9 Cool Garage Decorations

Your garage doesn’t have to be a boring space only for storing tools and parking your cars. It can be a fun place to express yourself. The addition of a few garage decorations is the perfect way to personalize the space.

What exactly is a cool garage decoration? It’s really up to the homeowner. There are a few items that are specifically geared toward your garage.

garage decorations

In this article, we’ll show you 9 unique decorations that’ll look great in your garage. Hopefully, some of these ideas help inspire you to customize the look of your garage into something that’s personal to you. Let’s get started.

1. Highway Signs Are Perfect for Garages

Let’s start by saying that we’re not advocating stealing highway signs – that’s against the law. There are many highway signs you can find in stores such as Hobby Lobby or even antique malls.

Highway signs are great in a garage because they’re associated with cars which are often stored in your garage. This correlation creates a familiar look that many homeowners enjoy. If you’re into traveling or driving in general, this decoration might be right up your ally.

highway sign

2. Show Your Love for Your Favorite Team with Sports Decor

Chicagoans have a lot to cheer about lately in sports. The Cubs are the 2016 World Series Champions and the Blackhawks have the closest thing to a dynasty you can have in today’s game. Whether it’s one of those teams or the Bears, Bulls, Sox or Fire, you can decorate your garage with sports decor.

This is a great way to show pride for your favorite teams and decorate your garage in a personal way. Many sports stores have pennants that’ll look good in any size garage.

If you have a three car garage, you can get one of the many team flags sold at sports stores. While they’ll make small garages feel even smaller, they’ll be right at home in a three car garage. It’s just another way to show off your team love.

3. Get Festive with Holiday Decorations

Many people celebrate different holidays and it’s their way of identifying with their culture. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan or something else, there are garage decorations for you.

Other major holidays such as Halloween, Fourth of July and Easter have decorations that’ll look great in your garage as well. This gives you the chance to personalize your garage with a tradition your family or culture holds dear.

Halloween Decoration


4. Brighten Up Your Garage with Neon Signs

A popular decoration seen in garages is neon lights. They give a florescent glow that you won’t find with traditional lights. The reason many people love these lights is because they can be made up into any shape imaginable. Whether it’s your favorite car brand, sports team or even your name, there’s a neon light out there for you.

5. Go Bold With Your Shelving: Decorative Shelves

If you’re trying to organize your garage, then you’re going to want to buy shelving units to house your belongings. That being said, the shelves don’t have to be boring or bland. You can spice things up with something more personalized.

There are many shelving options for your garage even include unique shapes and sizes. These will add flair you won’t get with a standard brown bookcase or metal units.

If there’s nothing available in stores that you like, then you can make your own shelves. You can cut and paint wood to the size and shape you want. This is the best way to add a touch of your personality to the garage.

6. Lockers Look Great in a Garage

Another unique way to store items in your garage is with a locker. Many homeowners use mini or full size lockers in their garage to store personal item or tools (check out this article on garage storage). Not only is this a practical storage device but it also looks cool.

garage locker

It goes along with the theme of making your garage look like an auto shop. Also, lockers have a certain aesthetic appeal that will give your garage or more professional look. If you have the space in your garage for a locker, it might be the perfect addition.

7. A Unique Floor Can Complete Your Garage

Don’t forget the floor of your garage. You might not think about it but a change to your floor can make a huge difference in the look of your garage. You have several options for garage flooring.

A very popular garage flooring is epoxy. It’ll give your garage a clean, crisp look that you won’t get with anything else. It’s also very easy to keep clean so it can look great year round. These great looks come at a price though, as epoxy flooring isn’t cheap.

You can also tile your garage floor. While it will look nice, it’s not recommended if you plan on parking your cars in the garage. The weight of the cars can crack the tiles and that won’t look great. If you don’t plan on using the garage to store your vehicles, then tile is another fantastic garage flooring option.

If you want to keep it simple, there are rubber mats that can go over your garage slab. They’re very easy to replace if you get tired of the style and simple to clean. Plus, parking your cars on the rubber won’t damage them.

The least expensive option is concrete floor paint. This is just stronger paint that’s made to go over concrete. Much like some of the other options, it’s easy to maintain. This is because it’s very easy to touch up. However, you won’t get the same look you would with the other flooring options.

guy painting the concrete of his garage floor

8. Add a Gas Pump for Some Nostalgic Charm

Many homeowners are adding old style gas pumps to their garage. While they don’t have any practical purpose, this nostalgic look is sure to catch a few eyes and will improve the look of your garage.

These gas pumps can range from about $250 – to almost $3,000. There are some cheaper, non-realistic options available for around $100 but it won’t have the same appeal.

9. Garage Bars Have a Practical Use and Look Great

Do you host a lot of parties in your garage? Then having a garage bar is the perfect addition. It’ll allow you to serve drinks to all of your guests without anyone having to go into your home. You may want to add a fridge behind it to keep all of your drinks cool. If you have a water line in your garage, you can even make it a wet bar.

Not only does a bar have a practical use, but it’s also a beautiful addition to your garage. You can have lights and granite countertops to further enhance your bar. You’ll love the addition of a bar to your garage.

These Cool Garage Decorations Will Take your Garage to the Next Level

These garage decorations are a fantastic way to customize your garage to your liking. Whether you want to do something simple like put up more lively shelving to a more elaborate bar, there’s bound to be something you’ll like for your garage.

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