5 Ways to Keep Dust Down in Your Garage

Garages are the perfect place to keep possessions like outdoor toys, garden furniture, equipment, and bicycles since they shield them from climate conditions and maintain them in mint shape.

Garages commonly get dirty. Dust and grime are blown in every time the garage door is opened, and people drag it in when it’s dirty outside. The garage floor is also not swept, washed, or vacuumed as frequently as the floor inside the house.

Additionally, the activities performed in the garage aren’t necessarily clean or tidy. For example, the likelihood of something falling to the ground increases whenever you use power equipment or greasy substances. So even while you may not mind having some grit and grease in your garage, one issue is that it gets dragged inside.

a garage kit

Any garage area can easily spiral out of control, so you could benefit from advice on keeping the dust down.

Nonetheless, many homeowners need help to organize this area from chaos. If you fall into this category, it’s time to clean your space and restore order using these 5 garage cleaning tips.

Reasons Your Garage is Dusty

Concrete not properly sealed against moisture, oil, and lubricants can decay and produce cement dust. By merely walking through the garage in a car or on foot, this dust can subsequently be disturbed and cover various items.

The first step in resolving the dust problem inside the garage is to identify the cause of the problem. Following are some causes of garage dust that could exist:

Cracks in Garage Door

Dust could get inside if the garage door has cracks, or even when you open or close your garage door.. For example, via cracks in between the garage door and the sidewalls or the garage door and the floor, dust can easily enter the garage.

Concrete Flooring

The dust will be noticeable if your garage has a concrete floor. Dust is easily blown up and soon spreads around the concrete floor. There is frequently a great deal of escaping dirt on concrete floors.

If engine oil and perhaps other chemicals you use there spill onto the floor, the concrete in the garage will begin to degrade. When some areas of the concrete disintegrate more quickly than others, little holes and even splits will start to show on the floor.

Floor Abrasions

When touched physically, everything degrades with time. For example, when you walk or drive across your garage floor, a small amount of its surface coating wears away, creating dust. With increased use, floors become increasingly soiled.

What can you do to stop dust from spreading throughout the room if your garage’s exposed concrete floor is the issue?

5 Tips on Keeping Dust Down in Your Garage

A Deep Garage Cleaning

Gather deep cleaning products, such as gardening tools, automotive sports equipment, and seasonal goods. Then, sort the items you’re getting rid of into three categories: donate, recycle, and throw. When you’ve sorted, thoroughly clean your garage.

Clear all dust and dirt from the uppermost shelves and countertops first. Then, use these three strategies for the best cleanup possible: Clean all surfaces with a moist sponge or microfiber cloth to remove the fine dust from the walls and floor after sweeping up excess debris and dust and vacuuming all surfaces.

Any indications of granular efflorescence on the base’s concrete blocks or floor should not be disregarded. Ensure there isn’t currently any concrete shedding. If so, check to see if the concrete has been properly sealed.

Use Concrete Floor Sealant

Dust will naturally gather in a garage with breeze frames, concrete flooring, and a wooden ceiling. Moreover, it must be adequately insulated, making the room seem chilly and damp. Finally, the frequent dragging and repositioning of objects is the cause of the airborne dust produced by your concrete flooring. So, how can you maintain a dust-free garage?

Putting sealant on the concrete floor is a simple way to keep your garage clean and free of dust and debris. However, dust can quickly accumulate on the flooring if it is not sufficiently sealed. It will eventually deteriorate with even a small amount of grime or oil. Furthermore, the accumulated dust may attract allergies and other airborne diseases.

Spending money on sealants deep into the concrete is crucial rather than remaining on the top. Applying specific sealants directly to the floors is the ideal method of application.

In addition to preventing moisturizing compounds from penetrating the concrete, a proper sealant will protect the concrete from deteriorating and developing cracks and stains. To increase the durability of the floors, it is essential to seal all their corners and fill any tiny gaps.

Change the Air-conditioning Filters

The air conditioner and vents in your garage frequently accumulate dust. Ducts that are dirty and dusty are more likely to transmit dust to different areas of your garage. A brief system check every two weeks can help keep the garage clean. You can decide to replace the filters if you don’t have time to clean the air conditioner.
Given the ongoing dust buildup in your air conditioner, replacing the filters is a wonderful alternative to routine cleaning.

Although installing a filter system to stop dirt from entering the garage may seem like a good idea, it will be somewhat expensive. So, changing the filters is an affordable and effective option.

Secure the Garage Entrance

If you believe the concrete floor and the Air conditioner are to blame, wait until you see the dust gathering in the limited space surrounding the entrance and on the garage door.

Examining the entry is the greatest way to determine where the dust enters. In addition to dust, several contaminants, including dirt, leaves, moisture, and ice, could be present if the doors and windows are not securely sealed.

You can maintain your garage dust-free by carefully inspecting the space above and beneath the entrance. Besides avoiding dust, your garage should also be free of extra trash and potential pests. You may reduce dust and dirt by securing some sturdy rubber or weather-stripping to the door and the sides.

Smart Cleaning and Storage

Garages still need routine maintenance cleaning, despite a deep clean and the use of acceptable measures to reduce and control dust. For example, buying vacuums with effective internal filters is preferable over brooms to prevent the dispersion of dust and dirt.

The tiny, sub-microscopic parts of garage dust can easily be dispersed with a brush. However, the filter must be completely cleaned or changed routinely to keep the vacuum functioning efficiently.

Bags of clay soil, plaster, fertilizers, and salt for the pavement and patio are fantastic items to keep in garages. However, dust might build up in the garage if dry goods are not organized and stored. To keep everything tidy, invest in some inexpensive plastic storage containers. Use enclosed storage containers to keep rodents out of your things.

Several people use their garages as living spaces, storage spaces, and fitness facilities. Therefore, it is possible to have garages that are dust-free. However, if the garage door is not sealed, dust may enter. In addition, because of antifreeze and motor oil, garage concrete may disintegrate.

By following these effective ways, you must minimize the dust in your garage, allowing you to make the most of your space without worrying that your possessions might get covered in dust.

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