The Benefits of a Two-Story Garage

Garages have come a long way in American history, and their meaning and purpose have transformed garages from a storage space to so much more.  Today, garages are more than a place to park your car, but rather a place of invention.  A two-story garage can benefit you in many ways.

two-story garage

The very first garages started out as simple structures used to shelter carriages and horses.  The invention of the first line of automobiles demanded a need for a structure suitable to house this expensive luxury machine, as new owners didn’t want their expensive investment exposed to outdoor elements or in an unsecured building.

As cars evolved and became a staple in American transportation, so did the garage.  People thought, if the car is being stored here, why not corresponding tools?  The garage became a place of convenience, with easy access to all the lawn care equipment and other items that homeowners needed to store.

The possibilities are endless for a two-story garage.  This extra space can be made into anything, suiting whatever needs you may have.  The second floor can act as an extension to the first, or it can be completely different—a playroom, an entertainment loft, or just a place to stash extra bins.

Stating the Obvious: Additional Garage Space

The obvious reasoning behind building a two-story garage is the extra space that comes with it.  Whether you are planning on using this second story as an additional storage area for your garage-related tool or equipment, or if you are carving out an area that can be used as a loft-style hang out space for the kids, a second story to the garage can provide either option.

It’s possible to create the second story with a different atmosphere in comparison to the first floor.  Meaning, you can separate the second floor from the loud noises and whatever exhaust fumes expelled from the cars or lawnmowers with a heavy-duty door and plenty of insulation to make it feel like it’s not a part of a garage.

Many people are deterred from making the second story a livable space, but with the right planning, it’s a viable and completely plausible option.

If there’s one thing people can’t get enough of, it’s space.  Storage space is a commodity that’s often craved, and the older we get, the more stuff we accumulate, and the more storage area we require.

You can’t lose with a two-story garage because of this very reason. The extra storage goes a long way for homeowners, and is something that’ll benefit immediately, and when it comes time to sell.

The Aesthetics Contribute to the Overall Appeal

Homeowners often skip over the idea of a garage adding on to the overall cosmetic effect of the garage.  A two-story garage can add an aesthetic element to your curbside appeal that a one-story garage cannot.

Imagine an identical two-story structure built next to your home, matching it architecturally, almost making it appear as a smaller version to compliment your main house.  A two-floor garage can make any home, large or small, into a grandiose pair of matching structures, each bringing out the best of their own designs.

The possibilities of embellishments on a two-story garage are infinite.  Carriage lights, shutters, and maybe even a cupola to adorn the peak, a two-story garage can be designed to look not so much like a resting spot for oil-dripping cars, but rather a place to open up to guests—even if it just looks as so, but functions to whatever purpose you choose.

In contrast, one-story garages are so common that they can end up looking ordinary and unappealing next to the home itself.

Consider the Resale Value of a Two-Story Garage

benefits of two story garages

What are potential homebuyers looking for in their future home?  The list of essentials most definitely includes a garage, but a two-story garage may sweeten the deal.

For older homes, or homes that were built in post World War II, garages were usually constructed either as separate entities or attached directly to the main house, but they were sized to fit the pre-SUV vehicles.

Nowadays, an SUV is the staple to nearly every family, and with their wide, bubbled out features, these old post-war garages might not be able to accommodate this favored style of car.

The attractiveness of a two-story garage is that if you have one, it’s likely fairly new, and if you’re considering one, then it’ll be built to fit today’s bigger vehicles.

This is a huge advantage for the resale value of your home, as it’s unlikely that the popular car of choice will become smaller, and equally unlikely that prospective buyers will turn down the idea of an entire floor of extra storage or potential for another room.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before adding on or building your two-story garage, there are some things to consider.  Most importantly, if you are adding on a second story to your current one floor garage, you’ll need to consult a builder or contractor to ensure that the structure can handle the additional weight.

Some zoning laws may need to be considered before constructing a two-story garage.  Sometimes, certain neighborhoods apply restrictions on new buildings or the dimensions of new construction.

You can find this out by consulting with the zoning board of your city, talking with building officials, or researching deed restrictions prior to blue printing your second story garage.

Another important component to consider if you’re either adding on the second story above your garage or if you’re constructing a new two-story garage is the architectural design.

You’ll want the garage to compliment your house, and this is especially an important factor for a two-story garage, as it has more of a demanding presence in comparison to a regular, one floor garage.

Consider a Two-Story Garage for Your Home

Whether you plan on staying in your home for quite some time or if you want to put it on the market, a two-story garage can benefit you immediately with this additional space and add to the resale value of your home if you plan on selling it down the road.

A two-story garage can be multi-functional, you can use the second floor as any kind of room, whether you transform it to an extra loft-style apartment, a TV room, a storage area, or you can continually change its purpose to suit whatever needs you have.

Two-story garages have become increasingly popular for homes.  This feature adds to the overall aesthetics of your home, making way for a chance to up your curbside appeal and add beautiful architectural details to compliment your home, which will translate to another way to increase the resale value and worth of your property.

Just be sure to check with a contractor and city official to make sure that a two-story garage is a feasible possibility in your neighborhood and that your current one-story garage can support an add-on before constructing a second floor.

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