Why Is My Garage Door Off Track?

A garage is an important part of the house. It serves as a place for us to store our cars so that they do not block in by bad weather or damaged by falling branches. They also play a role in the visual appeal of the house when they are properly aligned with the rest of the house. If you’re worried about your garage door being off track, then you might be able to figure out the reason why here.

garage door off track

It’s important to remember that a garage door can weigh up to 400 or 500 pounds. It is a serious piece of equipment that could cause severe damage to your car or any object if it were to completely come off the tracks and fall. The door need not even be completely off the tracks to fall; just being a bit off the track can pose a safety hazard.

If a person were to be walking under the garage door when it fell, it could cause serious damage or even death. The only way to make sure that your garage door remains safe is to take preventative measures. The following reasons for your garage door being off track will help you to anticipate what could go wrong so that you can make sure to stay one step ahead of any garage door track problems.

The Material Of The Door Could Be A Factor

Wooden garage doors are always a beautiful sight. Wood has a classy feel to it and is versatile enough so that you can paint it any color you wish. A wood garage door can truly add to the value of your home by up the visual appeal. However, wood comes with some downsides.

off track garage door

One of the problems is that wood is highly impacted by the outside temperatures. For example, when it is hot out, the wood will likely expand, meaning that it gets larger in size. As the temperature decreases, the wood will constrict and get smaller.

These temperature fluctuations make it so that, eventually, the wood gets warped. Sometimes when you have warped wood on a garage door, it can cause the door to go off the track. If you suspect this may have happened with your door, you’ll want to take a look at the various pieces of the door to see if you see any signs of wood.

You may notice, for example, a part of the door that is bulging. Another sign may be that the door makes a lot of creaking sounds when it is being put up and down. Any sign of warped wood can mean that you will probably need to get it repaired before major structural damage occurs.

Metal or aluminum doors can also have their problems. With metal, the door is apt to get dented or damaged. For example, children playing around the garage door throwing a ball around can easily cause dents in the door. Some people have even hit their own garage door with their cars.

Not only does this cause an unsightliness, but it may cause the door to not be able to close properly. If you notice your garage door is off the track and you haven’t yet been able to identify the reason, it is worth checking if there is any dent or damage to the door that may be causing it to not close properly.


It is amazing the type of materials and debris that can get stuck in the tracks of a garage door. Every time your car goes into the garage or you step through a field or natural area and then enter your home, you are possibly bringing debris into the garage.

This debris can get lodged into the tracks and cause the doors to not close correctly. The best way to avoid this is to take a look at the tracks every once in a while to ensure that a lot of debris has not clogged any of the tracks. If it has, you may be able to just use your hands to remove most of it.

Any dirt that has been brought higher up may make you need a stepladder. To prevent this debris from collecting in the tracks, make it a habit to sweep out the collected dirt once a week from the garage floor. If you park your car in your garage, you may be bringing in leaves and grass on the tires of the car, so you will want to sweep underneath and around the car as well.

Bent Parts or Tracks

We all have been in a hurry to back out of a garage. Sometimes, we may hit part of the door or the track, causing a slight bend. A car is not the only thing that can do this kind of damage. If a child is playing and accidentally throws a ball too hard and it hits one of the tracks, this can also cause problems to the track system.

A garage door works in such a way that all the parts have to be in sync. Even with just one problem or one part is a little bit off, the whole system can stop working correctly. Unfortunately, it is not always the easiest to fix this. You may have to get the help of a professional to fix the garage door.

broken garage door track

They may have special equipment to fix any broken parts. In worst case scenarios, you may even need to replace the door. This is of course not the most ideal solution since it will be quite costly. Always remember to back out of garages safely, keep basketball hoops away from the garage door, and have kids play away where they will not have toys and sports equipment causing damage.

Roller Problems

If there were a time when a car or other object hits the garage door, it is possible that the rollers will come off the tracks. It may be only one or two of the rollers, especially in the lower part of the door. If that is the case, the rollers may cause the horizontal rails to bend under the pressure.

Horizontal Rails Bending

One common problem is when the horizontal rails bend under pressure, perhaps because they are of poor quality. It’s important to make sure that high-quality steel is used for the horizontal rail material.

Lift Cable Problems

While this is one of the less common problems, it is always a possibility. The lift cables are located on the sides of the garage doors. The cables go around a groove that is around a drum. If one of the cables were to have a problem, they would snap.

This can be especially dangerous if the garage door rollers come off the track. In this case, the door is left hanging on the lift cables. Imagine all that weight on a small cord!

Being a vigilant homeowner can save you time and money later on. This is especially true for people who suspect track problems with their garage doors. A garage door is a serious piece of equipment and can cause grave damage if it falls to the floor. Be cautious and take preventative measures to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones.

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