10 Cool Garage Exterior Ideas

A home’s curb appeal depends on many factors , but one major component is the garage (check out the article on garage curb appeal). Since garages usually face the driveway and take up a large amount of space, they play a huge role in how well a house attracts potential buyers. Even for those not looking to sell, we all want our home to be inviting and eye-catching each time we pull up. Here are 10 cool garage exterior ideas to spice up the look of your home.

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1. Change Up Your Garage Door Look

No two garage door looks give off the same feel. If you like a more classic, almost country feel, carriage house style doors have become popular again. They provide a retro feel that’s attractive to the Millennial generation. You can even opt for a wood overlay to give the feel of a carriage-house style without actually changing the door.

A more modern look is the steel garage door.  Pair a steel door with straight lines to give off a crisp feel. Darker colors with thin white lines gives off an ultra-sleep look.

2. Add Downlighting and Uplighting

Lighting can add a tremendous amount to the aesthetic appeal of your garage doors. Plus, lights can be an important security feature. Downlighting options, meaning lights that are placed atop and shine down, are softer than traditional motion-sensor lights that uncomfortably glare into your eyes.

They also work great to illuminate nice walkways leading past the garage doors. If you have areas with soffit, consider putting warm white LED lights to brighten up the house.

Another option is to use uplighting if you want to frame windows that are above the garage doors in a nice light. Uplighting is any light that shines upward, usually to highlight something that’s above the garage, like a window or a larger decoration.

3. Add Landscaping

Since garage doors are an important part of the visual appeal of a house, the landscaping should either downplay or highlight certain aspects. For example, any siding such as wood that could use some coverage can be de-emphasized with some plants or foliage.

A brick wall, on the other hand, may not need to be covered up as much. Brightly colored plants and flowers, such as azaleas, do a nice job of making a drab color garage door more attractive.

You can place these floral additions on the side of a garage or attached to an area in between two garage doors.

4. Integrate the Doors Into the Overall Look

Rather than consider the garage door as an afterthought, think of it as one of the main components of the house. If you’re opting for some plants or foliage to add to your garage doors, or if you’re adding a fixture like a trellis, go for something that’ll incorporate the garage into the overall look of the house. You’ll want to think about the overall color, style and landscaping (check out the article on types of garage doors).

5. Arched Openings

You don’t actually need an arched top to have the look. Most garage doors have square tops since the track hardware requires it. To have an actual arched garage door, you need a curve in the jamb and top.

Without opting for a true arch, you can still have the look of an arched opening. A plywood trim can be installed first, with a template made of foam used to lay down the bricks that’ll eventually be self-supporting.

6. Change Your Color, But Do So Wisely

Changing up the color of the door is an easy way to either accentuate or downplay doors, depending on the rest of the house. If you have an ornate, beautiful front door that you want to be the focus of attention, go for a lower impact color. A darker shade allows for some restraint. If your front door is less than eye-catching, choosing a bolder color adds some style to a house that’s otherwise not as embellished.

7. Add Windows

Windows on the garage door add light to the interior, which is nice for those using the garage as a hobby area. They also add a lot of character to the exterior.

A recessed window adds depth, and you can maintain privacy by using frosted glass. To give an appearance of having a loft or a second floor, add a window above the actual garage, and pair it with uplighting.

8. Add Grilles to Windows

One easy enough change is to add grilles, or cross pieces, to the windows. You can buy grilles that are the right size for your garage door for an affordable price.

If you can’t find the exact size, just take measurements and saw them down to where they’ll comfortably fit in the window panes. Sand them so that they fit seamlessly and paint them the same color as your garage door. Spray an adhesive and tape the grilles on while they dry to help them stick.

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You’ll then want to caulk any gaps. It’s a simple addition that doesn’t take too much time and is easy on the wallet.

9. Add a Pergola or Trellis

A pergola is a type of canopy that is mounted above the garage. By first adding a bracket (such as a milled bracket), a nicely finished main beam, and then using a type of bolt such as a lag bolt along with adhesive, you can easily work a pergola into your garage look.

Pair it with vine for some architectural flair or a romantic feel. If you have a pergola attached to your deck, use the same type of beam and bolts in order to have a more cohesive feel to the garage and house.

10. Change Up the Hardware

Hardware on a garage door can be a small change that makes a huge impact. Not only is the hardware a pragmatic part of the door, but it can add major visual appeal.

A carriage-house style door looks great with a dark hinge such as a fleur-de-lys or spear style. Pull handles and hammered knockers add even more of a country feel. If you don’t want to splurge on actual hardware, you can even paint on hardware that, from the curb, looks just like the real deal.

Your Garage Exterior Makes a Huge Difference in Your Home

Adding some cool new features to your garage doors can be easy to do, depending on your skill level. Making a few changes like adding some landscaping or changing the color, style or hardware can add a ton of visual appeal to your house. Try out any of these 10 methods and maximize your curb appeal while wowing your guests.

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