.

Avoid Sacrificing Living Space

It always feels like your house just isn’t big enough, that you could always do with another room.  The need for a home office takes up space, precious space that could be dedicated to another purpose for your house.

As we spend increasingly more time in our homes, we accumulate more pieces of furniture or have a desire to add more functionality to our home, but sometimes we are trapped between needs versus wants.

If you have a perfectly good garage that needs a little TLC to accommodate an office, think about how much space you would be getting back with this transformation.  Now, instead of feeling forced to incorporate a home office instead of the spacious laundry room you have wanted for years, you can set up shop in a furnished and livable garage without having to make this sacrifice of space.

Add Value to Your Home

garage office

Thinking about your garage now, you’re probably imagining a dark, clustered space that always feels a little damp and cold.

Picture a refinished garage, with floating tiles of heirloom pine or plush Berber carpet, freshly painted walls, and windows to let in natural light.  As a potential home buyer, which garage would attract you more?

Depending on whether you decided to include utilities in the transformed space will also allow you to officially list the house with the garage conversion as an additional room or bedroom.

For many instances, it isn’t difficult to run water for a bathroom or shower to the garage and can be done cost-effectively and quickly.

If you’re selling your house in the near future, a simple renovation of the garage can go a long way.  Garages are a high selling point, regardless of whether space is livable or not, but a garage with a workable space that could be used for a home office or any functional purpose could push the house over the top for potential buyers.

Provides a Multi-Functional Area

The best part about touching up your garage area to make way for a home office is that you can change the purpose of the space anytime you want.  If you no longer have a need for a garage office, then transform it into a loft apartment, bedroom or a playroom for the kids.

The potential for finished part of the garage is an attractive feature to you as the current homeowner and to future home buyers.  Space can be a home office, or it could multitask and be a movie room, or storage space.

A high-quality conversion of a garage to a comfortable room is worth it for its functionality and malleability.

Dream Designs

The Feng Shui of your house relies on flow, and the same can be said about interior design.  Sometimes, we feel as if we must decorate our houses to the norms, managing a delicate balance of sophistication and comfort, all while making each room as equally inviting.

For a lot of us, our office should be a reflection of creativity and self, and these things do not always mesh with the designs of the rest of the house.

A separate office in the garage is an excellent way to splash fun designs that encourage good work and positivity. So, hang on to those college posters and use them to decorate your converted garage to home office, because with this more private space, anything is possible.

Easily Achievable

A little carpet, a fresh coat of paint, and perhaps some drywall to give it a feeling of completion, a garage conversion is not a difficult project to accomplish.  In many cases, depending on how much of the garage you want to convert, you can head much of this project yourself.

Even for a particularly large garage conversion, the help of a contractor can still make this a quick and painless project to complete.

If you’re envisioning a loft style for your home garage office, hiring a contractor will be helpful to guide the conversion through any codes or ordinances a city may have on new builds.

Stay Productive with a Garage Home Office

Any of these seven benefits for a home office in your garage should be reason enough to start your project today.  As a homeowner, it’s frustrating when your house cannot accommodate for all of your various needs, but with a simple garage remodel, you can make the most of your home and utilize this already existing space.

Remodeling projects can be overwhelming, but remember, if you already have a garage, half of the work is already done.  The garage may require a few things here and there to make it a homey, livable space, but in the long run, you’ll be glad you made the step towards creating a cozy, multi-purpose room.

You’ll Need the Extra Space

One thing is for certain, your garage probably doesn’t have enough space for a garage home office. All the space is used for your motor vehicles, kids’ bicycles, and all the necessary tools and equipment that usually comes out in the fall and winter seasons.

At Danley’s, we can create gable, reverse gable, and hip roof garages with all custom garage sizes that you’re looking for. Get the extra space with Danley’s, speak to a specialist and get a free quote today.

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