6 Garage Cabinets You Can’t Pass Up

There are fewer things more satisfying than an organized garage.  Garage harmony occurs when tools are separated by their purpose, cleaning supplies are neatly arranged, and loose screws, bolts, nails, and nuts are in their own individual containers.  There are so many garage cabinet styles out there that it can be a challenge finding the right one.  Everyone’s garage differs in its needs and allotted space.

garage cabinets

Garage cabinets are perhaps the greatest tools to organize our tools, and here are 6 ultimate organizers to assist you in achieving organizational nirvana:

The Rolling Garage Cabinet

One of the greatest benefits about the garage becoming more than a place to store your car are all of the ways homeowners are improvising this area to make the garage a versatile, ever-changing space.

The rolling cabinet is the epitome of the all-purpose garage, allowing you to store tools, supplies, and other workshop items out of sight and be able to roll the entire cabinet for your convenience.

Why wheels?  The best part about a mobile cabinet is that the potential to store your most-used tools in one place and simply wheel it over for easy access while working on projects.  Wheels on a cabinet are also advantageous to homeowners looking to open up their garage spaces, either for as a place to host family and friends, store cars, or work on projects requiring a more open space.

Rolling garage cabinets are available in an array of different styles, from short to tall, multi-drawer to single-drawer, these cabinets are meant to fit to your needs.  These cabinets are perfect for a constantly changing garage or for the do-it-yourselfer on the go.

The Worktop Cabinet

A true garage isn’t without a spacious worktable set for tinkering.  Fortunately, manufacturers have long since discovered a way to take advantage of every inch of space while still including a worktable, so go ahead and spread out with the perfect workstation, and take advantage of the surrounding space with cabinetry.

While a cabinet system that includes a worktable may seem like an expensive purchase, you won’t be regretting investing in the drawers and cabinets down the road.

This is especially true when in the midst of a project, you find yourself reaching into the convenient drawers directly beside your workstation to grab from your organized drawer of popular tools.

The Overhead Cabinet

overhead garage cabinets

Sometimes we accumulate tools and extra supplies that end up sitting around and taking up space.  The perfect solution to this dilemma of clutter is overhead cabinets. Vertical storage is a space-saver, allowing you to take advantage of empty and unused wall space.

The beauty of the overhead cabinet is that it can be placed anywhere in the garage with a blank wall and seamlessly fit.  Place an overhead cabinet above your frequently used work station, along with the wall where your car is parked, or even have a corner piece fitted to make the most out of a small space.

Overhead cabinets come in several styles and can even match the cabinets that sit beneath it.  This style of cabinet is a given for any garage, big or small, and perfect to finally put away those shop towels that have been sitting out for months.

The Pegboard Cabinet

garage pegboard cabinet

Garages are home to bulky tools that just don’t seem to fit into traditional drawers, or have cords that tend to tangle up with one another, causing frustration when attempting to fish them out.

For garage storage, you’ve likely heard about the common use of pegboard to hang oversized and oddly shaped tools, but if your tools have seen better days or you just don’t want them on display, turn to the pegboard cabinet.

A perk about the pegboard cabinet is that if you own a cabinet you really like, you can always add in the pegboard to the inside backing.  This way, you aren’t limited in simply searching for “pegboard cabinet” and spending a fortune on something you could construct yourself.

Hang your drills, wrench sets, hammers, paintbrushes, or screwdrivers inside a pegboard cabinet for easy access with an organized look.

The Fold-Down Table Cabinet

It seems like you can never have enough clear surfaces to work on.  This is where the fold-down table cabinet comes in handy because after all, there’s no sense in sacrificing usable workspace for storage when you can have both.

The fold-down garage cabinet is reflective of the traditional secretaries that many people include in living rooms or entryways. While the concept is similar with a fold-down table, the material differs to allow this unit to take on the dirt, dust, and abuse of its garage setting.

Working on a temporary project?  Simply pull down the table built into the cabinet and pull out the needed materials from inside.  When you wrap up your work, just store the materials inside and lift up the cabinet’s worktable.

The Sliding Door Cabinet 

Some homeowners are working with what they have and that may include a smart car sized garage.  Small garages are common, and while you may be limited with workable space, don’t let this stop you from investing in nice garage cabinet organizers.

Everyone has extra stuff that needs to be stored, and a small garage can still accommodate excellent garage cabinets to do so.  It’s just a matter of finding the right one that utilizes the most practical amount of space.

For small garages, sliding door cabinets step in to save the day.  This style of cabinet is a simple idea to save you on the room you cannot afford to compromise.  Don’t suffer from a cluttered, messy, and cramped garage, instead utilize sliding door cabinets to both park your car and reach in to grab your tools.

With sliding door garage cabinets, small garage owners can still store bulky items but without the worry of other cabinet units taking up enormous amounts of space.

When it comes to an organized garage, some homeowners have to get creative in their storage space.  Sliding door cabinets can be built by hand or purchased at hardware stores.  They still have the organized and clean aesthetics of any other garage cabinet, but without the space that opened doors take up.

If installed off of the floor by a foot or so, items can be stored underneath for optimal space-saving.

Stay Organized

The fact of the matter is that garages look a lot better when they’re organized.  There are so many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles that garage cabinets are available in for every different kind of garage, and that leaves no excuses in leaving your garage a cluttered mess.

The advantage to garage cabinets, no matter which ones you choose, is that once they are installed, you hardly ever need to reorganize and declutter. A good garage cabinet has a drawer for every tool, a space for extra supplies, and the best ones have a spacious workstation for ongoing projects.

Find the right unit for your garage and you won’t regret this important investment.  While your tool collection continues to grow, you can take comfort in the fact that each new tool and accessory acquired has a home in one of your roomy garage cabinets.  After all, who complains about an organized garage?

If you feel like your garage needs updating before organizing, get a free quote to start your new garage project with Danley’s.

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