5 Cool Garage Ideas

Is your garage a mess? It has no real purpose and it’s only used to store old stuff you haven’t looked at in years? It’s time to change things up. You need some cool garage ideas to help usher in a new age for your garage.

But what are some cool ideas to change your garage? There are so many different things you can do with your garage and you might be overwhelmed just thinking about it.

That’s where Danley’s comes into play. We’ve created a list of 5 cool garage ideas that are sure to change how you view your garage. You’re sure to find at least one idea that you absolutely love.

1. Convert Your Garage Into Something Different

Most people don’t do anything with their garage because they only use it to park their cars and for storage. But, beneath all of the clutter is so much potential.

Converting your garage into something is a great way to get more use out of it. You can create a man cave, an office or anything in between. If you’re having trouble getting started, we have some ideas that might help you out.

Living Space

Some houses don’t have both a living and family room or don’t have a basement. That severely limits what you can do with your home. There’s no way you can have something unique like a personal theater, game room or study.

However, your garage could be transformed into the space needed to create your own personal haven. Many homeowners convert their garage into a living space so they have a place to entertain guests or to unwind after a long day of work.


You can take the idea of a living space to the next level by converting your garage into an apartment. There are so many options for this that it’s crazy to think about. For starters, some garage plans already have an apartment in mind. There’s a second level built so that you have extra storage space or a place for someone to live.

You can still create a garage apartment if you didn’t plan to beforehand. By simply lofting your garage, you create a second level which can be used as an apartment. You’ll need a taller garage to do this such as a hip roof garage.

Having a second level allows you to use your garage in two ways. You can park your cars on the first level and use the second story as the apartment. Or, you can also use both levels as a living space, giving the occupant a larger area to work with.

This is perfect for homeowners who have older children living at home. They require their privacy, especially if they have a family of their own. A garage apartment is the perfect way to give them their space while they’re staying with you.

It’s also great for large families that don’t have enough bedrooms but can’t move at the time. The eldest or even a couple of children can move into the garage apartment which will open up more space in your home.


If an extra living space or apartment isn’t something that interests you, perhaps you’d like your own personal gym. Creating a gym in your garage is a great use of the space and one of the best cool garage ideas.

It’s rather easy to do as well. You’d need cardio equipment like a treadmill or StairMaster, free weights, maybe a couple machine weights and garage floor mats. No more having to fight crowds at the gym.


Do you need a spot to gather and watch sports with your friends? Is the local bar too expensive? Why not bring the bar home with a garage bar? It’s a great way to entertain guests and save money by not going out to the bar.

There’s a little bit of work that goes into making a garage bar. First, you’ll need to make sure that electricity and water run through your garage. It’s important to have both, especially if you plan on having a wet bar.

Then, you’ll need the bar itself. You can find them at most furniture stores. A wet bar might be a little harder to find but some hardware or specialty stores might have them. You can also build your own bar.

You’ll also want comfortable stools, a couple of mounted televisions, a mini (or normal sized) fridge and shelves. While it seems like a lot of work, it’ll all be worth it in the end when you’re watching the big game at home in your beautiful garage bar.

Dining Room

Some homes don’t have dining rooms and the kitchen is too small to fit a table. What do you do when it’s time for dinner? Many families gather around the TV and eat their meals there.

Dinner with your family shouldn’t be spent around a TV. Create a dining room out of your garage. You can tile the floor or even add hardwood to give it a kitchen feel. Then you’ll want to add a grand table, comfortable chairs and beautiful lighting.

This is one of the more unique and cool garage ideas on the list because it’s not something that homeowners often think about. However, it’ll give you the opportunity to have a true family dinner without the distraction of TV or the internet.

2. Work on Your Car in Your Garage

Since you park your car in the garage, it only makes sense that you would do work in there. You can turn your garage into your own personal autoshop. It’s the perfect place to rotate tires and change your oil which will ultimately save you hundreds of dollars each year.

garage worship to work on your cars

If you’re really auto savvy, you could do more intricate work on your car with the addition of a lift. This will allow you to get underneath the car with ease and make sure everything is running properly.

3. Gain More Space With Creative Storage

If you don’t want to use your garage in a unique way, making sure it’s organized is a great way to declutter and make your garage usable. Start by going through everything that’s in your garage and deciding what you want to keep and what can be tossed or donated.

Once you’ve finished, start thinking of ways to organize everything in there. Shelves and storage units are a great start because they’ll help keep everything neat making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Roof storage is another great way to effectively double the space of your garage. You can have storage units from the walls and ceiling which will eliminate clutter on the ground.

4. Start a Garage Band

If you’re looking for cool garage ideas, look no further than turning your garage into a music room. You can start your own garage band or have the perfect place for your kids to practice.

The most important thing when creating a music room in your garage is to soundproof the walls. While we’re sure the music coming from your garage will be heavenly, the neighbors may have a different taste and don’t want to hear what you have to offer. There are many music and audio sites that offer soundproofing materials for your walls.

Another thing you’ll need is electricity running through your garage. How else will you be able to plug in your amps?

Speaking of amps, you’re going to need a lot of space to create a band room. One and smaller two car garages aren’t going to cut it. You should highly consider a three car garage when creating a music room for your garage band.

5. Paint a Mural on Your Garage Door

Your garage is a huge part of your home. Whether it’s attached or detached, you want it to draw attention and be beautiful. We have one of the more off-the-wall cool garage ideas that can do that for you: paint a garage mural.

You’re probably confused because it’s very rare to see a painting on a garage door, but it can add a touch of beauty and personality to your home that you couldn’t get any other way.

These 5 Cool Garage Ideas Are Sure to Liven Up Your Home

If you’re looking to liven up your garage, these 5 cool garage ideas will do just that. You can completely change the entire dynamic of your garage or just organize to look nicer. Either way, you’ll have a better appreciation of your garage.

If your garage is old and has seen better days, you should consider building a new one. If that’s the case, get a free quote from Danley’s. We’ve been serving Chicago since 1959 and have built over 100,000 garages. We guarantee we’ll be able to build you the garage of your dreams.

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