Why You Want a Garage Door Screen

What exactly is a garage door screen? A garage door screen is an addition to the garage opening allowing for a patio style screen door to be placed inside of the garage door. This addition uses up as little space as possible – most manufacturers claim that their product takes up less than 2″ of clearance in the garages height.

It’s a very minimal sacrifice for the gained opportunities created. These screens allow for garages to be used as outdoor living spaces without the hassles that come with said setting, as well as function as an additional indoor living space if need be adding square footage and value to the home.

garage door screen

Garage door screens aren’t an addition that’s often seen on a great number of houses nationwide. However, a few trendsetters in the home improvement arena have invested and ultimately praised this innovative system.

They speak of the benefits weighed against the low cost compared to other similar home improvement projects. Garage door screens have been referred to as a “lifestyle” product, capturing the attitudes and culture of those interested.

So is the hype credible? What benefits come with the door screen? Why would you want one? All of these questions will be answered in this article.

Benefits of Garage Door Screen

Creates a Bug-Free Barrier

With a garage door screen, you can enjoy all the amenities of an outdoor living environment without some of the pesky nuisances they bring. One of the biggest headaches of outdoor environments is the presence of flying insects.

Bees, flies and mosquitoes with their various irritants can be blocked by this system. Everyone hates itchy bites, buzzing noises and relentless flies. Aside from the annoyance, insects can often be a danger, especially in dark environments where it’s not easy to escape.

Save on doctor visits, bug sprays, candles, wasted food polluted by flies and various other issues by installing a garage door screen (check out our article on how to keep insects out of the garage).

Debris Protection

Insects aren’t the only trouble these garage door screens can help defend against. Open garage doors can allow dirt, grime, leaves and other unwanted materials into a garage.

Many homeowners keep their cars in the garage to keep them clean and safe. Allowing a garage to become filled with dirt and debris is counter-intuitive. Using a screen door will make maintaining a clean space easier, saving time and money.

Additional Space/Saves Money

A garage door screen is an unconventional and clever method of creating more space in the home. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on home additions such as a sunroom, patio or deck, one can invest in a garage door screen, and be rewarded with a sizable living space. With home prices rising nationwide, the functional space that it provides can truly change the way you think about home.

You can also expect savings on your electric bill. An open concept garage can function as a great way to get some airflow on hotter days.


Garages have broken free of the mold that they once were. No longer are garages just a place to park your car and leave, they’re now working places, storage units, creative escapes, living quarters, etc.

For those who truly utilize the space that a garage offers, a door screen can help eliminate the gloomy, dark look they tend to have.  The sun will light up your garage around dawn and you can cool down and relax at dusk all in a controlled environment.

The Market is Growing

garage door screen

Year after year, more manufacturers are moving to create newer models of garage door screens. They’re not proceeding without reason; the motive is to keep up with consumer demand.

Homeowners are beginning to realize that an investment in a garage door screen pays great dividends, creating two new living spaces for the price of one.

Various garage door screen options are available from manufacturers. Choosing the right one depends on one’s needs and expected usage. There are options in all price ranges, making this an opportunity that’s feasible for all families.

Types of Garage Door Screens

There are sliding door screen which move in a horizontal direction for opening and closing dynamics. They usually attach directly to the header and may or may not be grounded in a tracking system. These garage door screens are often made of heavy duty materials, making them sturdier and longer-lasting.

Other options include retractable screens which can be manually or remotely pulled up and down depending on the model. Most models can easily be hidden from sight when not in use.

Roll up retractable screens are an economical option that function like retractable screens, lacking only the tough frame.

Is The Hype Worthy?

All things considered, it’s unlikely to find a product in this price range that’s capable of adding this much value to a home. The square footage gains, the cost-saving aspects as well as the protective nature it provides are clear reasons for their recently popular and value.

With the vast amount of manufactures and product options, there’s certainly an option available that can find any homeowners needs.

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