10 Cool Garage Accessories You’ll Want

If you don’t have any organization or purpose to your garage, then it’ll become a mess and won’t serve much of a purpose. There are so many great garage accessories available that’ll enhance the performance of your garage.

You can get easy cleaning parking mats or bike storage to better use the space in your garage. Or maybe you’re looking for something like a workbench or toolbox to turn it into the workshop you’ve always wanted.

garage accessories

In this article we’ll show you 10 cool garage accessories that’ll take your garage to the next level. No matter how you want to use your garage, we’ll have something for you. Let’s get started!

1. Smart Garage Door Opener

Having an electric garage door opener is great. You’ll never have to open your garage door manually and it’ll make parking in your garage much easier. With technology constantly improving, there are now smart garage door openers that make opening your garage even easier.

Now, you can open your garage from anywhere in the world. It’s all done via your smart phone. Each smart garage door opener has a free app to download which allows you to track whether your door is open or not, who has opened your garage door and a time log of when it was opened and closed.

someone using their smart garage door opener

Not only is this extremely convenient, but it’s safer. Have you ever worried whether you closed your garage door or not while you’re driving to work? Your entire home will be open for burglars to victimize. That fear is a thing of the past because you can check and close your garage door using the app.

2. Place to Store Tools

Every homeowner needs tools. The question is, where are you going to store your hammers, screw drivers, pliers, etc? Your garage is a great place for your tools, especially if you plan on turning it into a makeshift workshop.

Without having a specific place for your tools, your garage can become a mess. There are a few ways you can go about storing tools. From toolboxes to tool panels, we’ll go over each so you know what’s available to you.


Toolboxes come in all shapes and sizes. They’re one of the biggest must have garage accessories since you know you’re going to need tools for small projects around your home.

If you don’t have many tools, you can get a small box that can be stored in a cabinet (we’ll talk about cabinets and storage later) or you can get a large, 4 foot box for large tool collections. It all depends on how many tools you have and the amount of floor space in your garage. Having a larger two car garage or three car garage might be in your best interest.

Tool Panel

You might not have enough floor space for a toolbox. Now what? Fear not because you can always get a wall mounted tool panel!

tool panel

Tool panels hang from the wall of your garage and safely secure your tools. While everything is out in the open, it still looks pretty nice if it’s well maintained and allows you to better utilize the floor space in your garage.

3. Bicycle Storage

Speaking of saving floor space, your bicycle can take up a lot of space. It’s almost like having another small car in your garage. If you don’t find a better way to store it, you’re missing out on a lot of different ways to use your garage.

Thankfully there are hanging bike racks. These can be mounted to the ceiling or walls and allow you to safely hang your bike. Much like the tool panel, you’ll be cleaning up your floor space so it can be used in other ways. This is a perfect addition for one car garages where space might be scarce (read about the best possible options for bike storage here).

4. Parking Aids

Parking with another car in the garage isn’t always easy. If either of you are parked crooked, the other car might not fit. That’s why parking aids are a must for any garage with with two or more cars.

These aids are little mats that go in the front of your garage that both tires line up with. If both tires are on the mat, then you know your car is straight. It’s a much better substitute than hanging a tennis ball from a string in the front of your garage.

5. Extra Storage

Extra storage is a must for any garage. It prevents clutter and disorganization which can get so bad that you won’t be able to fit your vehicle in there.

Cabinets are a great place to start. You can find them anywhere from Target to Home Depot. They can be a simple book case or an elaborate set up that allows you to store more items. No matter what you do, it’s better than having nothing at all.

Overhead Storage

You already know that floor space may be a major problem with smaller garages. Thankfully, you can get overhead storage in your garage. These hang from your ceiling and allow you to store more items in your garage without sacrificing floor space.

They might be a great idea for larger garages as well. If you have seasonal items or things you’ll only use once or twice per year, there’s no sense using cabinet space. Overhead storage will allow you to keep your cabinets and floor storage open for other items that you’ll use more frequently.

6.  Workbench

If you have the space, adding a work bench to your garage is a great idea. Depending on the space you have, you can get a small one to get some work done quickly or a larger one to turn your garage into a workshop.


Many workbenches also have storage space like drawers and panels. This is a great place to store tools and kill two birds with one stone. By doing this, you can also save floor space. It’s important to note that if you have a lot of tools, you may still need a toolbox, but it doesn’t have to be as big.

7. Motion Sensor Lights

Your energy bills are already a pretty large expense. Everything you can do to make the burden easier is much appreciated. That’s why motion sensor lights are one the best garage accessories.

Motion sensor lights turn on when they detect movement. So whenever you’re in the garage, they’ll turn on. Once they don’t detect motion for a few minutes, they’ll turn themselves off. You’ll never forget to turn the lights off again.

8. Steel Garage Door

Many homeowners forget that their garage door is a garage accessory. It can be replaced and changed without building a new garage. The best garage door for homes in Chicago is a steel garage door.

They’re more durable than other garage door materials. They won’t dent or ding when struct by hail, debris blown by wind or by kids playing sports. Your steel garage door will look as beautiful as it did the day it was installed.

steel garage door

Steel garage doors are also foam insulated for better energy efficiency. This will help regulate the temperature of your garage and keep the items stored inside safe. This is especially important for your car, which shouldn’t be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Garage Door Screen

Speaking of your garage door, a garage door screen is another great investment. If you plan on hosting a party but don’t want guests having free reign of your home, then your garage is a great place to hang out.

While most guests will be outside, others can rest in the comfort of your garage thanks to a garage door screen. It’ll keep the bugs outside so you won’t have to worry about being bitten. Also, if you’re eating in the garage, it keeps bugs and animals away from your food.

9. Smart Clean Floor Mats

When you’re driving around outside, your car gets dirty. So when you park your car inside your garage, all of that dirt and grime is in your garage too. It can stain the floors and make the whole garage look terrible.

Smart clean floor mats are a perfect way to combat this problem. Park your car on the mat and let the dirt, mud, grime and filth drip onto the mat. Once your car is done dripping and the weather improves, pull your car outside and take the mat out to clean. The floor of your garage is spotless and looks great.

The reason they’re so easy to clean is because they’re made of rubber. None of the filth is absorbed into the mat and can be rinsed off and washed. In between storms, the mat can be stored so you can show off your beautiful garage floors.

10. Door Guards

We saved one of our favorite garage accessories for last. If you have a tight garage that barely fits your cars, then you’re probably worried about dinging your doors on the walls. This can damage them or the door of your car. Thankfully, garage door guards prevent any damage from occurring.

Garage door guards are installed on your garage walls and prevent the door from ever hitting the wall. Think of it like a door stop in your home. It stops you door from opening before it strikes anything.

Since the door guard is made of foam, your car door is safe too. It’s the perfect addition to smaller one and two car garages.

10 Garage Accessories You’ll Need

These 10 garage accessories will help enhance the look and functionality of your garage. Whether you’re using it for storage, a workshop or a place to park your cars, there’s something out there for everyone.

The reason we know so much about garage accessories is because we’re Chicagoland’s garage experts. Danley’s has been serving the area since 1959 and has built over 100,000 garages. With so much experience, we’ve learned a lot about garages.

When you need a new garage built, get a free quote online at Danley’s. We make it our mission to custom build you the perfect garage for your home.

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