Why You Need a Garage Fireplace

If you have been thinking about giving your garage an upgrade or if you spend a lot of time out there even when the weather gets chilly, a garage fireplace can be the perfect addition to your garage living or hobby space.

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Especially if you have a detached garage where you or your family and friends like to hang out a garage fireplace can enhance the space and make it a lot more pleasant to be in. And it can help to protect your vehicles or other items that you store in the garage.

When you’re thinking about adding a garage fireplace always talk to a professional to make sure that your garage is set up properly for a garage fireplace. If you need to have a new chimney put in, or an existing chimney cleaned out, a professional can do that for you.

If you’re planning on using a self-contained gas or electric fireplace a professional should always check the ventilation and other elements of your garage to be sure that your garage is ready for a garage fireplace. And it’s a good idea to talk with your home insurance agent as well.

Garage fireplaces are a great idea for many homeowners but it’s always important to check with a professional to make sure that your specific garage can accommodate a fireplace. A professional can also help you decide what type of garage fireplace is best for your space and what size of garage fireplace you need if you want to heat your entire garage with a fireplace.

Once you have made sure that your garage is properly set up for a fireplace and your home insurance policy allows garage fireplaces here are some of the ways that a garage fireplace will upgrade your garage and transform the space:

Hobbies In Peace

If you have a workshop in your garage or you like to spend time out there working on projects or crafts adding a fireplace can make the garage a lot more pleasant to be in. When the cold autumn and winter weather comes you won’t have to wait until spring comes in order to work in the garage in comfort.

The right type and size of fireplace for your garage will be able to keep your garage at a comfortable temperature all year long so that you can work on projects and hobbies in the garage throughout the year. Now you can spend your weekends working with wood, working on your vehicles, or pursuing other hobbies.

For many people the chance to pursue hobbies on weekends is the best type of stress relief and with a garage fireplace you won’t have to stop your favorite hobbies when the weather starts to get cold.

A Craft Space

If you or your spouse likes to work on fine art crafts like pottery, woodworking, painting, or other activities that can be dirty and require specialized equipment the garage is the perfect place to work on those crafts because it doesn’t matter if it gets dirty. But many people find that they can only work in the garage for a few months out of the year because the garage gets so cold that they can’t be in there comfortably.

People who like to work with glass or clay might have their pieces or raw materials break when the weather gets too cold. And paints and glazes can freeze. But when you have a garage fireplace that can be used to provide warmth and heat for space. The crafter in the family can work in the garage throughout the year and make sure that their pieces and supplies are protected from the bitter cold during the winter.

Keeping The Cars In Good Shape

If you have sportscars that you only drive during the spring and summer or if you have antique or vintage cars that you collect putting a fireplace in the garage can help those cars stay looking and running great by making sure that they aren’t exposed to the bitter cold all winter long.

garage fireplace ideas

Spending some time in the garage with the garage fireplace on will keep the garage at a comfortable temperature and make sure that nothing on your vehicles freezes, cracks, or is damaged by the winter cold or the bad autumn weather.

Turn The Garage Into Usable Living Space

The best reason to get a garage fireplace is to turn that garage into usable living space. The garage can become another family room, a teen hangout space, a space for the adults to go and relax, the perfect home theater, or just a place for family parties. But, most garages don’t have the duct work necessary to install a heater so the garage is only usable during the spring and summer.

A garage fireplace, along with the right furniture and accessories, can totally transform the garage into extra living space that you and your family can use.

A garage fireplace will add heat and light to the garage space, making it the kind of space that you and your family will want to be in. If you replace the flooring with laminate flooring that is easy to clean and layer some area rugs on top of the flooring the layers on the floor will help warm up the floor and keep it from being too cold. In floor radiant heating can also be added to help heat the garage space.

Thick cozy couches, over-sized chairs and other heavy furniture will also help the fireplace warm up the space. Thermal curtains and wall hangings will trap the heat from the fireplace and make sure that it stays inside the garage so that everyone who is hanging out in there will find the garage to be toasty warm and cozy even when it’s very cold outside.

A Fireplace Instead Of A Space Heater

Space heaters are just a temporary solution and they can be very dangerous. Thousands of home fires are started by space heaters every year. And there is an increased risk of CO2 exposure when you are using a space heater. Getting a professional to help you set up a garage fireplace will cost more than a space heater.

But, a garage fireplace is a long-term solution that is totally safe when installed by a professional. So you will be able to use your garage for hobbies, hanging out, a home gym or other uses comfortably and without risking the chance of a fire.

The cold weather will be here before you know it so now is the best time to talk to a professional about installing a garage fireplace. You will love having a cozy extra space that you can use to maximize the living space that you have in your home and give yourself or your family a place to entertain or hang out or pursue hobbies all year long in comfort and style.

Make an appointment today to have a professional check out your garage and give you some advice on the best type of garage fireplace for the garage that you have and how you want to use the space. Then you can safely enjoy your garage space and your fireplace.

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