Adding a Detached Garage Has Great Benefits

Nowadays, many new homes have attached garages and people are starting to forget about all the advantages that detached garages provide. However, a lot of Chicagoland homes still feature a detached garage.

detached garage benefits

Having a detached garage has many advantages that attached garages simply don’t offer. If you’re looking for a new detached garage in the Chicagoland area, then Danley’s is the garage builder for you. We’ve built over 100,000 garages and can custom build you your perfect detached garage.

Why Choose a Detached Garage?

Detached garages are perfect if you don’t have enough space in your home for activities, storage, office space or anything else you may desire.

Chicagoland homeowners have the advantage of Danley’s Garage Builders as well. We’ve served Chicago and the surrounding areas since 1959 and can custom build the perfect garage to match your specific needs.

Customization Options

detached vs attached garages

A huge advantage of having a detached garage is the customization options that come with them. If you have an attached garage, your options are limited with what your house will allow.

Building a garage from the ground up, separate from the house, gives you almost unlimited design capabilities. You don’t have to conform to the limitations of your home like you do with attached garages.

You can build a gable garage, hip roof garage, flat roof garage, reverse gable garage or have a totally custom designed garage when you go with detached. Plus, you can build your detached garage to be any size that you need.

Eliminates Garage Facade

Building a detached garage gets rid of the garage-dominated look of your home that a lot of homeowners find unattractive.

By adding a garage away from your home, you can place it at an angle or set it away from the face of your home to keep your home’s original beauty visible to all.

Curb appeal is a crucial element in determining the value of your home and you wouldn’t want to hurt that by blocking your home’s beauty with a garage.

Free Up Space with a Detached Garage

attached vs detached garages

Another advantage that detached garages offer is that you’ll have more space to work with on your property if you want to build a patio or deck of sorts.

By placing the garage away from the home, you can create a usable area that isn’t present with an attached garage (read all about the garage space trends here)

Reduce Noise

If you plan on doing any work in your garage, then building a detached garage is best. You’ll be making a lot of noise in your garage when you work on home improvement projects, car repairs and any other tasks you take on as a homeowner.

Having an attached garage is not ideal because you’ll be causing a lot of commotion that everyone inside can hear. Detached garages get rid of this possibility of annoyance altogether.

Detached Garages: A Safer Choice

You might be wondering how a detached garage can be a safer option than an attached garage. The answer is simple.

You store many things in your garage such as propane tanks, paint cans and various spray cans. The fumes from these can potentially be harmful to you and your family.

With an attached garage, you risk these fumes easily entering your home. A detached garage will get rid of this risk completely.

Also, the fumes from your vehicles won’t be able to enter your home when you have a detached garage built. Carbon monoxide from the exhaust could seriously harm you and your family.

It might not seem like a big deal, but you can never be too safe as a homeowner.

Living Space Conversion

garage living space

Some time down the line you may want to add some more living space to your home. Whether you want an extra home office, rec room, man cave or guest room, building an addition will be easier on a detached garage rather than on an attached one.

Going back to customization options, you’ll have more leeway with how you can use your garage when it’s detached rather than attached to your home.

Detached Garages are the Way to Go

Building a detached garage as opposed to an attached one is the best option for your new garage project in the Chicagoland area. They offer many benefits such as way more customization capabilities and better safety qualities.

When you decide the time has come to build your detached garage, look no further than Danley’s Garage World. We’ve been building garages since 1959 and will help guide you through the entire garage construction process.

Start your new detached garage project today with a free quote online.

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