Why You Shouldn’t Forget About Garage Curb Appeal

When trying to spruce up your home’s curb appeal, you may think of cleaning, landscaping, a fresh coat of paint or even some nice new windows.

garage curb appeal

However, depending on the design of your house, your garage area may take up 30% of the street-side exterior. Why not start there and get the most bang for your buck?

Don’t forget about your garage curb appeal. Check out these tips for improving its appearance.

Treat Your Garage Like a Priority

You know your front entry door is important – after all, it’s where you welcome your guests and they receive their first impression of your home. However, your garage door takes up so much more space than an entry door, and is usually much more prominently located on the exterior of your home.

An old, outdated or off-color garage door can make a significant negative impact, but a well-chosen garage door can make your home truly stand out, in a good way, in your neighborhood.

Additionally, garage doors take a lot of abuse from being opened and closed multiple times every single day. You should select a garage door that is high quality and made to withstand rigorous use, all while making your house look professionally designed.

Balance Your Entry and Garage

If you’ve already put some careful thought and attention toward your front entry area, look there first when determining what to do with your garage.

Using a similar design scheme for the two doors shows a harmonious flow throughout your home’s exterior. Play around with color, framing, windows and lighting to balance a complementary look between your front entry door and your garage door.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Contrast

It’s easy to assume that a bland-colored, simple door would just blend in with the rest of the garage and you could call it a day, but you’d be missing out on one of the greatest opportunities to create garage curb appeal.

Rather than go matchy-matchy, choose a garage door in a contrasting shade with some detailing to create interest. Make your garage door an interesting and unique focal point that pleasantly attracts the eye, rather than try to hide it away.

Speaking of Color…

garage color

Color is widely underutilized when it comes to garage curb appeal. When you drive down the street, take a look at garages – you may see one interesting, differently-colored door on the block and that’s the one you know has been worked over by a professional home designer.

For example, if you have beige stonework and a beige or tan garage door, consider swapping it out for a sophisticated black or deep gray garage door.

Visually Appealing Garage Doors

The garage door that came already installed on your house may have been a tan, boxy slab – but you don’t have to keep it forever. Besides choosing a contrasting color, you can also swap in a visually interesting garage door design that will be unique in your neighborhood.

There are many options available, such as window panes, vertical lines, carriage style, wood grain, steel and many others. Consider the style of your home to avoid clashing – you wouldn’t want to put an ultra-modern looking door on something in a historical neighborhood.

Garage Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting can be the finishing touch in the big picture, or the main upgrade if you’re not ready to overhaul. Overhead or side lighting can draw attention to any beautiful details on your garage area, and cast a warm, welcoming glow that makes guests feel right at home.

If you already have exterior lighting you love near your front entry area, try to go with something matching for the garage to bring harmony.

Additionally, attractive and high-quality garage exterior lighting isn’t just for looks – it’s also an important safety and security feature for your home.

Invest in the Little Details

Some garage doors, such as wood or carriage house style, are designed with attractive details that make them really stand out.

However, you can dress up the whole area regardless of door style. Tall potted plants on either side of the door are a classic option, and you could also consider climbing plants, topiaries, decorative trim, and stonework to add interest and charm.

Don’t Overlook the Driveway

garage driveway

The garage door isn’t the only feature to update: your driveway can increase curb appeal as well. There are many different options for charming and unique driveways.

You can create art with the driveway itself by using bricks, colored rock or cobblestones, or make plain concrete look a little bit more upscale with stone or wood print stamping tools.

Lining the driveway with flowers and rich red mulch or colored gravel will prove your attention to detail in every area of your home’s exterior.

Spruce Up the Door Frame

Much like you would upgrade your entry door frame if you were dressing up that area of the exterior, you should take a look at your garage door frame as well.

Wooden garage door frames, especially on older homes, are prone to cracking and warping, and sometimes demand maintenance such as sanding, staining, or repainting.

You wouldn’t install a beautiful new modern door into a faded frame, so one option to consider may be aluminum capping for your garage door frame.

This sheeting is installed over the existing wood trim, and can be made to match the door or stonework surround. It’s weather resistant and doesn’t demand any routine maintenance, making it a nice option for those who want to finish their project and call it a day.

How to Purchase a New Garage Door

When you make the decision to swap out your garage door, a good rule of thumb is to shop online, but purchase in person. This is because colors can appear differently on your computer screen than they do in real life, and you want to be sure you get the right shade.

There are several different photo programs online you can use to superimpose the potential new door onto a picture of your current garage, so you can see which kind of style you like best before taking the plunge.

Finally, when hiring a company to install your new garage door, be sure to ask for some references – you should be able to drive by some other homes they have worked on the area so you can be sure that their work is high quality.

Sprucing up your garage’s curb appeal will impress your guests, make you feel more proud of your home, and even greatly increase your resale value if you ever decide to move. Whether you simply add some greenery or completely overhaul your garage door and exterior area, you will find that these changes will greatly enhance your garage curb appeal, and make it a place you feel excited to pull into each day.

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