Benefits of a Patio Style Garage

Garage renovations are the chance to redesign the flow of your home and its exterior. While most homeowners tend to choose a traditional one-door or two-door garage, either attached or detached, there’s also another style to consider: the patio style garage.  This unique design offers many perks in expanding the use of your garage and will definitely stand out in a neighborhood of one-door and two-door garages.

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A Place to Host, A Place to Work

Why implement a patio into your garage?  A patio is for entertaining, for hosting, and for gathering.  A garage is for working, tinkering, and fixing.  It’s only natural that these two should mix.  A garage that opens onto a patio invites guests to linger while you work, to have friends over in a sheltered space in case of rain, or to simply have an extension of space for a summer barbeque. A patio style garage is not only multi-functional in that you can utilize both spaces for different—or the same—purpose, but it’s also practical.  It opens up additional space to host, to work, or to do whatever you want with it.

Endless Design Possibilities

There’s no design set in stone for a patio style garage—it’s an abstract concept that can be molded and tailored to your specific home and its needs.  As you’ll see, the perks that come with outfitting a patio to your garage are the fact that you can equip it with any feature you want.  Add a roof to the patio and now you have a covered patio with a slew of unique advantages.  Design the patio to flow with the landscaping and you have an oasis that your guests will never want to leave.  A patio style garage can be anything you want it to be—and the possibilities are endless.

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A Covered Car Port

Depending on how you design your patio style garage, you could construct a roof over top the patio, making another spot to park a car.  In a sense, this would give you a covered car port.  For homes that lack ideal garage space, this could be a relatively cost-effective solution.  Of course, parking your car beneath a covered patio would protect it from the outer elements, prolonging its lifespan and protecting your vehicle investment, even if it’s not completely sheltered inside of a garage.

Adding a covered space that could be utilized as a parking spot can also increase the value of your home.  For houses with small or inconvenient garages, this can boost your sell price significantly.

A Patio Garage Can Protect Your House

If you choose to extend the roof of your garage, you can further protect your home and offer a little shade from the sun for the patio that’s attached to it.  An elongated roof would mean that your roof system would be able to channel water further away from the home’s foundation and structure.

Essentially, this is what your gutter system does.  The gutters, when cleared and functional, capture water and direct it out and away from the home through downspouts.  With a roof that outreaches even slightly beyond the main house, you won’t ever have to worry about the consequences of water damage because the water could be directed even further away.  Water damage can cause foundational issues, structural issues, mold and mildew, and is the reason behind so many basement problems that plague average homeowners.  With just a simple extension of your garage roof over your patio that connects to it, these issues can be bypassed.

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Resale Value

Curb appeal and resale value are intertwined.  The greater the curb appeal your home has, the greater the resale value it will possess.  A patio style garage undoubtedly contributes to both elements. If you’re looking for a major renovation that can boost the value of your home and attract potential homebuyers, then look no further than this redesign.

Get the Porch You’ve Always Wanted

If a porch or a patio was on your checklist for your forever home and you didn’t end up getting this box ticked off, this can be your solution.  It’s two-fold: you get an extension of your garage and you get the porch or patio you’ve dreamed of.

Advantages of a Patio Style Garage

Homes that lack the space for a traditional front porch or patio can benefit from this garage style immensely as it uses space that would normally be neglected or wasted and transforms it into something useful.  It makes a home stand out amongst a neighborhood awash in ordinary one-door and two-door garage designs and unfolds a new element to a party, hang out or work space.

Turn to Danley’s for Your New Garage

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