Steer Clear of These Common Garage Problems

Depending on how you use your garage, it may be the most accessed place in your home. For those that park their cars in the garage, they’re in there everyday. You might have converted your garage into a living space that gets used everyday as well. Whatever the case may be, there are a few common garage problems that homeowners face.

common garage problems

Nothing lasts forever, and you might be experiencing some mishaps with your garage. Have no fear, with every garage problem there’s a solution. From your garage door to the foundation itself, the problems can range in severity.

We’re here to go over some of the most common garage problems and how you can fix them so you can use your garage with no worries.

Your Garage Is A Mess

garage cleaning problems

An extremely common occurrence among homeowners is that they tend to neglect their garage more so than other areas of their home. When this happens, their garage becomes an unorganized mess that you hate going into.

Not only is a messy, unorganized garage a hassle to deal with, it also creates some safety hazards for you, your family and anything valuable that you may store in there.

The solution to this garage problem? Clean it up and organize. In order to truly get rid of the mess and make sure it doesn’t come back, you need to really get in there and have a plan of action going forward.

You can read more about garage organization in this article. One of the key things to take away is that you must make sure that everything in your garage has a use. When you start to keep things you don’t really need, that’s when the mess begins.

Your Garage Door Is No More

drafty garage door problems

A garage door is the largest access point of your home and it needs to be in proper working condition so you can take full advantage of your garage.

Garage door problems can range anywhere from dead remote batteries to a door that won’t open or close at all. We wrote an article about the common problems associated with garage doors that you can read here.

Some common solutions to fix garage doors can be to replace springs, get a new garage door opener or replace the weatherstripping at the bottom of the door. Depending on the problem you’re having, the solution will be different.

No matter what your garage situation is, an insulated steel garage door is the best possible option. It’ll keep your garage and whatever’s in it comfortable and protected all year long, for many years to come.

Wood and aluminum garage doors can’t keep up with the hectic weather of Chicago and will end up causing you problem after problem if you stay with them. Steel is the real deal.

Your Garage Floor Is an Eyesore

The floor of your garage undergoes a lot of traffic and stress. From vehicles to people at your garage party, there are many factors that can contribute to an old, worn out garage floor.

If your garage floor is still an unfinished slab of concrete, you should strongly consider changing that. There are a wide variety of garage flooring options that can help the look and functionality of your garage.

If you do a lot of work in your garage such as auto care or home improvement tasks, epoxy or heavy duty mats are great options. For those that use their garage as an extra living space or a place to entertain guests, hardwood floors, laminate flooring or carpet are all viable options.

It’s especially important to have some type of flooring for a living space so that you’re not on the cold concrete during winter.

We go over the best garage flooring options in this article.

There’s Just Not Enough Room

In some cases, your garage might simply be too small to accomplish what you want to with it. There are a couple of solutions to help this garage problem.

In many cases, a good garage clean up will make enough room to fit your car in it or make room for a work space.

Another solution, although it’s not super common, is to add a car lift so that you can park two cars in your garage. It’s a bigger investment but being able to park your vehicles in the garage benefits them greatly throughout the harsh seasons of Chicago.

Maybe you’re just sick of your tiny garage. In such a case, have it knocked down and get a new one built in a size that you desire.

Where can you get a service like that from? Danley’s has been building custom garages in Chicago since 1959 and homeowners trust us for their garage building needs. Get a free quote now to start your project.

Inadequate Lighting

garage lighting ideas

Not having ample lighting in your garage is not only a big inconvenience, but it’s a safety hazard as well. There are many items in your garage that can cause injury, such as lawn care equipment, so it’s important to have proper lighting.

One of the most common ways to light your garage is with fluorescent or LED tube lights or strips. Don’t forget about the outside as well. Simple lamps on the sides of your garage doors work. A lot of homeowners choose motion sensor lights to save on energy and to have for security purposes.

Another great way to light your garage is to have windows in it. Natural light is an excellent source of light and can increase your mood and productivity, which is beneficial if your plan on working in your garage.

Poor Insulation

You store things in your garage to keep them out of the harsh weather. However, if your garage has poor insulation, or no insulation at all, it’ll hardly be able to combat against the weather.

If your garage walls aren’t insulated, you should take care of that immediately. Also, if you don’t use the attic area of your garage, you should absolutely insulate that area as well.

There are many different ways to insulate your garage from foam boards to blown in fiberglass insulation. For your garage, any insulation is better than none. It’s especially important for those that spend a lot of time in their garage whether it’s working on projects or hanging out in their garage living space.

If You’re Having Garage Problems…

There are solutions. Whether you just need a thorough garage cleaning, new garage door or a whole new garage altogether, it’s important that you take care of the situation before your valuables get damaged or anyone gets hurt.

If your garage is old, worn out and keeps experiencing problem after problem, it’s time for a new one. Danley’s will take care of removing your old garage and replacing it with one that fits your needs.

We’ll work with you to build your perfect garage. Over 100,000 homeowners have trusted us with their garage building projects and all it takes is getting a free quote online to start yours. What are your waiting for?

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